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US College Students Sign Petition to Support ISIS? [Video]

US College Students Sign Petition to Support ISIS? [Video]


[Watch] US College Students Sign Petition to Support ISIS?

In a move that shows the absurdity of today’s youth, Media Research Center (MRC) went to a college campus to see if the youth of our country even pays attention to the news. They formed a petition to support ISIS, complete with the black ISIS flag and call to Jihad. What is alarming is the amount of youth that actually signed to support ISIS.

ISIS is a menace. They have one goal: to form the Caliphate and then attack America. They have beheaded their way to their goal taking over vast amounts of territory and resources. It is now estimated that they make up to $3 million a day from their illegal transactions, oil fields, and kidnappings. In fact, they are so feared even in the Middle East, that a coalition of 10 nations have started to ban together to stop them from taking over.

You would think it would be a sure bet that college students in the United States would know enough about world politics to tell MRC to get bent when they showed up with a petition to support a known terrorist organization instead of bombing them to oblivion.

Yet, that was not the case.

On a recorded event, just four people stepped up to the reporter and told him he was crazy. In fact, the majority either passed by without a word or actually signed the petition to join up in support of ISIS and to tell President Obama not to bomb them but continue to provide support.

Watch what happens:

Granted this was a smaller campus in the United States. That makes this even more shocking and demeaning to our country and our military.

Considering that the video was shot on September 11, 2014, makes it even more insulting. If this is the attitude of our youth, if they don’t pay attention to what they are supporting, then I would have to agree with the last line of the video:

“”Ya, we’re screwed America”

Hopefully, our youth will wake up.

“To know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of one hundred battles.”~ Sun Tzu.



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