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Conspiracy? Shot Down MH-17 Passenger Was Wearing Oxygen Mask

Conspiracy?  Shot Down MH-17 Passenger Was Wearing Oxygen Mask

Some on board might have been aware of their impending deaths
MH-17 Report False Flag Exposed After Revelation Passenger Was Wearing Oxygen Mask

Ukraine plane crash

When exactly a month ago the supposedly objective, impartial Netherlands released its official, 34-page preliminary report of the MH-17 crash over Ukraine, presumably based on black box data, air traffic control records, and other “authentic, verified” information, there were precisely zero mentions of “oxygen“, “mask” or “oxygen mask.”

Which is odd, because in what should become the biggest Freudian slip scandal in false-flag history, certainly since the Gulf of Tonkin, yesterday Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans accidentally revealed for the very first time ever, that one of the Australian passengers aboard the doomed airplane“appears to have donned an oxygen mask before the fatal crash, suggesting some on board might have been aware of their impending deaths, a Dutch official disclosed.” Clearly a crucial aspect of the crash, as it points at the severity of the alleged explosion, yet one which was not noted until yesterday and which completely skipped the purvey of the official crash report for reasons unknown.

Needless to say, this makes a complete mockery of the story that the plane had exploded upon impact with the “Russian” missile, and is why there was supposedly no trace of any impact on the flight’s black box recorder.

Whether or not it also means that the alternative theory that a Ukraine jet had purposefully downed the Malaysian aircraft to serve as a pretext to implicate Russia, is unclear. But it also means that yet another conspiracy theory becomes fact: namely that whoever were the western powers who doctored and manipulated the “official” crash report of MH-17 to implicate Putin, not only lied but fabricated evidence.

Immediately upon realization just how serious the implications of this slip are, the damage control started, but it was too late. From the LA Times:

Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans apologized on Thursday for making the revelation on a television talk show the previous night, before the families of the 298 victims of the disaster had been notified of the disturbing discovery.

Timmermans gave an emotional speech at the United Nations four days after the crash in which he imagined the terrified passengers exchanging glances “one final time, in an unarticulated goodbye.”

When talk show host Jeroen Pauw interviewed Timmermans on Wednesday night, he provoked the minister with accusations that he had dramatized the victims’ last moments as a preliminary investigation report suggests that the Boeing 777′s destruction was so swift that those on board were unlikely to have known anything was amiss.

Malaysia Airlines downed Ukraine Russia

“They did not see the rocket coming, but you know someone was found with an oxygen mask on his mouth?” Timmermans replied, according to the NL Times translation of his comments. “He thus had the time to do that. We cannot rule it out.”

Well, actually we did not know because the official report that your country released Mr. Timmermans, and which we posted a month ago said that “high-energy objects from outside the aircraft” struck the airplane as it flew at an altitude of 33,000 feet, suggesting it had been struck by a missile.

Nothing on the flight data or cockpit voice recorders indicated the crew or passengers took any action in response to the fatal impact.

Which means the entire report is a fabrication.

So what did happen?

The mask found around the neck of the unnamed passenger, one of 88 Australian citizens and residents on board, was tested for fingerprints, saliva and DNA but produced no forensic evidence, De Bruin said. “So it is not known how or when that mask got around the neck of the victim,” he said.

The discovery of the mask and the implications it raised about the passengers’ final moments were conveyed to the Australian’s family before Timmermans’ interview on Wednesday night, the prosecutor’s office said. But information was sent out to other family members of the MH-17 victims only on Thursday morning.
Timmermans issued a statement Thursday saying he regretted making the comment. We are confident that everyone else in the false-flag waving Western camp very much regretted Timmermans’ comment as well.

MH17: “The aircraft split into pieces during flight”

MH17: “The aircraft split into pieces during flight”

MH17 Malaysia Airlines flight shot down by Russia
A pro-Russian rebel fighter stands next to a large piece of wreckage from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, not long after the Boeing 777 broke apart in the air and rained down on eastern Ukraine. CBS

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — The Dutch team investigating the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Eastern Ukraine says the crash was likely caused by the plane being hit by multiple “high-energy objects from outside the aircraft.”

“The pattern of wreckage on the ground suggests that the aircraft split into pieces during flight (an in-flight break up),” concluded the investigators.

The preliminary report published Tuesday by the Dutch Safety Board stopped short of saying the Boeing 777 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile, but its findings appear to point to that conclusion.

