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Muslim Man Tried To “Dispose” Of His Three-Year-Old Daughter

Muslim Man Tried To “Dispose” Of His Three-Year-Old Daughter


Several people were driving on a road near a wooded area of Illinois when they saw a disturbing sight: A little girl in tears, wandering out of the forest alone.

The three-year-old girl was distraught, but she was able to tell people that her name was Aliya.

When police asked the child how she ended up in the forest alone, the traumatized child gave them a chilling answer.

She had been taken there by her father, who pushed her into a secluded trash can like a piece of human garbage.

“Our investigation initially shows that the father left the child in a garbage can and drove away from the forest preserve,” said Andrew Flach, a state Family Services spokesman.

Police added that the man had left three-year-old Aliya “where he believed she would not immediately be found.”

What kind of monster would treat a young girl like garbage? Police received a shocking answer to that question very quickly.

Investigators sent out a media alert and were contacted by Aliya’s desperate mother. That’s when the case became even more twisted.

The investigation found that the girl’s father is named Faiz Ikramulla. That is a Muslim name that means “Glory to God” in Arabic… and police knew they had heard it before.

Ikramulla was no stranger to the police. Last year, he attacked cops and led them on a high-speed chase that damaged several police cars and endangered many lives.

According to the Chicago Tribune, that previous incident ended with the man being Tasered while he spit blood at police officers and screamed “Allahu akbar!”

Warrants were quickly issued for the fleeing man’s arrest, and police located him in the southern part of Michigan. He was charged with kidnapping his own three-year-old. Additional charges are also likely.

What would drive a father to try to “dispose” of his only daughter in a trash can where he thought nobody would ever find her?

Girl Survives Kentucky Plane Crash That Killed Four

Girl Survives Kentucky Plane Crash That Killed Four


A “brave little girl” who survived a deadly plane crash in remote eastern Kentucky on Friday walked away from the wreckage to seek help at a stranger’s doorstep.

Larry Wilkins, 71, was watching the local news at his Buckberry Trail home at around 6:30 p.m. (7:30 p.m. ET) when he said he heard a knock.

“The little girl come to my door,” Wilkins told NBC News in a telephone interview late Friday. “She was bleeding pretty bad, her legs were bleeding, her face had a bloody nose. She was barefoot, only had one sock on.”

“She told me that her mom and her dad were dead, and she was in a plane crash, and the plane was upside down,” he said. “She asked if she could stay here. I said, ‘Honey, what can I do for you?’ I got a wash cloth and cleaned her up. And of course called 911.”

Marty Gutzler, 49, and Kimberly Gutzler, 45; their daughter, 9-year-old Piper Gutzler; and Sierra Walder, 14, Piper’s cousin were killed in the crash, according to Kentucky State Police. The identity of the 7-year-old survivor was not released. The victims were from Nashville, Illinois, police said.

Marty Gutzler and Kimberly Gutzler in Facebook photo died in plane crash January 2015
A photo from Marty Gutzler’s Facebook page showing him dining with wife Kimberly at Key West’s Reach resort that was posted on New Year’s Eve.

The wreckage of a Piper PA-34 aircraft and the bodies of four people were later found in a heavily wooded area near Buckberry Trail in Lyon County, state police said.

The girl was being treated at a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. State police said the plane was flying from Key West, Florida, to Mount Vernon, Illinois, when it crashed. The FAA lost contact with the plane at about 5:55 p.m. local time, shortly after the pilot reported engine problems, authorities said.

The National Transportation Safety Board was sending investigators to the crash site, police said.

After Wilkins called 911, police arrived within minutes, he said. “The little girl was so shook up we couldn’t understand much of what she said,” he said.

Wilkins said he didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary before the girl knocked on his door. He said the area was recently hit by an ice storm that had knocked down trees in the woods nearby, making the terrain even more rugged. He wishes he could have done more for the girl before she was taken to the hospital. “I felt so sorry for her, tears come to my eyes. Seven years old. Brave little girl.”

