The World Laughs At Us, not With Us (Political Cartoons)

The World Laughs At Us, not With Us (Political Cartoons)

Political Cartoons Mainly From Europe

America is viewed by the rest of the world as weak and laughable.

Obama Its Geoge Fault Political Cartoon


 Political Cartoon


Putin tying Obama

ukraine red tape


World leaders laughing at Obama


Obama bear russia


Obama defense cuts


Obama fexible


Obama foreign policy


Obama Kerry Flexing


Obama pen phone


obama red line painting


Obama red line


Obama run over


Palin foot on Obama


Putin flying jet



Ebola Virus Pictures and Images

Ebola Virus Pictures and Images

Corpse laying in street to rot. Died of Ebola.


Ebola is a virus that has a 90% death rate once a person is infected.  It is a terrible disease that has no cure or vaccine.

Ebola: Why isn’t there a cure?

Ebola virus death rate health


There are five strains of the virus with the deadliest spreading throughout West Africa.  (See: What is the Ebola Virus?)


Ebola virus species death rates
Ebola virus species death rates


The main source of contraction is the Fruit Bat.  Other animals contract it from the bat which eventually makes it way to humans where the virus grows quickly due to our weaker immune system.

fruit bat
The Fruit Bat


Ebola bats and animals
Animals carry the disease to humans including bats, squirrels, porcupines , and other animals.
Ebola victim dead in the street
Ebola victim dead in the street


The virus had been contained in West Africa but has now spread to Europe and the US.  It can take 60 days before an infected person will show the first signs of the virus.  So, there are likely many other people infected but not showing signs and who will continue to spread the virus.  The WHO is estimating that up to 20,000 people may be infected by November 2014 (story).

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ebola virus map


Ebola Virus outbreak


Children who died of Ebola waiting for burial
Children who died of Ebola waiting for burial


The symptoms of Ebola start with a low fever, sore throat, and headache then spread to the internal organs.


Ebola Virus WHO Chart
Ebola Virus WHO Chart


Ebola health
Ebola infection of the arm/hand
ebola virus
Ebola virus infection

Ebola Virus

Ebola virus
Child infected with Ebola virus
Statements from medical teams:
Some of the medics have already witnessed many deaths at the camp. They “never had to deal with this many bodies in these few days on any job before.”
You can be helping somebody by getting them a juice, or a glass of cold water, or whatever he wants because you know really he has very little chance to survive, and then less than an hour later he is dead,” 
Then when you are putting his body in the bag, another one behind you has died. Then another one. One old woman died with very bad external bleeding from her body, the symptoms that are the worst of Ebola. It is very difficult.
Ebola virus doctors outbreak health
Medical workers preparing for work to help Ebola victims.


ebola medical gloves drying
A view of gloves and boots used by medical staff, drying in the sun, at a center for victims of the Ebola virus in Guekedou, on April 1, 2014. (AFP Photo / Seyllou)


Ebola health care workers
Ebola health care workers


Dogs have been eating some of the corps of Ebola victims.

Two Americans now reportedly infected with deadly Ebola virus in West Africa

Two Americans now reportedly infected with deadly Ebola virus in West Africa

Ebola virus Americans infected doctors medical West Africa
In this 2014 photo provided by the Samaritan’s Purse aid organization, Dr. Kent Brantly, left, treats an Ebola patient at the Samaritan’s Purse Ebola Case Management Center in Monrovia, Liberia. On Saturday, July 26, 2014, the North Carolina-based aid organization said Brantly tested positive for the disease and was being treated at a hospital in Monrovia.  AP PHOTO/SAMARITAN’S PURSE

BOONE, N.C. – Two U.S. citizens are now reported to be infected with the deadly and incurable Ebola virus in West Africa.

The first American reported to have contracted the disease is an American doctor working with Ebola patients in Liberia, who tested positive for the deadly virus, North Carolina-based Samaritan’s Purse issued said in a news release on Saturday.

The second person who reportedly tested positive for Ebola is a woman employed by an aid organization in Liberia who is a married mother of two.