Ukraine plane crash

While it was the first official confirmation from investigators about the nature of the suspected mid-air impact suffered by the jet, CBS News’ Mark Phillips first reported weeks ago that the fuselage showed clear markings indicating penetration from outside the plane by innumerable small objects — strongly bolstering the notion of an attack with a sophisticated surface-to-air missile (SAM).

The Boeing 777 was blown out of the sky July 17 over rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers and crew on board.

The United States government has concluded unofficially that a SAM — probably a Russian-made “BUK,” or SA11 missile — brought the jet down, likely fired by pro-Russian rebels fighting government forces in eastern Ukraine.

U.S. intelligence agencies believe the pro-Russian separatists might have downed Flight 17 believing it was a Ukrainian military aircraft.

US General Warns Military To Go To Defcon 1!

US General Warns Military To Go To Defcon 1!

Under normal, safe conditions, the US military alert status is Defense Condition 5 (DEFCON) which is our lowest alert.  DEFCON 1 means we are at war or war is imminent. Defcon 5 is the lowest or normal state of readiness. Defcon 5 (Five) means we are at a complete and total state of peace and have no immediate need to be on alert.

We are currently at DEFCON 5, the lowest threat level.

Really?  How can we be at level 5 when there are so many threats against us including possible nuclear or radioactive attacks (see story ISIS Smuggling Nuclear Material Into US).

General Tom Mcinerney
General Tom Mcinerney

Lt General Tom McInerney (retired) recently stated on FoxNews that he believes the US should be a DEFCON 1, our highest level of readiness meaning war is imminent.  With all the threats we are currently facing from ISIS and the approach of 9/11, it seems like a prudent move.

McInerney’s long career in the military also gives him access to information that has lead him to believe we will see commercial airplanes used as missiles again, just like we did on 9/11/2001.

11 commercial airliners went missing a few weeks ago in Libya after Muslim terrorist took over the Tripoli airport (see story).  McInerney also believes from the intel he is getting, that the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that went missing earlier this year is in Pakistan and will re-surface on 9/11 with a possible nuke onboard.  Pakistan does have nuclear bombs.

Malaysia Airlines to cut 6,000 jobs

Malaysia Airlines to cut 6,000 jobs in wake of MH370 and MH17 disasters

Announced job losses are part of major restructuring of airline following the disappearance and shooting down of aircraft

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines crew in Kuala Lumpur, where the firm announced job losses ahead of a major restructuring of the company. Photograph: Ahmad Yusni/EPA

Malaysia Airlines is to cut 6,000 jobs, around a third of the workforce, as it struggles to overcome the twin disasters that have hit it this year.

The announcement comes after the disappearance of flight MH370 over the southern Indian Ocean in March and the shooting down of flight MH17 over Ukraine last month.

See: What Really Happened to Flight MH370 that disappeared?

The MH370 incident, on 8 March, involved a Boeing 777 plane en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people aboard. Despite intensive searches, no trace of the aircraft has been found and a fresh hunt has now been instigated.

See Complete Account of Flight MH370’s Disappearance

The Ukraine incident on 17 July also involved a Boeing 777. The flight, with 298 people on board including 10 Britons, was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

It is believed the aircraft was brought down by a missile fired by pro-Russian separatists. Black-box flight recorders have been recovered from the scene and an interim report on the crash is expected soon from the Dutch Safety Board which is in overall charge of the investigation.

The job losses, announced in Kuala Lumpur, are part of a major restructuring of the airline which will see a new chief executive in place next year, as well as the carrier being completely taken over by the Malaysian government.

There will also be a restructuring of routes flown, although the twice-daily service between Heathrow airport in west London and Kuala Lumpur, on which the world’s largest passenger plane the Airbus A380 superjumbo operates, is set to continue.

A London-based Malaysia Airlines spokesman said: “The London-Kuala Lumpur route is highly successful and will carry on.

“Today’s announcement is all about rebuilding the airline after these two awful incidents. The airline is being reshaped and the aim is to return it to profitability.”

Ukraine mounts onslaught to secure Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash site

Ukraine mounts onslaught to secure Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash site

Ukraine Russia armored vehicles
A residents of the eastern Ukrainian city of Lysychansk drags her trolley as she crosses the street past Armoured Personnel Carriers of the Ukrainian Army on July 27, 2014.  GENYA SAVILOV/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

DONETSK, Ukraine – Ukrainian armed forces mounted a major onslaught against pro-Russian separatist fighters Sunday in an attempt to gain control over the area where Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was downed earlier this month.

