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Ukrainian Combat Jet Returned Without Missiles After MH17 Crash

Ukrainian Combat Jet Returned Without Missiles After MH17 Crash

A Ukrainian jet took off carrying air-to-air missiles and returned without them on the day MH17 crashed

Ukrainian Combat Jet Returned Without Missiles After MH17 Crash: Reports

A Ukrainian air force Su-25 combat jet took off from an airbase in eastern Dnipropetrovsk carrying air-to-air missiles and returned without them on the day a Malaysia Airlines plane crashed in eastern Ukraine in July, Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported, citing an airbase employee.

The employee, who claims to be an eyewitness, said on July 17 that three Ukrainian combat jets took off, and that one of them, an Su-25, was carrying air-to-air missiles.

“After a while only one jet [of the three] returned, which had had those missiles… It returned without the missiles. The pilot was very frightened,” the man said. The employee stressed that only the returned Su-25 had been equipped with air-to-air missiles, and said he was sure it was not air-to-ground missiles.
The airbase worker said he remembered the pilot saying “the wrong plane” and “the plane was in the wrong place at the wrong time” after he returned from the flight.

The newspaper interviewee did not exclude the possibility that an Su-25 pilot could confuse a Boeing passenger airliner with a military jet.

“This could be. There was quite a long distance, he could have failed to see what exactly that plane was,” the man said.

The missiles carried by the Su-25 (NATO reporting name Frogfoot) are capable of targeting an object at a 3-5-kilometer (1-3 mile) distance, and to an altitude of 7,000 meters (23,000 feet), the source stressed.

“With jet’s raised nose, it is not a problem to fix a target and launch a missile. The flying range of this missile is over 10 kilometers,” according to the man.

He further said that the missile is capable of hitting a plane fuselage, whether directly or from a distance of 500 meters.

The density of the objects which hit the MH17 was very high, and these findings did not exclude the downing of the plane by a missile.

“There is such a missile. It explodes and its shrapnel punctures [the plane]. And after that, the missile warhead strikes it,” the man said.

The MH17 passenger Boeing of Malaysian Airlines crashed on July 17 in the Donetsk region, as it was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. All 298 people on board died.

The incident is being investigated by an international group headed by the Dutch Safety Board (DSB), its final report is expected to be released in 2015. According to the preliminary information of the DSB, the Boeing was hit by “a large number of high-energy objects” penetrating the aircraft from outside, but the source of the objects was not found.

Kiev has accused independence supporters in Ukraine’s southeast of shooting the plane down, but provided no evidence confirming the claim. The independence supporters say they do not have weapons which could down a plane flying at such a high altitude.

Russia spy plane nearly collided with passenger jet

Russia spy plane nearly collided with passenger jet

Russian strategic long range bombers fly over the Kremlin on Red Square in Moscow on May 7, 2009 during a dress rehearsal for the May 9 Victory Day parade celebrating the end of WII.

LONDON — A London-based think tank said Monday Russian forces have been involved in dozens of close encounters with Western militaries since Moscow annexed Crimea – and that both sides risk losing control over events.

A study by the European Leadership Network offered details on 40 incidents and said that they add up to a disturbing pattern over a wide geographic area.

It singled out three incidents in the last eight months as being particularly high risk: a near-collision between a SAS civilian airliner and a Russian surveillance plane; the abduction of an Estonian intelligence officer and a Swedish submarine hunt.

In the first incident, the collision was apparently avoided “thanks only to good visibility and the alertness of the passenger plane pilots,” the report said, noting that the SAS jetliner had 132 passengers on board at the time.

The report also detailed Russian aircraft encounters with the U.S. military, including an incident on April 12, in which an unarmed Russian fighter aircraftrepeatedly buzzed the USS Cook in the Black Sea.

In June, two F-22 fighter jets were scrambled after a pair of Russian bombers were spotted 50 miles off the coast of California.

