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Cops Hunt For 350 Pound Armed Robber Who Stole Cash, Then Pizzas, From Domino’s

Cops Hunt For 350 Pound Armed Robber Who Stole Cash, Then Pizzas, From Domino’s

SAYVILLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A larger-than-life robber waving a gun across his hefty frame burst into a Domino’s pizzeria in a quiet Long Island village with an appetite for more than cash, victims said.

The man, believed to weigh at least 350 pounds, robbed the store in Sayville on Tuesday afternoon and demanded an employee serve him two pizzas before he left, Domino’s district manager Robert Warren told CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan in this exclusive report.

“This is the kind of guy we are dealing with here,” Warren said. “It’s odd for this in Sayville.”

The suspect then fled on Sunrise Highway.

The crime, which was caught on a security camera, has many in Sayville on edge.

Employee and victim Ray Brenkert recounted the panic.

“I’ve got to do what he says and try to get us out of here alive,” Brenkert said of his thinking during the encounter. ” … He told me get on my knees and open the safe.”

But the safe is time released and won’t open at will.

“When I told him that, he was like, ‘Well, you either open the safe or I’m going to shoot you in the head,’” Brenkert said. “And I was like, ‘Uh oh.’

“I tried to reason with him. I was like, ‘It’s not going to open. There’s nothing I can do.’ And then he got really angry and he took my cellphone, told me get on the ground and pulled the phone out of the wall. And I just did what he said because he had a gun to my head.”

Resigned to a fistful of cash from the register, the hefty robber then spotted the two bubbling pies — large with cheese.

It was approaching dinner hour.

A man robbed a Domino's Pizza in Sayville at gunpoint, demanding two pizzas for himself as well as cash. (Credit: CBS2)

“Taking the pizzas at the end is just a crazy twist to a maniacal story to begin with,” Warren said. “He saw the pizzas coming out of the oven and requested my employee to take them out of the oven, slice them up and box them up for him.”

The robber is described as white and 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall. He was wearing a mask.

Cops are crediting the workers for following proper protocol.

Police and Domino’s hope to be able to release the surveillance video this week, and investigators think the suspect’s distinctive looks could help lead to his capture.

De Blasio Announces Addition Of Muslim Holidays To NYC Public Schools Calendar

De Blasio Announces Addition Of Muslim Holidays To NYC Public Schools Calendar

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York City public schools have added two Muslim holidays to the school calendar, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina announced Wednesday.

Schools will now close for Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, making New York City the largest school district in the nation to recognize the two holidays on the official school calendar.

“We are committed to having a school calendar that reflects and honors the extraordinary diversity of our students,” said Farina.

De Blasio Announces Addition Of Muslim Holidays To NYC Public Schools Calendar

classroom computers De Blasio Announces Addition Of Muslim Holidays To NYC Public Schools Calendar

De Blasio said the change means that Muslim families won’t be forced to choose between observing the holidays and sending their kids to school.

“They want to celebrate their holiday but they also want to go to school, they love school. So now they don’t have to make that choice and this is why this is so amazing,” mother of three Linda Sarsour told WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell.

De Blasio Announces Addition Of Muslim Holidays To NYC Public Schools Calendar

de blasio De Blasio Announces Addition Of Muslim Holidays To NYC Public Schools Calendar

The announcement was made at PS/IS 30 in Brooklyn, where officials said 36 percent of students were absent the last time Eid al-Adha fell on a school day.

“We’re here today to make good on a promise to our Muslim brothers and sisters that a holiday of supreme importance to the Muslim community will be recognized in our school calendar so that children can honor the holiday without missing school,” the mayor said.

“I want to thank Mayor de Blasio for adding Eid-al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr to the public school holiday calendar,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. “Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, and the Muslim community is thriving not just in The Bronx but throughout the city of New York. This decision allows our city’s Muslim community to fully practice their faith without it interfering with their school attendance and education. As I have said in the past, by recognizing these two important holidays, we show that not only are we welcoming to everyone’s religious beliefs but that we respect everyone’s Constitutional right to freedom of religion.”

Eid al-Adha will be observed for the first time on Sept. 24. Eid-al-Fitr, which falls over the summer, will be designated a holiday for those attending summer school.

