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White Houses Says Obama Didn’t Really Admit To Breaking Law

White Houses Says Obama Didn’t Really Admit To Breaking Law

Says He Was ‘Speaking Colloquially’ When He Admitted To Violating Constitution

When President said he is “changing the law” on immigration, he did not mean literally changing the law

Being White House Press Secretary these days seems to involve doing a lot of back peddaling and trying to persuade the nation that the President meant something completely different to what he actually said.

Such is the case once again this week as Josh Earnest attempted to convince the media that when Obama admitted last week that he was violating the Constitution by acting on his own to “change the law” on immigration, he didn’t literally mean he was changing the law.

Faced with pro-immigration hecklers during a speech in Chicago, a frustrated Obama asked them to stop yelling at him because “I just took an action to change the law,” on immigration.

The comments came just days after Obama and his staff were insistent that the President is not changing the law and cannot do so without a bill being passed in Congress. Indeed, Obama has said repeatedly that he cannot change the law because he is “not an emperor”.

The White House Press Secretary was confronted on the exchange by CBS reporter Major Garrett, who asked “Did the president misspeak in a moment of passion to try to calm the crowd? Or do you fundamentally believe that he has taken action to change the law?”

Earnest explained that Obama was “speaking colloquially,” although he struggled to pronounce the phrase several times, perhaps in an attempt to bypass his own inbuilt bullshitometer.

“I think the impact of the law certainly has been changed – in terms of the way that it affects, you know, millions of people who are in this country,” Earnest said. “I think that’s what the president was alluding to.”