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Riots Erupt After Unarmed White Guy Killed By Police in Alabama (Yeah Right)

Riots Erupt After Unarmed White Guy Killed By Police in Alabama (Yeah Right)


White People Rioting

An Alabama police officer fatally shot and killed an unarmed white man named Robert Earl Lawrence this past Tuesday, reports the Dothan Eagle. The shooting occurred outside the Dothan City Animal Shelter:

Police say Lawrence had gone to the animal shelter to turn over a stray animal, but became disorderly when told he could not leave an animal without showing identification. Police say Lawrence was a sovereign citizen, which is a group of people whose political ideology often leaves them at odds with the government.

Lawrence was told repeatedly to calm down, according to police, then was advised he was being placed under arrest. An altercation then occurred and Lawrence was shot in the abdomen.

Just so you know, a sovereign citizen is someone who declares himself or herself to be a nation. This therefore makes him or her not subject to the laws of whatever actual nation he or she resides in, or so the so-called sovereign citizen believes.

Robert Earl Lawrence

Let us backtrack a bit. Did you notice the part about how “he could not leave [the] animal shelter without showing identification”? That seems like an extraordinary unfair and dare I say fascist rule. Why must I show my identification when I, as a good Samaritan, take the time to drop a stray animal off at the pound?

Regardless, the law is the law, and Robert Earl Lawrence voluntarily opted to violate it. He also chose to not comply with police orders and to instead resist arrest.

Furthermore, Lawrence had a lengthy criminal history that included him pleading guilty earlier this year to making threatening statements to the State Department of Human Resources back in 2013:

According to court documents, Lawrence threatened during the call to behave in a manner similar to Jimmy Lee Dykes, who at the time was holding a child hostage in an underground bunker in southern Dale County.

Anyway. I brought up this story to just briefly point out that there have thus far been zero riots, zero lootings, zero protests and zero statements from the Reverend Al Sharpton. There’s only been pure, unadulterated silence . . .

Story Lead via [The Gateway Pundit]