In a statement on Sunday, Samaritan’s Purse said: “Nancy Writebol is employed by SIM in Liberia and was helping the joint Samaritan’s Purse/SIM team that is treating Ebola patients at the Case Management Center in Monrovia.”

Writebol’s age and hometown have not been released at this time.

ebola virus doctor medical prevent images
Dr. Kent Brantly assists two ELWA Hospital staff in transporting an Ebola patient from the triage unit to the isolation unit in the rain on Tuesday July 22, 2014, in Liberia.  SAMARITAN’S PURSE

Earlier, Samaritan’s Purse said Dr. Kent Brantly tested positive for the disease and was being treated at a hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. Brantly is the medical director for the aid organization’s case management center in the city.

Brantly, 33, has been working with Samaritan’s Purse in Liberia since October 2013 as part of the charity’s post-residency program for doctors, said the group’s spokeswoman Melissa Strickland. The organization’s website says he had worked as a family practice physician in Fort Worth, Texas.

Strickland said Brantly has been talking to his medical team and working on his computer since entering treatment.

“We are hopeful, but he is certainly not out of the woods yet,” she said.

Early treatment improves a patient’s chances of survival and Strickland said Brantly recognized his own symptoms and began receiving care immediately.

The highly contagious virus is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. The current outbreak is the largest ever recorded.

Photos of Brantly working in Liberia show him in white coveralls made of a synthetic material that he wore for hours a day while treating Ebola patients.

Brantly was quoted in a posting on the organization’s website earlier this year about efforts to maintain an isolation ward for patients.

“The hospital is taking great effort to be prepared,” Brantly said. “In past Ebola outbreaks, many of the casualties have been healthcare workers who contracted the disease through their work caring for infected individuals.”

Strickland says that Brantly’s wife and children had been living with him in Africa, but they are currently in the U.S.

A woman who identified herself as Brantly’s mother answered a U.S. phone listing for him, but said family members are declining comment at this time.

Ebola virus doctor American infected
Dr. Kent Brantly (right) collects a blood sample from a suspected Ebola patient in the ELWA isolation ward in Liberia.  SAMARITAN’S PURSE

The deadly disease has killed at least 672 in several African countries since the outbreak began earlier this year.

One of Liberia’s most high-profile doctors died of Ebola, a government official said Sunday, highlighting the risks facing health workers trying to combat the deadly disease.

Dr. Samuel Brisbane is the first Liberian doctor to die in an outbreak the World Health Organization says has killed 129 people in the West African nation. A Ugandan doctor working in the country died earlier this month.

The WHO says the outbreak has also killed 319 people in Guinea and 224 in Sierra Leone.

Brisbane, who once served as a medical adviser to former Liberian President Charles Taylor, was working as a consultant with the internal medicine unit at the country’s largest hospital, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center in Monrovia.

After falling ill with Ebola, he was taken to a treatment center on the outskirts of the capital, where he died, said Tolbert Nyenswah, an assistant health minister.

Under the supervision of health workers, family members escorted the doctor’s body to a burial location west of the city, Nyenswah said.

He added that another doctor who had been working in Liberia’s central Bong County was also being treated for Ebola at the same center where Brisbane died.

The situation “is getting more and more scary,” Nyenswah said.

Sierra Leone’s top Ebola doctor fell ill with the disease last week.

There is no known cure for Ebola, which begins with symptoms including fever and sore throat but then escalates to vomiting, diarrhea and internal and external bleeding.

Experts believe the ongoing West Africa outbreak could have begun as far back as January in southeast Guinea, though the first cases weren’t confirmed until March.

Since then, officials have tried to contain the disease by isolating victims and educating populations on how to avoid transmission, though porous borders, satellite outbreaks and widespread distrust of health workers have made the outbreak difficult to bring under control.

Nigerian officials announced on Friday that a Liberian official died of Ebola after flying from Monrovia to Lagos. The official’s plane also stopped in Lome, Togo.

An outbreak in Lagos, a megacity where many lived in cramped conditions, could be a major public health disaster.

The fact that the traveler from Liberia could board an international flight also raised new fears that other passengers could take the disease beyond Africa.

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