De Blasio said it’s all about respect for families, 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported.

“Families are the fabric of our city. They’re the core of our city,” the mayor said. “All families deserve respect. Every kind of family deserves respect, and that’s what we’re noting today.”

The added holidays are familiar to most of the children in at least one Midwood Pre-K class.

When many of them go on to public school they’ll stay home for Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr without missing any classes.

“This is going to enlighten the understanding there is another holiday and it is for the Muslim community,” Mohammad Razvi told CBS2’s Dave Carlin.

Eid al-Adha, the ‘Feast of Sacrifice’ commemorates Abraham’s devotion to God. Eid al-Fitr is the ‘Feast of Breaking the Fast’ at the end of Ramadan.

Both holidays use the Islamic lunar calendar causing the dates to move.

The decision drew mixed reactions from parents.

“It’s going to be hard on the parents. It doesn’t make sense. Too many holidays already,” Felix Beato said.

Kashif Hussain welcomes it for his family. He remembers holidays being stressful when he was at Brooklyn’s Madison High.

“I had to pray, run, and miss my first three classes,” he said.

Other school districts in Vermont, Massachusetts and New Jersey already close public schools in observance of Muslim holidays, according to the city. New York is now the largest.

Retired police officer apparently killed 2 daughters, self

Retired police officer apparently killed 2 daughters, self

A Harrison police officer stands outside a house where the bodies of a retired police officer and two of his daughters were found, Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015 in Harrison, N.Y.  Police Chief Anthony Marraccini did not provide any details on the circumstances surrounding the deaths. He said police found Glen Hochman, 52, and two teenage girls dead. He said police don't believe Hochman's wife and the couple's oldest daughter were home at the time of the deaths. Photo: Seth Harrison, AP / The Journal News
A Harrison police officer stands outside a house where the bodies of a retired police officer and two of his daughters were found, Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015 in Harrison, N.Y. Police Chief Anthony Marraccini did not provide any details on the circumstances surrounding the deaths. He said police found Glen Hochman, 52, and two teenage girls dead. He said police don’t believe Hochman’s wife and the couple’s oldest daughter were home at the time of the deaths. Photo: Seth Harrison, AP


HARRISON, N.Y. (AP) — A retired police officer apparently shot his two teenage daughters to death and then killed himself in the family’s suburban New York home, a police official said Sunday.

Harrison Police Chief Anthony Marraccini said the deaths of 52-year-old Glen Hochman and his daughters Alissa and Deanna on Saturday “would appear to be a double murder-suicide.” He said the motive was unknown.

Marraccini said police went to the home in the Westchester County village of Harrison after a person reported that no one was answering the door. Police found the bodies of Hochman and his daughters at 3:50 p.m.

“It looks at this time that the father killed the two girls and then himself,” Marraccini said.

He said Hochman’s body was found in the garage while the bodies of 17-year-old Alissa and 13-year-old Deanna were found on “the main level” of the house. Three dogs were shot to death as well, he said.

Marraccini said Hochman’s wife and the oldest of the couple’s three daughters were not home at the time of the shootings.

Hochman spent 22 years at the White Plains police department before retiring recently.

“The department is shocked and horrified by the news of this unfathomable tragedy,” White Plains Police Commissioner David Chong said in a statement. “We can only pray for the family. Officer Hochman served this department and the city of White Plains with honor and integrity.”

Last year, Hochman won the department’s life-saving award for keeping an unresponsive man alive until paramedics arrived.

Residents of the upper middle-class neighborhood discussed the shootings in quiet tones as they shoveled snow Sunday.

Howard Hollander, 52, an airline pilot who lives five doors down from the Hochmans, said Hochman “was always taking care of the property, landscaping, cleaning up the yard.”

“The girls said hi whenever they passed,” Hollander said. “I remember one was learning to drive and beeped at us as she went by.”

He added, “There was no indication at all of any problem, that something like this would happen.”

Another neighbor, Dante Garritano, 52, an engineer, said he went outside when he saw ambulances and police cars Saturday.

“I walked out and I heard a woman crying, screaming, on her phone, ‘My God, they’re dead. He killed himself,'” Garritano said.