Just as the onslaught was launched, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” said his government is eager for a bilateral cease-fire.

“We are for (a) peaceful settlement,” Klimkin said. “But we can’t negotiate directly with terrorists who shot down the plane, who have been killing people, taking hostages…The main leaders of the terrorists are Russian citizens with different connections with Russian special services.”

Reports of the intensifying unrest prompted a postponement of a trip to the site by a team of Dutch and Australian police officers who had planned to started searching for evidence and the remaining bodies.

In the Netherlands, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said his government has rejected the idea of deploying armed troops to secure the crash site because there is no way they could achieve “military superiority” in a region where heavily armed pro-Russian rebels are battling Ukrainian government forces.

“The option we looked at was a military option in which you could secure the area so you can work in a stable environment,” Rutte said. But “that the option would be such a provocation to the separatists that it could destabilize the situation.”

The U.S. State Department released satellite images that it says back up its claims that rockets have been fired from Russia into eastern Ukraineand heavy artillery for separatists has also crossed the border.

A four-page document released by the State Department seems to show blast marks from where rockets were launched and craters where they landed. Officials said the images, sourced from the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, show heavy weapons fired between July 21 and July 26 – after the July 17 downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

Ukraine plane crash

Ukraine’s National Security Council said Sunday that government troops have encircled Horlivka, a key rebel stronghold, and that there had been fighting in other cities in the east. Horlivka lies around 20 miles north of the main rebel-held city of Donetsk.

The armed forces “have increased assaults on territory held by pro-Russian mercenaries, destroyed checkpoints and positions and moved very close to Horlivka,” the council said in a statement.

A representative of the separatist military command in Donetsk confirmed that there had been fighting in Horlivka, but said that rebel fighters were holding their positions.

Elsewhere, Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported Sunday that a column of Ukrainian armored personnel carriers, trucks and tanks had entered the town of Shakhtarsk, 10 miles west of the site of the Boeing 777 crash.

Shakhtarsk is a strategic town in the area. By controlling the town, the Ukrainian army would cut off vital rebel supply lines.

Local media reported fighting also taking place in the towns of Snizhne and Torez, the two nearest mid-sized towns to the crash site.

The government accused rebel forces of firing rockets Sunday on residential apartment blocks in Horlivka in what they said was an attempt to discredit the army and whip up anti-government sentiment. The separatist self-declared “Donetsk People’s Republic” has accused the army of being responsible for that and other rocket attacks in nearby cities.

The Donetsk regional government – which is loyal to Kiev and based elsewhere since rebels took over the area – said Sunday in a statement that at least 13 people, including two children aged 1 and 5, were killed in fighting in Horlivka. It said another five people were killed as a result of clashes in a suburb north of Donetsk.

New York-based Human Rights Watch last week condemned what it said was the Ukrainian government forces’ practice of using unguided rockets in populated urban areas. It said that use of the rockets was a violation of international humanitarian law that “may amount to war crimes.”

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was shot down with a surface-to-air missile over a part of eastern Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian separatists on July 17, killing all 298 people on board. U.S. and Ukrainian officials say it was shot down by a missile from rebel territory, most likely by mistake.

Unreleased data from a black box retrieved from the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 inUkraine show findings consistent with the plane’s fuselage being hit multiple times by shrapnel from a missile explosion.

“It did what it was designed to do, bring down airplanes,” a European air safety official told CBS News.

The official described the finding as “massive explosive decompression.”

If the full teams of aviation crash experts and security personnel ever do arrive at the crash site in Grabovo, it will be a relief to the handful who are already there.

The dedicated but small group of Dutch, Australian and Malaysian investigators has been on the crash site for the past few days and has learned that there’s a lot more work to be done to find hard evidence of the cause of the crash.

They are also still making more grisly discoveries.


Malaysia Airlines MH17 bodies image shot down
MH17 bodies being removed

“Personal belongings, passports, ID cards, credit cards, things like that,” Michael Borkiurkiw of the OSCE said, “and the Dutch have just documented some very small human remains over there in that field as well.”

Around a hundred passengers are still unaccounted for.

Ten days after the disaster, a full-fledged investigation still has not begun at the crash site, with some bodies still unrecovered and the site forensically compromised. Concerns about the integrity of the site were raised further when a couple that had flown from their home in Perth, Australia, visited the site Saturday outside the village of Hrabove and even sat on part of the plane’s wreckage.