Tensions have been high since Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine in March. NATO in October said its pilots have conducted over 100 intercepts of Russian aircraft this year, about three times more than in 2013.

“Even though direct military confrontation has been avoided so far, the mix of more aggressive Russian posturing and the readiness of Western forces to show resolve increases the risk of unintended escalation and the danger of losing control over events,” the report concluded.

US Fighter Pilots Warn of Chinese Stealth Fighter Capabilities

US Fighter Pilots Warn of Chinese Stealth Fighter Capabilities

Spying identified as key to development

BY: , Washington Free Beacon

Chinese stealth fighter: An exact replica of the US F-22 stealth fighter

Several former and current U.S. fighter pilots are warning that the Shenyang J-31, a new Chinese stealth fighter, may eventually be able to match the capabilities of the F-22 and F-35. Spying was identified as a key reason why.

“They’re still in the glossy brochure phase of development, so they still look 10 feet tall and bulletproof,” a senior U.S. fighter pilottold USNI News. “I think they’ll eventually be on par with our fifth-gen jets—as they should be, because industrial espionage is alive and well.”

“They sure look like F-35 and F-22s, don’t they?” an Air Force operational test pilot told the paper.

A former pilot with “extensive experience with foreign hardware” said the sheer number of fighters China may be able to field is more concerning than the planes themselves.

“I worry about numbers more than particular platforms,” he said. “I imagine their jets and their weapons are pretty good. Don’t know about the pilots or their capacity to employ.”

He was cautious about heaping too much praise on the fighter. “Just remember that airshows are exactly that—airshows,” he said.

Guy Parks Plane Outside Pub, Goes in for a Beer

Guy Parks Plane Outside Pub, Goes in for a Beer

Thirsty Aussie Drives Wingless Plane Through Town

wingless beachcraft two-seater plane airplane

(NEWSER) – Buying a plane must be thirsty work: Police in Newman, Western Australia, say a man who had just purchased a two-seater Beechcraft decided to drive it home and stop for a beer at a pub on the main street on the way.

A resident says he was astounded to see the plane, which had no wings or steering wheel, parked outside the Purple Pub. Even more special was “seeing one of the local coppers poking his head in the door of the plane looking like he was asking for a license,” he tells ABC Radio. “Even though no one was in the plane at the time, I was like, what the hell?”

After some initial puzzlement over what, if anything, the driver should be charged with, police settled on a charge of “endangering life, health, or safety,” reports WAToday.

A police spokesman says the incident is being taken very seriously because there were children walking home from school at the time that the man—who doesn’t have a pilot’s license—was taxiing through the town, using the plane’s foot pedals to steer. He passed a breath test at the scene, but police decided to impound the plane.

Lawsuit filed in Malaysia over missing MH370

Lawsuit filed in Malaysia over missing MH370

Malaysia Airlines Flt 370
Despite extensive searches no wreckage of any kind of MH370 has been found.

Two Malaysian children whose father was on the Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared have filed a lawsuit against the airline and the government.

It is believed to be the first legal case filed in Malaysia since the incident on 8 March.

The lawsuit accuses the civil aviation department of negligence for failing to contact the plane within a reasonable amount of time after it disappeared.

Flight MH370, from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, had 239 people on board.

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Lawyers representing the two underage sons of passenger Jee Jing Hang filed the suit with the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

They are suing the national carrier for breach of contract, saying it failed to take all measures to ensure a safe flight. They are also suing civil aviation authorities, the immigration department and the air force for negligence.

“We have waited for eight months. After speaking to various experts, we believe we have sufficient evidence for a strong case,” said their lawyer Arunan Selveraj.

“A big plane missing in this age of technology is really unacceptable,” he said.

The legal team said they would seek damages but did not give a figure.

In March a civil action case was brought in the US by a law firm on behalf of relatives. But a judge dismissed it, calling it an improper filing.

The Malaysian government believes MH370 ended its journey in the southern Indian Ocean, in seas far off the Australian city of Perth.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Projected Path

But there is no explanation yet for what happened to the plane or caused it to stray so far off course.