Alissa Hochman was a senior at Harrison High School, which opened its campus on Sunday for grief counseling.

On the Harrison Central School District website, Superintendent Louis N. Wool said the district mourned the deaths of two girls “both lost to incomprehensible tragedy.”

New York Sheriff On Handgun Renewal Permits, ‘Throw Them In The Garbage Because That Is Where They Belong.’

New York Sheriff On Handgun Renewal Permits, ‘Throw Them In The Garbage Because That Is Where They Belong.’

Sheriff Thomas Lorey New York
Sheriff Thomas Lorey New York

Fulton County, N.Y. is home to a strong hunting and fishing tradition. Guns are everywhere, but life isn’t easy.

Temperatures are often well below zero, and snow piles drift up so high against your home that you have to go to the second floor to be able to look outside a window. Jobs are scarce since the leather industry exited a few decades ago. Taxes are high, and it seems the government solution to the unemployment problem is to move people to public assistance.

It is the perfect example of a bad state government imposing its will on a people that don’t need advice from Albany politicians that have never set foot into the county. The people there want to be able to care for themselves.

As a kid, the only time in 10 years I was ever stopped by the police for carrying a gun through Fulton County was when I was walking home from a hunt with my Ithaca Model 37. The officer pulled over and asked if I was coming or going to hunt. When I told him I was walking home he responded with, “Oh, OK, I get off in 30 minutes and was just wondering if you wanted to go out.”

If you want to meet people upset with the government, you would do well to stop by Fulton County.

Enter Sheriff Thomas Lorey. Lorey has been a lawman in the county in one form or other for nearly 45 years. Before becoming a police officer he was a Navy man. Somewhere in-between he became an “Oath Keeper.” Oath Keepers are former military and law enforcement/first responders who still pledge to, “Defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Lorey is intending to uphold his oath against those Second Amendment hating politicians in the state capitol.

In a video posted on Friday, this is how Lorey opened his remarks to a small group of concerned citizens, “We’re starting this fight, this fight is going to be a long and difficult fight. The government and Andrew Cuomo are dragging us into a pit. These are the folks (present meeting attendees) that are going to drag us out of the pit because I think this war is going to last that long.”

“One of the things I want to talk about is the renewal of pistol permits,” the sheriff continues. “There is a lot of scuttlebutt going around about it and I want to set the record straight. Fulton County is one of the pilot counties…they are going to send out 500 invitations to my county and that’s all they are is invitations. The invitation is going to ask you if you would like to renew early…I’m asking everyone that gets those invitations to throw them in the garbage because that is where they belong.”

New York has two types of handgun permits. One type is a permit to carry, which is rarely approved. The second is a permit to possess a handgun. Regarding the permit to possess a handgun, the sheriff is telling his audience to allow their permit paperwork to expire.

“Don’t do it, let’s have everybody’s permit expire the same day and let them see what they are going to do with it,” he said.

This is a David vs. Goliath fight for gun rights. Fulton County is poised to defy a governor that has forced unreasonable gun restrictions on law-abiding citizens – in this case paying the state for the right to keep your handgun. Fortunately, there is one sheriff who is not afraid to make a stand for the right to keep and bear arms.

Hats off to Lorey. A nation of gun owners applauds you.

NYPD On High Alert Following ISIS Call To ‘Rise Up And Kill Police Officers’

NYPD On High Alert Following ISIS Call To ‘Rise Up And Kill Police Officers’


The New York City Police Department and other law enforcement agencies have been alerted to a new threat raised by the Islamic State terror group. The jihadist entity released a new video on Saturday urging fellow jihadists to “rise up” against the U.S. and other Western states.

ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al Adnani told those loyal to the Islamic State to “rise up and kill intelligence officers, police officers, soldiers, and civilians” in the U.S., Canada, France, and Australia. “Do not let the battle pass you by wherever you may be. Strike their police, security, and intelligence members, as well as their treacherous agents,” Adnani added. He suggested that if his holy warriors did not have an explosive device or a firing weapon, they should instead “smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car.”

CNN received an NYPD internal memo that stressed law enforcement should “remain alert and consider tactics at all times while on patrol.”

