Muslim Group CAIR Trains Law Enforcement Despite FBI Ban?

Muslim Group CAIR Trains Law Enforcement Despite FBI Ban?


CAIR Trains Law Enforcement Despite FBI Ban?

Despite the Justice Department and the FBI banning the use of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) as an outreach partner, one state is using the Hamas funded and Muslim Brotherhood tied entity to train law enforcement.

We may not have ever known Minnesota’s complete and utter disregard for the FBI and Department of Justice (DoJ) banning the use of CAIR as an outreach partner had it not been for CAIR itself announcing the training.

Despite the “Twin Cities” finding organizations like CAIR that are connected directly with the recruitment of Syrian cannon fodder for ISIS and the recruiting drives talking about “Nation Building” instead of death and martyrdom to persuade American young people to fly over and give their lives for terrorists, Minnesota still used them to train their law enforcement on September 24.


The DoJ and FBI ban can be traced to one of the cases discussed by the Oklahoma State Senator that CAIR is demanding an apology from for his statements on Islam. In 2008, a case of money laundering and funding for Hamas and other known terrorist organizations was traced to the Holy Land Foundation. In the original complaint, CAIR is listed as one of the un-indicted co-conspirators. In fact, they are listed as part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee, an organization to be used to advance Hamas and help spread an Islamist agenda.

This is according to the case filed and being prosecuted by the DoJ. This case led to the 2009 statement by the FBI Office of Congressional Affairs that stated:

“Until we can resolve whether there continues to be a relationship between CAIR or its executives with Hamas, the FBI does not view CAIR as an appropriate liaison partner.”

The Clarion Project followed up on it and found some interesting things. They found that after the FBI ignored the DoJ, they finally accepted the reprimand in 2012, but unfortunately they exchanged their relations with CAIR with yet another co-conspirator in the same case! In an exchange dating from 2012, they agreed with the DoJ not to use CAIR “…to ensure that the FBI is not supporting individuals who support extremist or terrorist ideologies.” A ban then went into effect.

But despite the ban and being tied to the recruitment of American youth to fight for ISIS,CAIR themselves announced the training.

It’s not just Christians, Jews, and Pagans they are accusing of Islamophobia either.

The press release’s contact is CAIR-MN’s “CounteringIslamophobiaCoordinator” Amber Michel. CAIR uses terms and phrases like “Islamophobia,” “Islamophobe” and “anti-Muslim bigot” to attack its opponents, including rival Muslims. The objective is to marginalize those that criticize the Islamist ideology.

Abdirizak Bihi, a Somali Muslim activist in Minnesota whose nephew died after joining Al-Qaeda in Somalia, is aggressively combatingradicalization in his community. He was not included in the seminar. CAIR has demonized Bihi and a Somali colleague of his because he has criticized CAIR and local Muslim leaders for their inaction on this issue and for inhibiting FBI investigations.

In June 2009, Bihi and 50 other local Somalis protested CAIR-MNand accused the group of “doublespeak.”

“They say that I am a bad person, that I am anti-Muslim, and that I don’t represent a hundred percent the Somali community,” Bihi says. ~Clarion Project

So what sort of training was it? The answer may make you sick.

The law enforcement seminar also included the Abubakar as-Saddique mosque. Multiple attendees of the mosque joined Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia, Al-Shabaab. The first American suicide bomber, Shirwa Ahmed, went to the mosque.

One mosque attendee, Cabdulaahi Faarax, was an Al-Shabaab recruiter who held teleconferences with the terrorist group from the mosque. Another Al-Shabaab member who committed a suicide bombing, Faraah Beledi, was a volunteer and speaker at the mosque.

A former member of an Al-Qaeda affiliate in Somalia says he came to Minnesota after abandoning the cause and was shocked when one of his sons began being radicalized at the mosque.

His son started questioning whether the U.S. is an enemy and the former jihadilearned that the mosque was hosting lectures via satellite from a radical cleric in Kenya named Sharif Mohamed Umal that his son attended.

FOX 9 News substantiated his story by viewing an IPod from another Somali-American teenager that attended the mosque and left to join Al-Qaeda’s branch in Somalia. The device included a lecture by Umal. Bihi said that Umal was “laying down the bricks of radicalization.”

The former jihadi pulled his sons from the mosque. He said the mosque is trying to “radicalize young people without being responsible and not leaving any paper trail.” ~Clarion Project

You have to bear in mind that every time they say al-Qaeda affiliate, they are talking about ISIS. ISIS was an al-Qaeda affiliate. Up until 2013, they were directly sponsored by al-Qaeda until al-Qaeda stated they were too radical, even from the Wahhabi based group that wants “death to America.”

These are the same individuals that taught “effective strategies to build relations in the Muslim communities” to law enforcement!

Despite them not being in the FBI Lexicon as a terrorist worry, you would think common sense would dictate that if they are deemed too radical by the FBI, un-indicted co-conspirators in money laundering, funding known terrorist organizations as declared by the US government, tied to the 25% of Muslims that want to kill you and the fellow Muslims that don’t agree with them, lost their 503(c) twice, then you wouldn’t rely on them to “repair the relations.” This especially holds true if you look at the fact that CAIR is responsible for damaging them in the first place through its consistently stigmatizing of law enforcement and the U.S. government.

If you are having a problem loosing youth to radical ideas, you don’t bring in the main sponsors of the radicals to make it worse.



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