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Amazing 10 Hour Display of Kindness Comes to a Sudden End

Amazing 10 Hour Display of Kindness Comes to a Sudden End

A Starbucks in St, Petersburg, Florida was the location of a ten-hour marathon of human kindness with people “paying it forward” after a woman decided to do something nice, but the streak was broken when one idiot decided common decency wasn’t something in which she was interested.

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At 7 a.m. on Wednesday, a woman buying an iced coffee at the drive up window told barista Vu Nguyen she wanted to pay for the order of the people behind her as well as her own as a random act of kindness. When the next customer rolled up to the window, Nguyen informed them that their order had been paid for by the vehicle in front of them then asked if they would like to do the same, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Ten hours and almost 400 customers later, the customers who visited Starbucks continued to “pay it forward” as they discovered someone had done something nice for them.

Amazing Display of Human Kindness Destroyed by One Idiot Who Couldn’t Spare $2

“It’s nice just to do a random act of kindness for someone you don’t know,” said 19-year-old Tim Burnside.

This amazing phenomenon happens at this particular Starbucks quite often, according to the store’s manager Celeste Guzman.

“Somebody wants to be nice and do something generous for the person behind them and then the person behind them keeps it going,” she said.

And 378 people did just that the other day, but around 6 p.m. there was customer number 379, a woman who drove a white Jeep Commander and ordered a regular coffee. Nguyen leaned out the window and informed the woman of what had been happening all day then asked if she would like to do the same.

Apparently she didn’t understand the whole concept and declined, telling Nguyen that she would only like to pay for her $2.25 coffee and be on her way, breaking the chain of kindness that had persisted throughout the entire day.

Not all was lost, however, as the “pay it forward” chain was linked up a little later and another 70 or so people paid for the drinks of total strangers, just to be nice. It actually continued into Thursday, and a company spokesman told Today.com that they estimate a total of 725 people participated over the course of two days.