It remained unclear when the forensic experts from the Netherlands and Australia would be able to begin their work at the site.

Alexander Hug, the deputy head of a monitoring team from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, said it was too dangerous for the unarmed officers to travel there from their current location in Donetsk.

“We reassess the situation continuously and we will start to redeploy tomorrow morning back to the site if the situation changes,” Hug said.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott had said earlier Sunday that unarmed Australian police would be part of the Dutch-led police force to secure the area and help recover victims’ remains.

Abbott said that by using unarmed police, Ukraine’s parliament won’t need to ratify the deployment as it would if the security force were to be armed.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said in a statement that his country would send dozens of police and that his country had received assurances from pro-Russia separatists that they would provide protection for investigators.

Flights from Ukraine to the Netherlands havetaken 227 coffins containing victims of the plane disaster. Officials say the exact number of people held in the coffins still needs to be determined by forensic experts in the Netherlands.

The Malaysia Airlines disaster prompted some expectations in the West that Russia would scale back its involvement in the uprising in Ukraine’s east, but the opposite seems to be the case.

In addition to producing evidence that rockets have been fired into Ukraine from Russia, the U.S. has said it has seen powerful rocket systems moving closer to the border.

Parents of children killed on flight MH17 release heartbreaking statement

Parents of children killed on flight MH17 release heartbreaking statement


After losing their children in the MH17 tragedy, these grieving parents choose love over hate

Anthony Maslin and Marite Norris of Australia lost everything when their three children were killed in the MH17 tragedy. Today they released a statement demonstrating unbelievable grace despite what they’ve lost. We can all learn something from these grieving parents.

An unspeakable loss

Children Mo, 12, Evie, 10 and Otis, 8, perished along with their grandfather, Nick, when flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine. Their parents are left in what they describe as a living hell. When I began following the tragedy the day it unfolded, my mind turned immediately to thoughts of revenge. Those responsible should be killed — they should pay for what they did. So many lives were lost from what appears to be a disgusting act of terrorism.

But today, Perth couple Anthony Maslin and Marite Norris remind us that the actions taken against passenger flight MH17 were born of hate. Can we afford to cultivate more hatred?

A statement of love

“We live in a hell beyond hell. Our babies are not here with us — we need to live with this act of horror, every day and every moment for the rest of our lives,” the parents’ statement reads.

“No one deserves what we are going through. Not even the people who shot our whole family out of the sky.”

The parents go on to affirm their love for their family in these beautiful words:

Maslin family |

“No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for our children, for Mo, for Evie, for Otis. No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for Grandad Nick. No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for each other. This is a revelation that gives us some comfort. We would ask everyone to remember this when you are making any decisions that affect us and the other victims of this horror.”

The Maslin family has requested privacy as they process their grief. I hope that in the memory of this beautiful family those of us who were touched by the parents’ grace can find ways — every day — to choose love over hatred.

US: No Link to Russians Shooting Down Airliner

US: No Link to Russians Shooting Down Airliner


Pro-Russian rebels, followed by members of the OSCE mission, walk by plane wreckage as they arrive for a media briefing at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine, on July 22. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)
Pro-Russian rebels, followed by members of the OSCE mission, walk by plane wreckage as they arrive for a media briefing at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine,

WASHINGTON — Senior U.S. intelligence officials said Tuesday that Russia was responsible for “creating the conditions” that led to the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, but they offered no evidence of direct Russian government involvement.

The intelligence officials were cautious in their assessment, noting that while the Russians have been arming separatists in eastern Ukraine, the U.S. had no direct evidence that the missile used to shoot down the passenger jet came from Russia.

Surface Air Missile

The officials briefed reporters Tuesday under ground rules that their names not be used in discussing intelligence related to last week’s air disaster, which killed 298 people. The plane was likely shot down by an SA-11 surface-to-air missile fired by Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, the intelligence officials said, citing intercepts, satellite photos and social media postings by separatists, some of which have been authenticated by U.S. experts.

But the officials said they did not know who fired the missile or whether any Russian operatives were present at the missile launch. They were not certain that the missile crew was trained in Russia, although they described a stepped-up campaign in recent weeks by Russia to arm and train the rebels, which they say has continued even after the downing of the commercial jetliner.