“Pay attention to people as they approach and look for their hands as they approach you,” reads a memo obtained by the New York Daily News. “At least one officer must stand outside the vehicle at all times. Pay attention to your surroundings,” read an email obtained by the New York Post.

The FBI and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) have released a similar bulletin to federal officials and local law enforcement across America.

In late October, Muslim Zale Thompson attempted to kill four NYPD officers with an axe, and successfully struck one in the head. Officials believe Thompson was radicalized through Islamist social media sites.

NY Mayor De Blasio Banned From Holding Groundhog After Last Year’s Cold-Blooded Murder

NY Mayor De Blasio Banned From Holding Groundhog After Last Year’s Cold-Blooded Murder


The Mayor who killed Groundhog Day.

In an already tumultuous week for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, more bad news arrived at his desk this morning: The Staten Island Zoo announced it will not trust de Blasio to handle its groundhog following last year’s tragedy, when de Blasio dropped a poor groundhog who later died of internal injuries.

Instead of picking up the animal, the zoo will place the groundhog in a Plexiglas case for all to observe and admire. The zoo is not only forbidding the current mayor from the tradition, but all future mayors as well.

In other words, de Blasio literally killed a tradition that began more than four centuries ago. How will the fine people of New York know when to plan their annual closet turnover from flannels and pea coats to vintage sundresses and jean shorts?

For his part, de Blasio said he thinks the zoo’s decision is a good idea.

“I think reform is needed,” de Blasio joked. “I welcome a new approach… I must say, last time, there was not an overwhelming amount of preparation and orientation before I was handed him. May he rest in peace.”

The Washington Free Beacon commends zoo officials for shielding future groundhogs from a cold-blooded killer who would most assuredly strike again if given the chance.

Two suspects arrested in shooting of New York policemen

Two suspects arrested in shooting of New York policemen


NYPD officers search the site of a shooting in the Bronx, January 6, 2015.   REUTERS-Adrees Latif

(Reuters) – Two men were under arrest on Tuesday in the shooting of two New York plainclothes police officers who were fired upon while responding to an armed robbery, authorities said.

The officers’ injuries were not life-threatening, and they were in stable condition, New York Police Commissioner William Bratton said at a news conference.

The incident follows the fatal shooting of two uniformed officers in Brooklyn as they sat in their squad car just days before Christmas by a gunman who had made threats against police on social media.

In this week’s shooting, police did not appear to have been targeted. The officers were responding to a robbery at a deli in the city’s Bronx borough, police said.

The shooting comes amid controversy over whether New York police have launched a deliberate work slowdown as part of the their dissatisfaction with Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Some police say that de Blasio’s support for protests over the killings by white police of unarmed black men in New York and Missouri showed a lack of respect.

The head of the city’s police union said that Monday’s shooting was evidence that there was no such slowdown.

“New York City police officers, who could have closed their lockers and gone home after their shift ended, chose to respond to a robbery in progress and, sadly, were shot in the process,” said Patrick Lynch, the president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

Five officers who were just ending their shifts responded to the robbery, Bratton said.

Officer Andrew Dossi, 30, and Officer Aliro Pellerano, 38, were shot as they approached two masked suspects, he said.

The officers fired back, and one suspect was wounded in the arm, according to Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

The suspects fled, and one of them carjacked a sports car that was later abandoned.

One suspect, Jason Polanco, was arrested in the Bronx on Tuesday, and the other, Joshua Kemp, was arrested when he sought hospital treatment for a gunshot wound, Boyce said.

The two are believed responsible for other local commercial robberies, Boyce said. One of them has made anti-government and anti-police statements on Instagram, Boyce said.

Polanco faces charges of attempted murder of police officers along with charges of robbery and carjacking. Kemp was charged with commercial robbery, Boyce said.

Police lauded the officers for their response.

“They were going home, they jumped into a car and they ended up getting into this fierce firefight,” said NYPD Chief of Department James O’Neill.

Sharpton: The NY Post Shouldn’t Attack Me… They Give Me Money!

Sharpton: The NY Post Shouldn’t Attack Me… They Give Me Money!

Sharpton Leads National "Justice For All" March In Washington DC (Getty)

Al Sharpton says the New York Post should not have accused him of shaking down businesses because he also shakes down the paper’s corporate owner.

