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Woman’s brain tumor may have been her unborn twin

Woman’s brain tumor may have been her unborn twin


Yamini Karanam, 26, was shocked to learn that a tumor containing teeth, bones and hair was causing her to suffer headaches and fatigue. (GiveForward)
Yamini Karanam, 26, was shocked to learn that a tumor containing teeth, bones and hair was causing her to suffer headaches and fatigue. (GiveForward)

A doctoral student who moved from India to Indiana to study computer science and was complaining of headaches and fatigue, shocked the medical community and herself when doctors discovered a brain tumor that contained bones, hair and teeth.

On her blog, 26-year-old Yamini Karanam wrote that initially she thought she may be tired, or that her schoolwork was too difficult. When she went on a vacation, she wound up sleeping for two weeks straight, and soon after started suffering from headaches. After three months of testing, doctors determined she had a tumor, which by that point had left her mostly bedridden.

Though doctors had located a tumor in her brain’s pineal region, they determined that removal was risky and could cause irreversible damage to her brain. After six months of searching, Karanam found Dr. Hrayr Shaninian, a neurologist at the Skullbase Institute in Los Angeles, who agreed to perform the surgery.

Friends held a fund-raiser to fly her out to Los Angeles for the procedure, which occurred April 15. Through an incision in the back of her head, doctors used an endoscope to enter the area of her brain where the tumor was, The Washington Post reported. There, instead of finding a tumor, surgeons found a teratoma — a mass of bone, hair and teeth.

Teratomas are embryonal tumors — the most common brain tumors in infants less than 36 months old — that are typically benign, but are defined as being composed either of tissues that are foreign to the area, or tissues that derive from all three of the germ layers.

Germ layers contribute to the formation of all organs and tissues during embryonic development, according to The Embryo Project Encyclopedia. These masses can sometimes contain hair, teeth, bone neurons or even eyes.

“This is my second one, and I’ve probably taken out 7,000 or 8,000 brain tumors,” Shahinian told NBC 4.

Karanam referred to the tumor as her “evil twin sister who’s been torturing me for the past 26 years,” NBC 4 reported.

According to The Washington Post, it’s unclear whether the teratoma is Karanam’s twin, but it was killing her.

Shaninian said her tumor was not cancerous, and expects her to make a full recovery.

Woman’s Violent Ex Tried To Kill Her, But Police Ended Up Shooting Her Instead

Woman’s Violent Ex Tried To Kill Her, But Police Ended Up Shooting Her Instead

A woman in Alabama just used a shotgun to defend herself against a violent attacker … but in a bizarre turn of events police ended up pulling the trigger on her.

Lisa Skinner had been in fear for her life for many weeks. The 52-year-old had filed restraining orders against a man she knew very well — her estranged husband.

That man, Bradley Skinner, had previously been arrested on charges of harassment and domestic violence. Over the last several days, his behavior became more and more erratic.

“He began talking about dying and had often mentioned that he wanted to ‘take out all of his enemies and die by PoPo,’” wrote Lisa before the fateful attack occurred.

“[He] wished the police would kill him after he had killed his enemies. I am certainly now an enemy,” the woman explained.

The restraining order against Bradley was supposed to keep him away. It didn’t.

On Sunday evening, Bradley Skinner broke into the house where Lisa was staying with her mother. He was carrying a pistol and a large knife … and he was definitely not there to chat.

Lisa armed herself with a shotgun and tried to get away through the garage, but the armed man followed her.

That’s when Lisa fired her shotgun and hit her estranged husband in the chest.

It should have been over — but then things took a turn for the worst.

Police officers arrived on scene just in time to hear the shotgun blasts. They came around the corner to the garage and saw the woman holding the shotgun.

The cops ordered her to drop the weapon. Instead — possibly still in shock — Lisa turned toward the police with the shotgun.

At least one of the responding officers fired at the woman. She was struck by at least one police bullet.

Officers quickly realized what was happening and gave medical attention to both Lisa and her husband-turned-attacker.

It could have been a fatal night for both the husband and wife, but Lisa was reportedly in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries.

Bradley, on the other hand, was not so fortunate. He sustained life threatening injuries and his condition was unclear.

