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Obama’s Secret Letter To Iran That ‘F***s Up Everything’

Obama’s Secret Letter To Iran That ‘F***s Up Everything’

Obama's Secret Letter That ‘f***s up everything'

There have been reports that President Obama has been quite the pen-pal to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, writing to him as recently as last month.

The letter that Obama penned to Khamenei was an attempt to bridge the two leaders in their common fight against Islamic extremists, but this move “f***s up everything,” according to a congressional source who spoke with Fox News.

The source says that the letter may hurt the attempts to bridge common ground with the Sunni’s, and the president should have informed congress of any back door deals, if in fact any of this really is going on.

Reportedly, the letter contained somewhat of a compromise. Obama made it very clear that the two countries could fight together to defeat ISIS as long as Khamenei agreed to end its nuclear program. The deadline for the deal to be made is November 24.

Though the letter has not been confirmed, there is reason to believe that the letter actually does exist. According to one source, “We’ve seen [the president] do it before, so there is [a] precedent.” This is reportedly the fourth time Obama has written to Khamenei since taking office.

This source also stated this is a “major setback” to “efforts to unite with Sunni-led Arab states in their fight against ISIS because Iran’s government is Shiite-led,” according to Opposing Views.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest has said that the policy the U.S. has towards Iran has not changed, but he could not confirm or deny whether there was a secret letter sent by Obama.

“I’m not in a position to discuss private correspondence between the president and any world leader. The United States will not cooperate militarily with Iran in that effort [against ISIS]. We won’t share intelligence with them. But their interests in the outcome is something that’s been widely commented on … and something that on a couple of occasions has been discussed on the sidelines of other conversations.”

The countless issues should such a letter exist and a deal being made are thoroughly covered in the clip below. Have a listen, and see if you agree:

So, what has happened to a transparent presidency, Obama? Sending secret letters to other leaders concerning nuclear compromises and ISIS does seem like a couple of issues the American people should be kept abreast on, right? It does not surprise me if the letter is real, since he has not done one thing without a veil of secrecy.