“SHAKE DOWN AL” screamed the Post’s Sunday front page. “How Rev gets paid not to cry ‘racism!’”

The story ripped Sharpton for going easy on companies who donate to his National Action Network.

But in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Sharpton’s central defense was that News Corp — the company that owns the New York Post — also fills his coffers.

“I am not going to let them get around the fact that their company has been involved, has donated money, had us on their board of diversity.”

“Why are they doing it?” he asked. “Are they being shaken down?”

The plucky tabloid’s story said that, “For more than a decade, corporations have shelled out thousands of dollars in donations and consulting fees to Sharpton’s National Action Network. What they get in return is the reverend’s supposed sway in the black community or, more often, his silence.”

According to the Post, “Companies have long gotten in line to pay Sharpton. Macy’s and Pfizer have forked over thousands to NAN, as has General Motors.”

Now, the reverend is positioning for a new race hustle, the Post suggested.

When Sharpton met last month with Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal to discuss her racially coarse comments about Barack Obama in leaked emails, he left the door wide open for a donation.

“Sharpton notably did not publicly assert his support for Pascal after the meeting—what observers say seems like a typical Sharpton ‘shakedown’ in the making,” the Post noted. “Pay him in cash or power, critics say, and you buy his support or silence.”

In fact, after his meeting with Pascal, Sharpton told reporters “the jury is still out on where we go” with her.

The famously loquacious reverend hung up when TheDC asked if he would rule out hitting Pascal up for money.

“I am not prepared to do anything but to say that Rupert Murdoch has given, through News Corp, money to us and that we’re on the board, on their, have been on their diversity board. I am going to force you to use the quote I give you because that is the only quote I am giving you.”

Sharpton called back moments later with more quotes, albeit interspersed with his fixation on the alleged News Corp donations.

But when pressed for detailed comment about other businesses that shower their largesse on the National Action Network, he threatened to hang up again.

“Let’s end this because you playing games,” he thundered.

Sharpton then requested , and received, permission to record the rest of the interview for use on his MSNBC show — before doubling down.

“I said to you in response to the article in the New York Post that one, there is no company that has said in any way shape or form that they had given a donation to National Action Network to stop us from calling them racist.”

The reverend seemed to find it exculpatory that a good chunk of the article alleged influence peddling, rather than explicit race hustles.

The Post cited allegations in a New York State inspector general report that Sharpton worked to grease the wheels for a donor’s bid to open a race track casino in Queens.

The Connecticut hedge fund Plainfield Asset Management donated $500,000 in 2008 to a group promoting education equity, which then “funneled” the money to the National Action Network.

Plainfield was a $250 million investor in a group vying for a license for a new casino at the Aqueduct Raceway.

The Post cited a 2009 email from a consortium “member” that “Sharpton lobbied [then-New York Governor David] Patterson hard over the weekend on our behalf.”

“Tell me how that is a shakedown on race,” Sharpton demanded when asked about the arrangement. “That is their alleging someone said that I helped this guy cause he contributed to education.”

“That shows you how contorted the story is,” he continued. “Is there any allegation in that report or in the inspector general’s finding that there was any charge of racism involved?”

Sharpton then conceded he did discuss race with Patterson.

“I talked to, uh, Governor Patterson several times about the casino bidding thing—that I hoped that whoever he gives it to that they will, uh, commit to doing business with some of the minority entrepreneurs that are going to be in the area.”

“But I did not lobby him for anybody.”

It can take some pretty unfriendly persuasion before companies donate to the National Action Network.

According to the Post, General Motors rebuffed solicitations from the National Action Network from 2000 to 2006.

But the car giant finally coughed up the dough after Sharpton “threatened a boycott of GM over the planned closing of an African-American-owned dealership in the Bronx. He picketed outside GM’s Fifth Avenue headquarters.”

It is “absolutely not” true that the demonstration resulted in donations, Sharpton insisted. “GM, first of all, had given us money for many years [before that],” he claimed.

The Post also reported that Sharpton “targeted” Honda in a 2003 letter about the company’s supposed under-representation of black employees and managers.