Malaysia Airlines downed Ukraine Russia

In terms of who fired the missile, “we don’t know a name, we don’t know a rank and we’re not even 100 percent sure of a nationality,” one official said, adding at another point, “There is not going to be a Perry Mason moment here,” a reference to a fictional detective who solved mysteries.

White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes said the U.S. was still working to determine whether the missile launch had a “direct link” to Russia, including whether there were Russians on the ground during the attack and the degree to which Russians may have trained the separatists to launch such a strike.

“We do think President Putin and the Russian government bears responsibility for the support they provided to these separatists, the arms they provided to these separatists, the training they provided as well and the general unstable environment in eastern Ukraine,” Rhodes said in an interview with CNN.

He added that heavy weaponry continues to flow into Ukraine from Russia following the downing of the plane. The intelligence officials said the most likely explanation for the downing was that the rebels made a mistake.

Separatists previously had shot down 12 Ukrainian military airplanes, the officials said. The officials made clear they were relying in part on social media postings and videos made public in recent days by the Ukrainian government, even though they have not been able to authenticate all of it.

For example, they cited a video of a missile launcher said to have been crossing the Russian border after the launch, appearing to be missing a missile. But later, under questioning, the officials acknowledged they had not yet verified that the video was exactly what it purported to be. Despite the fuzziness of some details, however, the intelligence officials said the case that the separatists were responsible for shooting down the plane was solid.

Other scenarios — such as that the Ukrainian military shot down the plane — are implausible, they said. No Ukrainian surface-to-air missile system was in range. From satellites, sensors and other intelligence gathering, officials said, they know where the missile originated — in separatist-held territory — and what its flight path was.

But if they possess satellite or other imagery of the missile being fired, they did not release it Tuesday. A graphic they made public depicts their estimation of the missile’s flight path with a green line. The jet’s flight path was available from air traffic control data. In the weeks before the plane was shot down, Russia had stepped up its arming and training of the separatists after the Ukrainian government won a string of battlefield victories.

The working theory is that the SA-11 missile came from Russia, although the U.S. doesn’t have proof of that, the officials said. U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Powers said last week that “because of the technical complexity of the SA-11, it is unlikely that the separatists could effectively operate the system without assistance from knowledgeable personnel.

Thus, we cannot rule out technical assistance from Russian personnel in operating the systems,” she said. Asked about evidence, one of the senior U.S. intelligence officials said it was conceivable that Russian paramilitary troops are operating in eastern Ukraine, but that there was no direct link from them to the missile launch.

Asked why civilian airline companies were not warned about a possible threat, the officials said they did not know the rebels possessed SA-11 missiles until after the Malaysian airliner was shot down.

Rebels still tampering with Malaysia Airlines crash site despite UN resolution

Rebels still tampering with Malaysia Airlines crash site despite UN resolution

A refrigerated train carrying the bodies of many of the victims of the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 arrived in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv Tuesday, while an international monitoring group charged that pro-Russia rebels cotinued to tamper with the crash site in apparent defiance of a United Nations resolution that called for international investigators to have unfettered access to where the plane went down in eastern Ukraine last week.

The train carrying the bodies pulled into a station in Kharkiv, where the Ukrainian government has based its investigation into the crash that killed all 298 people on board, at approximately 11:40 a.m. local time (4:40 a.m. Eastern Time). The train had stopped overnight in the rebel-held city of Donetsk, but departed early Tuesday morning. The bodies are expected to be put into coffins and transported by plane to the Netherlands for identification and forensic investigation.

Oleksander Kharchenko, spokesman for the state committee on the crash, said “we will do our best” to send the bodies to the Netherlands by the end of the day Tuesday. Of the 298 who died in the crash, 193 were Dutch citizens.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) told Fox News that the rebels had used chainsaws to dismantle the nose cone and front sections of the Boeing 777 and had carted some pieces of the plane away.

The spokesman said that investigators who have seen the debris believe that the surface-to-air missile responsible for bringing the plane down impacted near the aircraft’s front section. That hypothesis would make a full examination of the parts reportedly tampered with by the rebels crucial for confirming what many Western leaders already believe: that Flight 17 was shot down by rebels using a SA-11 antiaircraft missile supplied by Moscow.

The claims made by international monitors of rebel tampering with the debris are not new. On Monday, OSCE monitors observed workers at the crash site “hacking into the fuselage with gas-powered equipment.” The spokesman added that there was no security perimeter around one of the bigger debris fields, and monitors saw that one of the largest pieces of the plane “had somewhat been split or moved apart.”