Alabama Young Woman Leaves Family To Join ISIS

Alabama Young Woman Leaves Family To Join ISIS

By Martin Swant, AP

Muslim woman

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — A spokesman for a Muslim couple in Alabama says their 20-year-old daughter fled a Birmingham suburb to join Islamic State militants in Syria after being recruited on the Internet.

Attorney Hassan Shibly spoke at a Birmingham mosque on Monday on behalf of the parents of the young woman, whom he identified only as Hoda.

Shibly said Hoda left in November after being “brainwashed” for an undetermined length of time. He says the woman’s actions go against the family’s wishes and against the teachings of Islam.

The spokesman added that Hoda’s family has been in contact with U.S. law enforcement and government officials since she disappeared.

Members of the Birmingham Muslim community were meeting on Monday evening to discuss how to protect other children from the influence of militants.

Mob of Muslims Abduct Christian Nurse, Repeatedly Gang Rape Her

Mob of Muslims Abduct Christian Nurse, Repeatedly Gang Rape Her

A group of Muslims in Libya abducted a Christian nurse from her home then repeatedly gang raped her only days after a Christian construction worker was beheaded in Benghazi for not being a Muslim.

Shoebat reports that a gang of six Muslim men pulled a Filipino nurse from her home and repeatedly gang raped her in Libya’s capitol, Tripoli.

The group of thugs snatched the woman on Wednesday then took her to an unknown location, where six men repeatedly assaulted her, according to the foreign affairs spokesman for the Philippines, Charles Jose.

As a result of the woman’s rape, the Filipino government has called for the evacuation of all 13,000 of its citizens in Libya, which has seen a massive increase in violence over the last few months. In fact, just days prior to the woman’s rape, a Christian Filipino construction worker was beheaded by Muslim savages amid allegations he wasn’t a Muslim.

“We condemn these crimes that have been committed against our people,” President Benigno Aquino’s spokesman Herminio Coloma said in Manila.

As Shoebat points out, the reason such horrific crimes are being committed against the Filipino people is because of their Catholic faith.

“From the Reconquista to the Crusades, the Catholic Church was, and is still, the primary enemy of the Muslim heresy.”

The very people that Obama has been aiding and abetting have been perpetrating theses heinous acts on non-Muslims, and they’re going unchecked. Meanwhile, the United Nations is looking to prosecute the Israelis for “war crimes” due to Palestinian casualties while defending themselves from the animalistic extremists that make up Hamas.

It’s mind-boggling that anybody could ever expect peace with people who are so blinded by their ideology, yet repeatedly their actions are excused or widely ignored while those who speak out against them are demonized as “Islamophobic.” If speaking out against disgusting and barbaric acts such as this makes us Islamophobic, then we should all wear the label with pride.

Woman Crushes Man’s Testicles, Pulls Her Gun to Save Her Life After a Home Invasion

Woman Crushes Man’s Testicles, Pulls Her Gun to Save Her Life After a Home Invasion

Woman Crushes Man's Testicles to Save Her Life After a Home Invasion

A Georgia woman attacked in her home Tuesday evening by two men is alive today because she fiercely fought back. She wants to share her brave message with others to do the same.

Kayla Walker,19, was home alone with her 10-month-old son when a man knocked on then pulled open a door into her home, according to local news station WALB.

Walker told investigates that she immediately pushed the man out of the house right as a second man came from behind, pushing both Walker and the first intruder down to the ground. The second man straddled her and began beating her in the face, using racial slurs such as “stupid white (expletive).”

That’s when Walker literally took matters into her own hands, roughly grabbing one of the men by the testicles which caused him to fall, then she grabbed  him by the throat and began choking him, according to Berrien County Sheriff deputies.

“I head-butted him, then grabbed his privates,” Walker told authorities. “I reached up an started choking him.”

She told officials that she choked him until she thought he was unconscious, releasing her grasp once she thought he was out.

But the man wasn’t unconscious and began to fight Walker again, and according to the report, she grabbed a hammer and hit the man several times on the head and on his body with it.

Walker grabbed her child and fled to her bedroom where she got her shotgun and took aim at the intruders.

“He said, ‘This is my new house. I’m here to stay.’ I said, ‘Not at this residence.’ I put the gun to his face and the gun clicked and he ran,” she said.