“We cannot be silent while African-Americans spend hard-earned dollars with a company that does not hire, promote or do business with us in a statistically significantly manner,” he emailed.

But the reverend halted the “protests” once the company started to “sponsor NAN events.”

Sharpton insisted to TheDC that, “Honda had given us money before that [email] and since then and still does.”

He also claimed that the letter to Honda was not a “protest” but merely a request for information. “There was a letter asking for information. I can write a letter to the Daily Caller and say I want to know your diversity. That is not protesting.”

Upon conclusion of the interview, Sharpton warned ominously, “We will play what you write and play what you say.”

Sharpton’s communications manager Jacky Johnson refused to provide any proof of News Corp’s donations.

“We don’t release exact figures from any contributor, but News Corp has contributed for several years,” Johnson said. “They have been a sponsor at our annual dinner and awards program.”

“In 2014 Newscorp supported our events financially,” she emailed later.

Reached for comment, a representative for News Corp promised to look into the matter.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio blasts police who turned their backs at cops’ funerals

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio blasts police who turned their backs at cops’ funerals

Associated Press

NEW YORK –  Mayor Bill de Blasio, his administration threatened to be overwhelmed by a rift with rank-and-file New York Police Department officers, on Monday condemned the thousands of cops who turned their backs to him during a pair of funerals for slain police officers.

In his first public remarks on the officers’ protests, de Blasio said the cops’ searing rebuke was hurtful to the families of the two officers killed in an ambush last month and was an offense to the city at large.

“Those individuals who took certain actions the last two weeks, they were disrespectful to the families involved. That’s the bottom line,” de Blasio said at a news conference held at police headquarters. “I can’t understand why anyone would do such a thing in the context like that.”

De Blasio has faced public police protests four times since the brazen daytime ambush on Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu: at the hospital where their bodies were taken, at a NYPD graduation ceremony and when he delivered eulogies at both officers’ funerals.

He has stayed silent on the matter for two weeks, not making himself available for reporters’ questions even as declining arrest numbers have raised concerns about a possible NYPD work slowdown. But on Monday he responded during a carefully choreographed news conference with Police Commissioner William Bratton that touted the city’s record low crime levels but also was clearly intended as a public display of support from City Hall to the NYPD.

Bratton continued to back de Blasio during his widening rift with the rank and file, saying he was “very disappointed” in the officers who did not honor his request to refrain from protesting at Liu’s funeral on Sunday.

“A funeral is not the place for that,” Bratton said. “Come demonstrate outside City Hall. Come demonstrate outside police headquarters. But don’t put on your uniform, go to a funeral and engage in a political action.”

The chasm between the police unions and de Blasio has created the biggest crisis of his tenure. The unions have blamed de Blasio for permitting protests over police conduct that has, in turn, fostered an anti-NYPD atmosphere they believe contributed to the killings of the officers.

Patrick Lynch, head of the city’s rank-and-file police union, has repeatedly said de Blasio had “blood on his hands” from the deaths and has supported the officers’ rights to protest. He declined to comment about the mayor’s remarks Monday.

But Edward Mullins, head of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, said de Blasio was using the slain officers’ families to “deflect what’s really happening.”

“The truth of the matter is the mayor knows there is bad blood between the rank and file,” Mullins said. “And the mayor wants to pretend like he didn’t create it, but he did.”

De Blasio pointed to the historically low crime numbers, even as stop and frisk has declined dramatically, as proof that it was possible to create a “safer city” and a “fairer city.” Overall crime was down 4 percent and there were 332 homicides, down from 335 last year. There were nearly 75 percent fewer stops and frisks.

But for the second straight week, the number of summonses for minor criminal offenses and traffic and parking violations decreased by more than 90 percent compared with the same week a year earlier, statistics show. The figures first plummeted in the week after the two officers were killed. Arrests for more serious offenses were also down 55 percent.

Both the mayor and police commissioner urged New Yorkers to look at the overall figures showing that crime continued to decline — not the minutia of a couple of weeks over the holidays that were marred by tragedy and flooded with protests that took officers away from routine duty. Bratton said he would take an intimate look at the numbers to determine whether anything nefarious, like a deliberate slowdown, was going on.