Children buried alive in Iraq by ISIS

ISIS Captures Man With Down Syndrome, Beheads Him (Video)

ISIS Captures Man With Down Syndrome, Beheads Him (Video)

ISIS Captures Man With Down Syndrome, Does The Unthinkable, Uploads To Social Media

ISIS has once again proven that nothing is too graphic or inhumane, so long as it furthers Islam and Sharia law.

A witness has come forward to express the horrific incident that occurred when ISIS insurgents came across a man with Down Syndrome, who couldn’t understand well enough that he was in danger.

A Kurdish journalist has been documenting the gruesome slaughter brought on by ISIS, but one story was particularly disturbing.

The Inquisitr reports:

The new accusations come by way of Russia Today, which interviewed Bazran Halil, a Kurdish journalist who, with his wife, has been documenting the atrocities of the Islamic State in the Syrian city of Kobani.

ISIS militants have reportedly been wreaking havoc and terrorizing the citizens of Kobani, according to the newest reports. Speaking with Russia Today, Halil said ISIS’ actions in the region go beyond the pale.

“There was a man with Down’s Syndrome,” Halil recounted. “He could not understand the situation to flee or to run away from the frontline. When ISIS arrived, they beheaded him and take his photo and shared them on social media and said, ‘We killed an atheist, a Kaffir.’”

It’s safe to say that the Islamists sentenced the man to death because he could not recite theShahada, an Islamic creed that declares that Allah is the only god and Muhammad is his prophet, a requirement for Muslims to establish their allegiance and salvation and a prerequisite for converts who wish their lives to be spared.

IJ Review expanded on ISIS’s utilization of white phosphorus, which exacts an agonizing death:

The chemical burns from white phosphorus are quite horrific – the chemical can kill with even with a “minor” wound because it burns from the inside out.

The use of white phosphorus against civilian populations is prohibited by Protocol III of the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons.

It is unclear if the burns were solely caused by the use of mustard gas, but such reports point to ISIS using chemical weapons. It seems like the terror group’s similarities with the Nazi regime are growing by the day – even as the international will-power to thwart it is wanting.

War crimes are evident with ISIS attacks and are the sole fuel for the terrorist organization’s recruiting and expansion. Airstrikes from both the U.S. and Britain haven’t even slowed the efforts of the Islamic State. The refusal to combat ISIS on the ground is allowing the group to continue this horrific onslaught.

Although ISIS has clearly declared it is at war with the U.S., as well as the entire Western world, the hesitation to enter war has allowed the threat to thrive. High-ranking military officials have advised our administration to enter into ground combat, but their warning has fallen on deaf ears.

It seems as if ISIS’s plan to conquer its way though Spain and Egypt are becoming a tangible reality.



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