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A Pair of Dwarf Planets Detected Beyond Pluto

A Pair of Dwarf Planets Detected Beyond Pluto


A new study points out there are at least two more planets orbiting our sun, far beyond Pluto’s orbit. The research is published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The presence of these least two planets, larger than Earth, has been found with the help of a new analysis of “extreme trans-Neptunian objects” or ETNOs. ETNOs are frozen planetary bodies that reside on the extreme edge of our solar system.

Carlos de la Fuente Marcos, scientist at the UCM and co-author of the study, said that the exact number of ETNOs is uncertain, due to limited data but calculations suggest that there are at least two planets, and probably more, within the confines of our solar system.

Theoretically, these objects should have an average distance to the sun of 150 astronomical units. These orbits should also have an inclination of 0 degrees, according to But the orbits of these ETNOs have semi-major axes ranging from 150-525 astronomical units and inclinations of about 20 degrees.
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These potential worlds would probably be bigger than Earth and would be located nearly 200 astronomical units from the sun. Our Earth is one astronomical unit from the sun.

These new results may provide evidence about Planet X, which is a rumored object, 250 astronomical units from the sun and 10 times larger than Earth. In recent decades, Planet X has largely been rejected by almost all astronomers.

Since the discovery of Neptune in the late 19th Century, some astronomers have suggested another planet could exist even further from the Sun. however, planet X was largely relegated to the realms of science fiction and conspiracy theories.

With the current instruments and technology available to scientists, it is nearly impossible to spot these objects.