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Flights diverted at airport as drone sighted over runway

Flights diverted at airport as drone sighted over runway

Manchester airport suspended flights on one of its runways for 20 minutes after members of the public reported spotting a drone

An airport diverted flights and suspended one runway after a drone was sighted flying nearby.

Manchester airport halted operations on its Runway One to allow police to investigate the sighting, a spokesman said.

UAV UAS drone small

The runway was suspended for around 20 minutes and four inbound flights were diverted to nearby Liverpool and East Midlands airports.

The growth in civilian drone technology in recent years has led to concerns over how the new remotely-controlled aircraft may interfere with other aircraft.

A Manchester Airport spokesman said: “Due to a report of a potential drone sighting in airspace near to the airport, some flights have experienced short delays and a small number of flights have diverted to alternative airports whilst Greater Manchester Police carried out an investigation using their Police Helicopter. Upon inspection, nothing was found.

“As the safety and security of all of our passengers is paramount, operations on Runway One were suspended for 20 minutes. Runway Two, which was unaffected, will remain open for an hour so normal traffic flows can resume.”

John Mayhew, air traffic control company Nats’ general manager at Manchester Airport, said: “Flying drones in the close vicinity to any airport without permission is completely unacceptable, with the reported sighting causing delays to inbound and outbound traffic and the diversion of a small number aircraft to other airports.

“The matter has now been referred to the police.”

The UK board investigating aircraft near misses last December described how a device believed to be a small radio-controlled helicopter drone came within 20ft of an incoming Airbus A320 passenger plane at Heathrow airport.

The Airbus was 700ft from landing when the pilot reported seeing a small black object to the left of the aircraft, the report said.

‘Mutiny’ on plane: Police called twice as passengers are forced to wait on tarmac for five hours

‘Mutiny’ on plane: Police called twice as passengers are forced to wait on tarmac for five hours

Police were twice called to a stationary aircraft after reports of passengers clashing with staff over being stranded on tarmac for over five hours when their plane was diverted.

Pilots of the Qatar Airways flight landed at Birmingham Airport on Monday night after severe winds prevented the plane landing at Manchester, where it had been scheduled to arrive at 7PM.

Passengers were instructed to remain in their seats as they waited for the plane to be refuelled and for new flight crew to arrive at the airport.

Police were first called to the aircraft after some passengers reportedly began vocally expressing their agitation and officers were forced to return two hours later after reports that angry passengers were attempting to disembark the plane.

Footage taken at Manchester Airport shows passengers waiting for the return flight becoming increasingly frustrated with staff after the events in Birmingham resulted in a knock-on delay to the aircraft’s return to Qatari capital Doha.

One passenger who was in the plane when it was on the tarmac and asked not to be named, spoke to The Daily Mail: “We were told they were waiting for refuelling and then a new crew.

“Some passengers started kicking off so the police were called. An old lady next to me was shivering so we asked for blankets but there weren’t enough.

“When we got home I had to sleep for two days to recover.”

A spokeswoman for Qatar Airways apologised for the delay. She said that after the diversion the plane was unable to fly back to Manchester as operating crew had exceeded their legal flying hours by the time that the aircraft had been refuelled.

Catholic Nun Sticks It To The ISIS With Her Own Crusade

Catholic Nun Sticks It To The ISIS With Her Own Crusade

No Nonsense Nun Sticks It to the Islamic State

An upset Catholic nun in East London had enough of the Islamic State sympathizers in the area and ripped down a flag glorifying the genocidal fanatics who have been targeting non-Muslims for execution in the Middle East.

On Friday, reports surfaced of a black flag that represents the Islamic State had been placed at the entrance to a Tower Hamlets neighborhood next to pro-Palestinian flags and banners. Gangs of youth in the area were reportedly spouting off anti-sematic rhetoric and harassing passerbys looking to snap a picture of the sinister display.

The Tower Hamlets council had said they wouldn’t remove the flag from the neighborhood because they didn’t want to risk fueling tensions in the community, which apparently is known for controversy amongst its residents.

ISIS Flag Found Flying in London Neighborhood However, Friday evening a fiery nun decided enough was enough and ignored the dangers to remove the flag from the gates.

77-year-old Sister Christine Frost has lived in the area for 44 years while serving the depraved community. She’s a Roman Catholic and a member of the Faithful Companions of Jesus, and she is well known throughout the community as a compassionate and helpful soul.

She’s apparently no stranger to making the news either, as it’s reported that in 2010 she made national headlines for when she blasted the town’s council over a health and safety panic where tenants were ordered to remove their doormats and cut their washing lines. The town even confiscated children’s bicycles during the scare, which prompted her to lead a public protest against “Big Brother gone mad.”

According to reports, Sister Christine has been a massive help to her community, and it appears as if her bravery in tearing down the flag of jihadists was just her latest service to her fellow residents.