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ISIS Marks Girls for Sale as Sex Slaves (Video)

ISIS Marks Girls for Sale as Sex Slaves (Video)


[Watch] ISIS Marks Girls in Most Disturbing Way for Sale as Sex Slaves

Details of how the Islamic State sells kidnapped women and girls show they consider these lives to be nothing more than an undervalued product.

An office for the sale of abducted women has opened for business in Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul, which is an area largely controlled by the Islamic State, ABC News reported.

[Watch] ISIS Marks Girls in Most Disturbing Way for Sale as Sex SlavesYazidi female captives are miserably held in the shop where they are each labeled with a price tag so buyers can choose who they want and negotiate a sale of the girl. The network reported the Islamic State sells these women to youth buyers from surrounding communities as a means of inducing them to join the militant group. Around 500 girls were either given as trophies for fighting jihad or sold as sex slaves.

ISIS has reportedly set up slave markets where women are sold for sex for the low “going rate” of just $10 and are also used as child soldiers in what may amount to systematic war crimes in Iraq that demand prosecution, the Daily Mail reported.

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The UN said ISIS fighters had committed gross human rights violations of an ‘increasing sectarian nature’ against groups including Christians, Yazidis and Shi’ite Muslims in a widening conflict that has forced 1.8 million Iraqis to flee their homes.

Since the Islamic State took over Mosul and other Iraqi towns, according to The Independent, over 1,000 women and children have been kidnapped by ISIS. The Iraqi News reported Friday that ISIS raped 170 girls in Anbar province and 50 Yazidi girls in Mosul.

Western military intervention needs to be used to resolve this horrific trade, Yazidi stateswoman Vian Dakheel announced. Dakheel also said she wants publicity from First Lady Michelle Obama for the captive women, in the same way she helped raise awareness for the kidnapped girls by Islamic Militant group Boko Haram in Nigeria.

This is a real “war on women” the United States needs to be focused on as it is far more relevant and important than crying over free birth control.

Watch the report of hundreds of Yazidi women and girls being forced into sex slavery here:



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