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DNA testing for dog poop on the rise in Seattle area

DNA testing for dog poop on the rise in Seattle area

Dog Ate My Homework

SEATTLE (AP) — Frustrated with dog owners who refuse to clean up after their pets, an increasing number of apartments in Seattle are opting to use DNA testing to identify the culprits.

The Seattle Times reports (http://bit.ly/1HxGgb2) that a company called BioPet Vet Lab from Knoxville, Tennessee, is providing its PooPrints testing kits to 26 apartment and condo complexes and homeowners associations in the region.

Erin Atkinson, property manager at Potala Village Apartments in Everett says the messes are all over.

“There was poop inside the elevators, in the carpeted hallways, up on the roof,” Atkinson said. “They’re lazy, I guess.”

That’s why, since February 2014, tenants have been paying a “one-time fee of $29.95 for DNA testing.”

BioPet says in the past five years, the DNA test has been used in nearly 1,000 places around the country, and it’s especially popular in Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles and other large cities.

The marketing took a little longer to reach the Northwest, but King-Snohomish-Pierce counties are opportune sites. They are home to about 811,000 dogs. Seattle has 50 percent more dogs than kids, the Times said. One study said the average dog poop weighs one-third of a pound and the dogs in that three-county region are responsible for about 268,000 pounds of droppings a day.

Atkinson says that after some initial fines, DNA testing is working at her complex, with two dozen or so dogs.

“One person was fined five times in one week,” she said. “That’s over $500. Now people clean up after their dogs.”

The fines added up this way: $59.95 to have the poop tested, and $50 to the complex for the hassle of collecting the sample.

Atkinson says that residents at the complex are “mostly on board” for having their dogs’ DNA tested.

Liberal Media Saying Oregon Cops Shot ‘Unarmed’ Black Man, Not True (video)

Liberal Media Saying Oregon Cops Shot ‘Unarmed’ Black Man, Not True (video)

Suspect Had His Hands Up When Officers Opened Fire — but Police Say This Graphic Video Tells the Whole Story

Police in McMinnville, Oregon, released graphic dashboard camera footage on Monday showing the deadly officer-involved shooting of a suspect outside a 7-Eleven last month. Family members have argued that the suspect, identified as Juventino Bermudez Arenas, had his hands up and intended to surrender, but police claim the video proves officers faced a “lethal threat.”

Officers responded to the scene after Arenas allegedly stabbed a college student several times at the McMinnville 7-Eleven. The student, Parker Moore, ended up dying from his injuries.

Arenas apparently later returned to the scene of the crime. Family members claimed he returned to turn himself in.

(McMinnville Police Department video)

However, when police confronted the suspect, he was still clutching a knife in his hand and appeared “agitated.”

Officers can be heard in the video ordering the suspect to drop the knife. Instead, Arenas continues to move towards the officers, the knife still in his hand. Three police officers then opened fire, firing a total of 15 bullets and fatally wounding the suspect.

Watch the footage below — the deadly confrontation begins at around 6:45 (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT):

Yamhill County District Attorney Brad Berry said in a Monday press conference that the officers faced a “lethal threat” as the suspect approached within 10 to 12 feet of them.

Berry also said the investigation into the fatal stabbing of Moore is “basically over” and appeared to be completely random.

FBI says agent impersonated AP reporter

FBI says agent impersonated AP reporter

James Comey …FBI Director
James Comey …FBI Director

SEATTLE (AP) — FBI Director James Comey says an agent impersonated an Associated Press reporter during a 2007 criminal investigation, a ruse the news organization says could undermine its credibility.

In a letter Thursday to The New York Times, Comey said the agent “portrayed himself as an employee of The Associated Press” to help catch a 15-year-old suspect accused of making bomb threats at a high school near Olympia, Washington. It was publicized last week that the FBI forged an AP story during its investigation, but Comey’s letter revealed the agency went further and had an agent actually pretend to be a reporter for the wire service.

Comey said the agent posing as an AP reporter asked the suspect to review a fake AP article about threats and cyberattacks directed at the school, “to be sure that the anonymous suspect was portrayed fairly.”

The bogus article contained a software tool that could verify Internet addresses. The suspect clicked on a link, revealing his computer’s location and Internet address, which helped agents confirm his identity.

“That technique was proper and appropriate under Justice Department and FBI guidelines at the time. Today, the use of such an unusual technique would probably require higher-level approvals than in 2007, but it would still be lawful and, in a rare case, appropriate,” Comey wrote.

Kathleen Carroll, executive editor of the AP, said the FBI’s actions were “unacceptable.”

“This latest revelation of how the FBI misappropriated the trusted name of The Associated Press doubles our concern and outrage, expressed earlier to Attorney General Eric Holder, about how the agency’s unacceptable tactics undermine AP and the vital distinction between the government and the press,” Carroll said in a statement.

In a letter to the Justice Department last week, the AP requested Holder’s word that the DOJ would never again misrepresent itself as the AP and asked for policies to ensure the DOJ does not further impersonate news organizations.

In a letter Thursday to Comey and Holder, the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press asked the agency for full disclosure about the incident.

“The utilization of news media as a cover for delivery of electronic surveillance software is unacceptable,” the letter said. “This practice endangers the media’s credibility and creates the appearance that it is not independent of the government. It undermines media organizations’ ability to independently report on law enforcement.”

In his letter to The New York Times, Comey said all undercover operations involve deception, “which has long been a critical tool in fighting crime.”

Attempt to Give Illegal Immigrants Drivers Licenses in Oregon Fails

Attempt to Give Illegal Immigrants Drivers Licenses in Oregon Fails

mass border crossing illegal immigrants
Illegal immigrants pouring into the US across our open Southern border.


A ballot measure in Oregon that would have granted driving privileges to individuals that could not prove they were legally living in the United States failed on Tuesday.

Oregon’s Measure 88 failed with 67 percentof voters voting against it. It would have eliminated the requirement to prove legal status in the country in orger to obtain a drivers license, according to KGW in Portland.

The driver’s card would have allowed recipients to legally drive in the state for four years.

Currently, people who apply for Oregon driver’s cards have to prove they are legal U.S. residents. Measure 88 would have allowed Oregon residents who have lived in the state for at least a year and otherwise comply with all Oregon requirements for driving a car to get the driver’s card.

The driver’s card would not have been proof of citizenship.

The estimated state costs are around $2.8 million for the first two years, but the state projects it will actually make money as the revenues for the same time period are projected to be $3.5 million and even more after that.