Despite extensive searches coordinated by Australian authorities, no wreckage of any kind has been found yet.

Some legal experts say this could hamper any lawsuits filed, as it leaves much to speculation.

Search efforts are ongoing.

CEO of French oil giant killed in plane crash in Russia

CEO of French oil giant killed in plane crash in Russia

by cbsnews.com

Total energy CEO killed plane crash Russia French France
French energy giant Total CEO, Christophe de Margerie poses prior to a press conference, in Paris, Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013. AP / JACQUES BRINON

MOSCOW – The CEO of French oil giant Total SA was killed when his corporate jet collided with a snow removal machine Monday night at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport, the company said.

Total “confirms with deep regret and sadness” that Chairman and CEO Christophe de Margerie died in a private plane crash at the Moscow airport, the company said in a press release dated Tuesday and posted on its website.

Airport officials told Russia’s Tass news agency that the collision occurred at 11:57 p.m. Monday, killing de Margerie and three crew members, all of them French citizens.

“The thoughts of the management and employees of the Group go out to Christophe de Margerie’s wife, children and loved ones as well as to the families of the three other victims,” the company news release said.

A representative of the transport investigative department told Tass that the French-made Dassault Falcon 50 business jet, headed for France, collided with the snow removal machine during takeoff. Airport officials said the driver of the snow removal machine was not hurt.

The Reuters news agency reports that Russia’s Investigative Committee says the plow’s driver was drunk.

Visibility at the time of the crash was 1,150 feet, airport officials told Tass.

De Margerie, 63, known as “Mr. Moustache” for his bushy facial hair, rose through the ranks at Total to become CEO in 2007, and added the post of chairman in 2010.

De Margerie joined Total after graduating from the Ecole Superieure de Commerce in 1974, according to the company’s website. He served in several positions in the Finance Department and Exploration & Production division before becoming president of Total Middle East in 1995. He became a member of Total’s policy-making Executive Committee in 1999.

Paris-based Total is the fifth-largest publicly-traded integrated international oil and gas company in the world, with exploration and production operations in more than 50 countries, according to a profile on the company’s website.

ISIS Now Capable of Shooting Down Airplanes At Baghdad Airport

ISIS Now Capable of Shooting Down Airplanes At Baghdad Airport

Patriot missile launch air
Patriot missile launch


The U.S. embassy in Baghdad may soon fall prey to ISIS.

The embassy – the largest and most expensive diplomatic complex in the world, nearly as large as Vatican City – has maintained a corridor to Baghdad International Airport. In June Obama ordered the deployment of an additional 200 troops to reinforce security at the embassy and airport.

“The presence of these additional forces will help enable the Embassy to continue its critical diplomatic mission and work with Iraq on challenges they are facing as they confront (ISIS),” Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby said at the time.

Security at the embassy and airport now face a serious threat from ISIS as it advances within striking distance of Baghdad. Earlier this month the U.S. and Gulf Emirate created terror army advanced as far as the Baghdad suburb of Abu Ghraib, a mere eight miles from the airport. “Daash [ISIS] is openly operating inside Abu Ghraib,” an Iraqi soldier told McClatchy on October 3.


Jason Ditz noted on Friday:

ISIS now not only has the anti-aircraft weapons the Saudis provided to various Syrian rebel factions, but also everything they looted in the takeover of Mosul. That means, just a stone’s throw from the airport, they have shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles capable of downing the airliners.

Despite the threat to travel in and out of the airport, the United States is confident it can defend Baghdad.

“It’s not plausible at this point to envision ISIL taking control of Baghdad, but they can make Baghdad so miserable that it would threaten the legitimacy of the central government,” Richard Brennan, an Iraq expert with RAND Corporation and former Department of Defense policymaker told The Associated Press on Saturday.