The report drew outrage from President Barack Obama, who asked of the rebels, “What exactly are they trying to hide?”

“This is an insult to those who have lost loved ones. This is the kind of behavior that has no place in the community of nations,” Obama added.

On Tuesday, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, whose country lost 37 citizens and residents in the disaster, decried what he called “evidence-tampering on an industrial scale” and claimed that his country, along with Malaysia and the Netherlands, should be responsible for providing security at the crash site as nations “wronged” by the tragedy. However, Abbott did not elaborate on whether he would be prepared to send troops or police to secure the site for independent investigators, saying the security arrangements were still under discussion among government leaders.

Earlier Tuesday, the rebels handed over both black boxes from Flight 17 to Malaysian investigators in Donetsk. A rebel leader, Alexander Borodai, said the orange-colored flight recorders were being handed over to Malaysian officials on the condition that they would be delivered to experts at the International Civil Aviation Organization.

“I can see that the black box is intact even though a little bit damaged, but in a good condition,” Col. Mohamad Sakri of the Malaysian National Security Council. He added that the number one priority was for the bodies of the victims to be delivered to Amsterdam.

International forensics experts had finally gained access to the crash site Monday — an emotional experience for the head of the Dutch National Forensic Investigations Team, Peter Van Vliet. Seeing the wreckage gave him goosebumps, he said.

The team stumbled across remains that had not yet been removed and inspected the perished passengers’ luggage.

Russia has angrily denied any suggestion that it or the rebels were at fault for the plane crash. On Monday, the country’s Defense Ministry suggested that the Ukraine military was responsible for bringing down the plane. Officials insisted Russia had not given the rebels any surface-to-air missiles — and said they have no evidence that any missiles were launched at all. They asked the U.S. to share any satellite images of the launch.

Ukraine’s Security Service Has Confiscated Air Traffic Control Recordings With Malaysian Jet

Ukraine’s Security Service Has Confiscated Air Traffic Control Recordings With Malaysian Jet

Malaysia Airlines downed Ukraine Russia

Earlier, when we commented in the abnormality in the flight path of flight MH-17 we said that “perhaps before coming to “certain” conclusion about the involvement of this rebel or that, the key questions one should ask before casting blame, is why did the pilot divert from his usual flight plan, why did he fly above restricted airspace, and just what, if any instructions, did Kiev air control give the pilot in the minutes before the tragic explosion?”

The simple answer would have come if Ukraine had merely released the Air Traffic Control recording from the tower and flight MH 17, something Malaysia did in the aftermath of the disappearance of flight MH 370, which at last check has still not been uncovered.

It now appears that answer will not be forthcoming because as the BBC reports Ukraine’s SBU security service has confiscated recordings of conversations between Ukrainian air traffic control officers and the crew of the doomed airliner, a source in Kiev has told Interfax news agency.”

Surface to Air Missile rocket attack

What happens to the recordings next is completely unknown. What is known is that any hope of getting an undoctored explanation why the plane flew as it did, or what the pilots may have seen or said in the moments before the explosion, is forever gone.

It also means that any hope of actually working with facts instead of emotional appeals, and getting to the bottom of the Malaysian airline tragedy, resides in what may be recorded by the black box, whose location right now is now exactly clear. From the Independent:

 “Ukraine’s emergency services have found two black boxes at the crash site of the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, the governor of eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region has been quoted as saying.

“Two black boxes were found by our emergency services. I have no information on where these boxes are at the moment,” Kostyantyn Batovsky told the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

Pro-Russian separatists in the region said on Thursday they had found one black box when the Malaysian airliner came down between Krasni Luch in Luhansk region and Shakhtarsk in the neighbouring region of Donetsk.

The Interfax-Ukraine news agency had claimed the first black box has been sent to Moscow for analysis, the BBC reported. The news agency now reports a second black box has been recovered at the crash site.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has been quoted as saying Russia does not plan to take the “black box” flight recorders from downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in territory held by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine,

However, separatist leader Aleksandr Borodai told the Associated Press: “No black boxes have been found … We hope that experts will track them down and create a picture of what has happened.”

A spokesman for the Emergencies Ministry in Kiev declined to comment on the report.

In other words, even more fact-free confusion and speculation which is just what a propaganda-based reporting system needs.

And so, just like in the case of flight MH-370, what actually happened with MH-17 may never be known.