Story of KFC booting pit bull victim a ‘hoax,’ local paper says

Story of KFC booting pit bull victim a ‘hoax,’ local paper says


Victoria KFC little girl scarred face

Little Victoria is a victim again, no matter how you look at it.

The story of the 3-year-old Mississippi girl being asked to leave a KFC because patrons were repulsed by her injuries from a pit bull attack opened hearts and wallets around the nation when it came to light earlier this month. But the tear-jerker tale has been branded a hoax by a local newspaper, and now Victoria, who lost an eye and endured several painful operations after the horrific attack in April, is either a victim of her own family or a growing army of doubters.

Citing an unnamed source, the Laurel Leader-Call newspaper cast doubt on the story that Victoria ever endured the shameful treatment that generated more than $135,000 in donations and the pledge of a Las Vegas plastic surgeon to offer to help the girl.

“It just didn’t happen,” the newspaper quoted its source in a story titled, “Kentucky Fried Hoax.”

Louisville-based KFC said two separate investigations found no evidence substantiating the incident, but spokesman Rick Maynard said the company intends to follow through on its pledge of $30,000 toward Victoria’s medical bills.

But Victoria’s family denied the charge Tuesday on a Facebook page called Victoria’s Victories that is following the girl’s recovery from the mauling.

“I promise it’s not a hoax,” says the Facebook page administered by Victoria’s aunt, Teri Rials Bates. “I never thought any of this would blow up the way it has. The article circling the web calling this a hoax is untrue. The article itself says the investigation is not complete. It is not over until KFC releases a statement. The media outlet running this story is not connected with KFC. The family has not asked for anything, a attorney is handling all the media publicity for the family pro bono. Please do not believe untrue media. I have personally watched this family go without to provide for Victoria. They have not and would not do anything to hurt Victoria in any way.”

Reached Tuesday by FoxNews.com at her home in Harrisville, Miss., Bates said she had seen the newspaper’s story. She declined comment and referred a reporter to an attorney in Jackson, Miss., who is helping the family and Victoria.

“It is deeply disappointing that other parties have taken opportunity to attack Victoria through social and news media outlets,” attorney Bill Kellum said in a statement. “Victoria is an innocent child with very real physical and emotional scars. The focus of her family and ours has always been, and will always be on Victoria and making her whole again.”

Victoria’s grandmother Kelly Mullins has said she took Victoria to the hospital for an appointment on May 15 and on their way home they stopped at a KFC near the hospital. She said after sitting down with their order they were asked to leave by an employee who told them the girl’s face was “disrupting our customers.”

In April, three pit bulls attacked Victoria at her grandfather’s home. Victoria underwent three surgeries to repair a broken nose and cheekbones, a shattered jaw and a damaged right eye socket. The right side of her face was paralyzed and she lost her right eye. The grandfather and his girlfriend were arrested on child endangerment charges.

Through the Facebook page, Victoria’s family has collected more than $135,000 in donations on her behalf from nearly 3,000 people. A Las Vegas plastic surgeon has offered to reconstruct the girl’s face for free.

The Leader-Call quoted the source as saying that surveillance video from May 15 at two KFCs near the hospital did not record anyone matching the girl’s description or Mullins.

The source also told the paper that a check of receipts from that day at the two restaurants failed to turn up what Mullins ordered for Victoria: mashed potatoes and sweet tea.

The newspaper’s source appears to be someone with ties to the KFCs. “We have never, ever run off anyone, and we have seen some really sick people come to the restaurant from the hospital,” the source told the newspaper. “We’ve had people come in who were shot in the face. We’ve had them with tubes and wire sticking out. We never have asked anyone to leave.”

US sends surveillance planes to find girls, Nigeria weighs prisoner swap

US sends surveillance planes to find girls,  Nigeria weighs prisoner swap

Nigeria’s government said Monday it was weighing all options to secure the freedom of nearly 300 kidnapped schoolgirls, as their captors demanded the release of jailed militants and the U.S. deployed surveillance planes in hopes of finding the girls.

