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Topless in Paris, Feminist Protest ISIS

Topless in Paris, Feminist Protest ISIS


FEMEN: Topless in Paris, Earns Epic Response on Twitter [NUDITY]

Russian news journalist Ria Novosti reported the radical Ukrainian feminist group Femen was to take to Paris streets on Wednesday to protest ISIS and radical Islam. While they are earning attention world-wide from their topless stunts, one post on Twitter in response to their protest is epic.

According to Ria Novosti, Femen organized a protest against ISIS and radical Islam on Wednesday, September 26. For once the group showed up to the protest fully clothed, but that didn’t last long.

FEMEN: Topless in Paris, Earns Epic Response on Twitter [NUDITY]

Multiple sources, including Breitbart, Twitter users, and Ria Novosti reported more than a dozen of the group stripped with messages of “rise up” and “speak out,” as well as “infidels” on their naked breasts, before taking to the streets with toy Kalashnikov rifles covered in flowers. They marched through the streets shouting in megaphones, much to the bewilderment of tourists and shoppers.

“French and American citizens and all those who are threatened by Isis jihadists, show your hostility towards Isis’s ideas,” shouted one of the women. “Don’t be scared of being politically incorrect or intolerant. It’s only by criticizing them publicly that we can destroy them. Infidels, rise up against Isis,” she exhorted. ~Breitbart

This is not the first topless stunt of the protest group. Last year, they showed up in Notre Dame Cathedral with bare chests, painted with slogans like “a Pope No More” in protest of the Catholic Church’s stance on gay marriage. They have even protested world leaders and political situations, such as urinating on a photo of the Ukraine president outside the Ukraine Embassy in Paris.

This time the protest went off without having to call for police involvement.

Femen states they are protesting because they are “not afraid” of ISIS or the latest statement by ISIS that they will execute French tourists if France does not stop bombing, after killing a French journalist in a similar fashion to the three American Journalists beheaded.

United Arab Emirate Female fighter pilot taking the fight to ISIS.

United Arab Emirate Female fighter pilot taking the fight to ISIS.
So far, despite the “Fatwah” on seeing naked women, there are no reports of mass suicide of Jihadists from seeing Femen topless.  Meanwhile, it is confirmed that the fighter pilot does have a few dozen ISIS and radical Islam confirmed kills under her belt.



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