Walker told deputies that she tried to shoot the intruders, but there was no shell in the chamber of the gun. The bloody men ran off into the woods near her home, after the 15 minute attack which only left her with some scratches and bruises.

“If this would have happened to a younger girl, they probably would not have fought back,” Walker said. “They just need to know- don’t give up, fight back to the fullest no matter what.”

Walker was able to identify one of the men in a photo line up from authorities. No arrests were made as of Friday evening.

Cop Pummels Woman On Highway Median (Video)

Cop Pummels Woman On Highway Median (Video)

Highway patrolman’s actions called ‘animalistic’

by Drew Zahn, wnd.com

The California Highway Patrol claims the officer subdued the woman for her own protection, but the scene passing motorists captured on video reveals instead what witnesses are calling “brutal” and “animalistic” excessive force.

David Diaz, a music producer, was on the onramp from La Brea Avenue to the Interstate-10 Freeway in Los Angeles earlier this week, when he captured on video a woman meandering toward the highway.

A CHP officer then approached the woman, wrestled her to the ground and began pummeling her, punching her repeatedly in the head while Diaz and his friends looked on in horror.

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The video captures the officer winding up and punching the woman as many as 11 times, before another man – later revealed to be an off-duty police officer in plain clothes – arrived to help subdue and handcuff her.

“There was no weapons; it’s obviously excess force at this point,” Diaz told KABC-TV, Los Angeles. “You can use strength without punching. The most animalistic, most brutal [way] to subdue someone is to pound their face into the concrete with really big blows to the head.”

“Was she intoxicated? Was she mentally ill? Possibly,” Diaz told KNBC-TV, Los Angeles. “[But] these are like, grown men, on top of you punching you to a point where she could’ve died out there.”

“She was screaming,” witness Daina Tate told KNBC. “Two men were on her. They had her arms up. She couldn’t defend herself. She looked totally helpless and terrified.

“It was shocking, and you can’t really call the cops on the cops.”

KABC reports the CHP released a written statement explaining the officer ordered the woman to stop, fearing she would be hurt by wandering into traffic, but she ignored him.

“A physical altercation ensued as the pedestrian continued to resist arrest,” the statement reportedly reads, “at which point a plain clothes, off duty officer assisted in applying the handcuffs.”

The CHP further reports the woman refused to give her name, was booked as “Jane Doe” and taken to a local hospital for mental and physical evaluations.

“The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is aware of the video and we are looking into the incident,” an official statement explained. “As a matter of policy, every time there is a use of force by our officers, there is a review conducted to determine whether the use of force was appropriate.”

In a follow-up press conference, CHP Assistant Chief Chris O’Quinn offered little by way of additional details, but hinted there’s more to the story.

“The tape only shows a small part of what transpired; there were events that led up to this,” O’Quinn said. “Until all that’s collected and put into perspective we aren’t going to be able to make a determination.”

O’Quinn explained the officer was responding to a report of a person on the freeway when the woman walked down an on-ramp then back onto the freeway and across lanes of traffic, “endangering herself and the motoring public.”

“We don’t know if there was a vehicle anywhere in the area, as far as we know she was wandering,”  he said. “What caused the officer to respond in the way he has has not been thoroughly evaluated.”

O’Quinn did, however, assure reporters that despite what the video would suggest, the woman was uninjured in the incident.

The Associated Press reports the officer in the video is on administrative leave while CHP investigates.

Woman buried alive in first date horror story

Woman buried alive in first date horror story

A 25-year-old French woman who traveled to Morocco to meet a man she had been chatting with online ended up being buried alive in his backyard.

Mina El Houari arrived in Fez on May 19 and checked herself into a hotel before meeting the man, who has not been named, News.com.au reports, citing local newspaper La Provence.

Workers DIg buried aliveThe man told authorities that the date was going fine until El Houari keeled over and collapsed. He claimed he thought she was dead, and proceeded to bury her in his backyard garden.

El Houari was actually a diabetic and had fallen into a coma, the newspaper reported. She slowly suffocated to death.

Police dug up El Houari’s body after receiving a tip from her family, who had filed a missing persons report to Moroccan police.

Authorities charged the man with involuntary manslaughter after he reportedly confessed.

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