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Russia is Building Up on Ukraine’s Border

Russia is Building Up on Ukraine’s Border

Russian Troops

U.S. and European security agencies estimate Russia has deployed military and militia units totaling more than 30,000 people along its border with eastern Ukraine, according to U.S. and European sources familiar with official reporting.

The current estimates represent what officials on both sides of the Atlantic describe as a continuing influx of Russian forces along the Ukraine frontier, the sources said. (more)

Source: Reuters


NATO Chief Warns Russia Might Invade Moldova Next

NATO Chief Warns Russia Might Invade Moldova Next

Moldova map

The U.S. commander of NATO warned Sunday of the Russian military buildup on Ukraine’s eastern frontier and the additional threat of another land grab by President Vladimir Putin in Moldova’s Russian-speaking region of Transdniestria.

“There is absolutely sufficient force postured on the eastern border of Ukraine to run to Transdniestria if the decision was made to do that, and that is very worrisome,” said Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove, who also serves as the head of U.S. European Command.(more)

Source: Military.com 

Ukraine fears Russia ‘ready to attack’

Ukraine fears Russia ‘ready to attack’

Russian Troops

Ukraine’s Western-backed leaders voiced fears on Sunday of an imminent Russian invasion of the eastern industrial heartland following the fall of their last airbase in Crimea to defiant Kremlin troops.  (more)

Source: Yahoo News

Russia Moves to Consolidate Control over Crimea

Russ FlagRussia Moves to Consolidate Control over Crimea

Russian forces moved Saturday to consolidate control over Crimea.

Six Russian special forces’ armored personnel carriers broke through the gates of Belbek Airbase, firing warning shots into the air, a spokesman for Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense in Crimea, Vladislav Seleznev, told CNN. (more)

Source:  CNN

NSA Spied on Chinese Government

NSAThe American government conducted a major intelligence offensive against China, with targets including the Chinese government and networking company Huawei, according to documents from former NSA worker Edward Snowden that have been viewed by SPIEGEL. Among the American intelligence service’s targets were former Chinese President Hu Jintao, the Chinese Trade Ministry, banks, as well as telecommunications companies. (more)

Source: Spiegel Online

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White House ‘Very Concerned’ about Russia invading More of Ukraine

Russ FlagBased on intelligence, Obama administration officials are very concerned the Russians are not being truthful when they say their forces near Ukraine’s eastern and southern borders are merely there for training exercises, sources tell CNN.

Officials assess that Russia – as early as coming days – could use any number of pretexts to justify further military incursions into Ukraine. (more)

Source: CNN

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Tycoons Take Hit In Crimea Crisis

Russ FlagRussia’s most powerful businessmen waited for over an hour Thursday to hear from President Vladimir Putin, whose decision to annex the Crimean Peninsula has cost their companies hundreds of millions of dollars in market value.

When Putin finally showed up, he spoke to them for five minutes — and gave them no reassurances that they or their companies will get any respite from the uncertainty created by the takeover of a piece of land of little value to them beyond national pride. (more)

Source: Huffington Post/AP

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Moscow May Change Stance In Iranian Nuke Talks

Russ FlagA senior Russian diplomat says Moscow may change its stance in the Iranian nuclear talks amid tensions with the West.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov was quoted Wednesday as saying by the Interfax news agency that Russia didn’t want to use the Iranian nuclear talks to “raise stakes,” but may have to do so in response to the actions by the United States and the European Union.  Read More:

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Russian Forces Seize Two Ukrainian Bases in Crimea

Russian troopsThe United States warned Moscow it was on a “dark path” to isolation on Wednesday as Russian troops seized two Ukrainian naval bases, including a headquarters in the Crimean port of Sevastopol where they raised their flag.

The dramatic seizure came as Russia and the West dug in for a long confrontation over Moscow’s annexation of Crimea, with the United States and Europe groping for ways to increase pressure on a defiant Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Read More

Source: Yahoo News