A Nigerian government statement said it would “continue to explore all options for the release and safe return of our girls back to their homes” after the release of a video by the Boko Haram terrorist network showing what it claimed were some of the schoolgirls kidnapped a month ago.

Nigerian girlsThe video showed about 100 girls, indicating they may have been broken up into smaller groups as some reports have indicated. Fifty-three girls managed to escape and 276 remain missing, according to Nigerian authorities.

Meanwhile, a senior U.S. official told Fox News the Pentagon has deployed military aircraft over Nigeria for manned intelligence and surveillance missions.

The U.S. has sent some 30 people drawn from the State and Defense departments. Among them are five State Department officials, two strategic communications experts, a civil security expert and a regional medical support officer. Four FBI officials with expertise in safe recovery, negotiations and preventing future kidnappings are also part of the group.

The Pentagon said 16 Defense Department personnel were on the team, including planners and advisers who were already in Nigeria and have been redirected to assist the government.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said at a press breifing Monday that the U.S. had experts in a variety of areas, including reconnaissance and surveillance, working on the case of the missing girls. However he said he did not have a “catalog” of the specific resources the experts were using.

The foreign help does not involve boots on the ground but rather experts in intelligence gathering, counter-terrorism and hostage negotiations.

French President Francois Hollande invited Jonathan and leaders from neighboring Benin, Chad, Cameroon and Niger, as well as representatives of Britain, the EU and the United States, to a summit on Saturday to focus on Boko Haram, terrorism and insecurity in West Africa.

A French official said Jonathan had agreed to attend. He spoke on condition of anonymity because details of the gathering have not been finalized.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Said Djinnit, his special representative for West Africa, is in Abuja for meetings with the president and other officials on how the United Nations and its member states can help.

The girls’ families have said most of those seized April 15 from a school in the northeastern town of Chibok are Christians.

It was impossible to fully authenticate the video released on Monday, though parents were trying to turn on a generator in Chibok, hoping to watch the video and identify their daughters, said a town leader, Pogu Bitrus.

“There’s an atmosphere of hope — hope that these girls are alive, whether they have been forced to convert to Islam or not,” he told The Associated Press by telephone. “We want to be able to say, ‘These are our girls.'”

Bitrus said vegetation in the video looked like the Sambisa Forest, some 20 miles from Chibok, where the girls were believed to have been spirited away.

It is not known how many suspected Boko Haram members are detained by security forces. Hundreds were killed last month when leader Abubakar Shekau’s fighters stormed the military’s main northeastern barracks in Maiduguri, the terror group’s birthplace and the headquarters of a year-old military state of emergency to put down the 5-year-old Islamic uprising.

Interior Minister Abba Moro scoffed at Boko Haram’s demand to release prisoners late Monday, telling the BBC the group was in no moral position to make the offer.

“As far as this government is concerned, the option of [the] swap of innocent citizens with people who have taken arms against the country… is not on the table,” he said.

But Mike Omri, the director of Nigeria’s National Orientation Agency, told The Associated Press late Monday that the government will “use whatever kind of action” it takes to free the girls.

In a video last week, Shekau threatened to sell the girls into slavery. It arrived amid unverified reports that Christians among the students had been forced to convert to Islam and that some were taken to neighboring Cameroon and Chad, where they were forced to marry their abductors. Boko Haram means “Western education is sinful.”

The latest video, obtained by The Associated Press, came through channels that have provided previous messages from Shekau, who spoke in the video in the Hausa language of northern Nigeria. Wearing camouflage fatigues, he clutched an assault rifle in the footage, which was imprinted with the Boko Haram insignia — a Quran resting on two crossed assault rifles — and below a black jihadi flag.

The United States put a $7 million ransom on Shekau last year.

The mass abductions and failure of Nigeria’s government and military to rescue the girls has aroused outrage at home and abroad. Last week, Nigeria belatedly accepted offers of help from the United States, Britain and other nations.