Ismaaiyl Brinsley Black Muslim cop police killer

Why Hasn’t Obama, Reid Labeled A Black Muslim Cop Killer A Domestic Terrorist?

Why Hasn’t Obama, Reid Labeled A Black Muslim Cop Killer A Domestic Terrorist?

Ismaaiyl Brinsley Black Muslim cop police killer

A deranged, racist black Muslim male killed two New York police officers in cold blood.  It took the main stream media, even Fox News, at least 24 hours before they began to refer to this killer as Black or Muslim.

Last month a white Missouri police officer was attacked, while in his car, by a black thug with a criminal background and the white officer is immediately labeled a ‘Racist’ by the media even though he was the one attacked.  This shooting then grows in to huge riot and looting that not only caused destruction to many businesses but also cost the lives of several innocent white people and injury to many others. (See stories below).


Cliven Bundy
Cliven Bundy

Meanwhile, back in April near Los Vegas, a white cattle rancher named Cliven Bundy was attacked at gun point by our US Federal Government over turtles.  Luckily for Bundy a very large group of armed citizens showed up to protect him from our Government. The Feds smartly tucked tail and ran being heavily out-gunned by the US citizens.  (see story)


Reid, Chinese forcing Bundy
Harry Reid

Democratic Senator Harry Reid from Nevada quickly labeled Bundy a ‘Domestic Terrorist’ (see video).   Bundy has always been a law abiding citizen working on his farm contributing to society.  But Reid called him a domestic terrorist even though he harmed no one!


Fort Hood Shooter Nov 2009

Nidal Hassen killed 13 people at the Ft Hood Army base in Texas. He was a devout Muslim who the FBI had connected to terrorist groups overseas.  His killing spree was labeled ‘Work Place Violence’ by our government even though this was a Muslim terrorist act and recently said Nidal said he wants to join ISIS.

Collen Hufford beheaded at work by Muslim Oklahoma woman
Collen Hufford beheaded at work by Muslim

Last month a white woman in Oklahoma City was beheaded at her desk at work by a Muslim black male but this too was labeled work place violence.

The pattern here is obvious:  If a black man or Muslim, and heaven forbid he’s a black Muslim, commits a violent criminal act such as burning a young white teen girl to death or hacking off a white woman’s head, they are labeled as violent acts, not Domestic Terrorism.

But let a white man herd his cattle and protect himself against an illegal invasion and greedy armed confrontation by our Federal government, and he’s labeled a Domestic Terrorist.

Our government has continued to label Americans protecting themselves as ‘Extremists’ and ‘Domestic Terrorist’.  These are NOT people who are going out attacking people or committing crimes; these are law abiding citizens who just want to be able to protect themselves.

The Feds sent 400 Federal agents to Alabama a few months ago to prepare to fight against these Domestic Terrorist.  Where are the Feds when it comes to fighting in Ferguson or Berkeley or New York?  In 2010 Time Magazine did a story on how white right-wing militia groups are the biggest threat to cops.

Oath Keepers militia armedNot one of these militia groups has killed nor attacked a cop!  In Ferguson, it was these right-winged militia groups that actually stood up for the police and citizens of Ferguson.

But blacks and Muslims are now calling for random acts of killing of cops.

Harry Reid, Obama, nor any other politicians have forcefully condemned the two police assassinations in New York.  Blacks were marching in the streets chanting:

“What do we want?! Dead Cops!! When? Now!”

Yes, we have Freedom of Speech.  But when it crosses the line into violence or incites people  into violence, it becomes illegal and unconstitutional.  This has been upheld by the Supreme Court.  So these protest in Ferguson, Berkeley, and New York that are inciting violence are illegal.  Obama has even encourage these protesters saying they have the right to protest.  But they do not when its illegal…according to the Supreme Court.

The blacks in Ferguson and around the country are saying burning a business is a legitimate form of protest.  Is this not inciting violence?

It is an illegal protest when it incites violence.  Did you see all the stories above on the white people who have been brutally beaten or killed because of these protesters inciting violence?

Have you seen any government agency stopping these illegal protest that are inciting violence?

Have you heard anyone from our government saying what these blacks are doing is an act of Domestic Terrorism or even illegal?

Our country use to be ‘We The People’ but has become ‘We The Government’.  Our government is quick to attack white people and label them ‘Extremists’, ‘Domestic Terrorist, ‘Racists’ or now ‘Constitutionalist‘.

This is not the USA that I grew up in.  We are no longer the greatest country in the world.  Very sad to see the downward direction we are heading due to an out of control government.