ISIS domination in Anbar province and its capture of dozen of cities and towns – most recently Hit and neighboring Kubaisa which sent Iraqi troops scrambling in retreat as they abandoned a military base and its stockpile of weapons – put into question the ability of the Iraqi army to defend the capital city.

The situation developing in Iraq is reminiscent of the Fall of Saigon in 1975 as portrayed in an iconic photograph by Hubert van Es (see above). The rapid evacuation of U.S. personnel and a mass exodus of refugees signaled a communist victory and the establishment of nominal authority of the Viet Cong over South Vietnam.

“Our humiliation in Iraq, unless things change drastically, will be even deeper, because our president now is feckless,” writes Thomas Lifson. “One big difference: The Vietnamese Communist Party had no interest in exporting its fight with us to our homeland.”

FAA Facility in Chicago Set On Fire, Air Traffic There Grounded

FAA Facility in Chicago Set On Fire, Air Traffic There Grounded

Suspect attempted suicide inside FAA, arrested

airplane airliner airport plane commerical

Authorities charged an Illinois man late Friday with setting a fire at a control facility outside of Chicago that caused chaos within the facility and throughout the nation with thousands of flight cancellations.

Federal prosecutors charged Brian Howard, 36, in connection with an early morning fire at the Federal Aviation Administration Air Route Traffic Control Center in Aurora, Ill.

The fire severely damaged the facility, which helps to direct regional air traffic throughout the Midwest, causing an evacuation and quickly grounding flights and stranding passengers. As many as 2,000 flights were cancelled through the day. United, American Airlines, Delta and Southwest scrapped a combined 1,000 flights alone, CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues reported.

Passengers wait in line to check in for flights at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, Sept. 26, 2014.
Passengers wait in line to check in for flights at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, Sept. 26, 2014.

According to the criminal complaint, Howard, an FAA contract employee at the airport, entered the control center just after 5:00 a.m., dragging a roller board suitcase with him. About 30 minutes later, a relative saw a Facebook message that indicated he intended to commit suicide and forwarded the message to the Naperville police. A few minutes later a worker at the control center called 911 to report a fire.

Paramedics who arrived on the scene found Howard attempting to kill himself with a knife as well as materials he allegedly used to start the fire. He was removed from the scene and taken to a nearby hospital in Aurora.

Howard remains hospitalized and no court date has been set for an appearance, according to the FBI. If convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Man Tries to Open Plane Doors Mid-Flight After Joining the Solo ‘Mile High Club’

Man Tries to Open Plane Doors Mid-Flight After Joining the Solo ‘Mile High Club’


Passengers aboard a Virgin America flight were inconvenienced recently after the plane was forced to divert on account of a man having a mental breakdown. Amidst the chaos, the man was said to have vigorously pleasured himself before making his way to the door and trying to open it mid-flight.

The incident took place on the flight that was intended to have traveled from Boston to Los Angles where the interruption forced them to land in Omaha, Nebraska. As NBC Bay Areareports, “Twenty-six-year-old Doug Adams, of Woodside, was ‘masturbating in flight and later tried to open an exit door,’ according to the Omaha Police Department report.”

A LA film producer, Sam Slater, happened to be on the flight at the time where he whipped out his cell phone and recorded the incident. Giving a little back story to the video, he explains that Adams sat behind him on the plane and was also wearing a hospital bracelet.

Watch the clip below of the KTLA coverage which includes the footage captured by Sam Slater:

After sharing that Adam began arguing with the woman seated next to him and became so agitated that he demanded the flight attendant physically make her move, Slater describes:

“He at that point was fidgeting and began to remove the plastic covering from the emergency exit door and tried to pull to open the door/ Fortunately there were a couple of Boston police officers on the flight that were there at that point to help as well.”

After landing the plane, Adams was taken away by law enforcement personnel where he was driven to a nearby hospital where they were set to conduct a mental evaluation. “Adams was on drugs and experiencing an episode when he got up from his seat and tried to open an exit door,” according to the Mail Online.