Mohamed Elibiary Muslim DHS Adviser

Muslim ‘Adviser’ Hastily Quits Job at Homeland Security

A Muslim ‘Adviser’ Hastily Quits Job at Homeland Security

Mohamed Elibiary Quits DHS After His Radical Muslim Background Exposed

Mohamed Elibiary: Homeland Security Advisor with deep ties to radical Muslim groups
Mohamed Elibiary: Homeland Security Advisor with deep ties to radical Muslim groups


Mohamed Elibiary has left the Department of Homeland Security. Formerly a senior adviser to DHS, Elibiary announced on his Twitter page last week that he had moved on:

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The circumstances surrounding Elibiariy’s sudden departure have not yet been made public.

Elibiary, who claims to be a Republican, announced that he plans on “reform[ing] the conservative movement so the GOP can win in 2016.” A critic of the Tea Party movement, he has been known to blame acts of terrorism on those who promote “Islamophobia,” portraying radical Islamists not as aggressors but as poor victims who have been incited to wage jihad. Elibiary has described the intra-GOP battles as between the “RtWing (unhappy ppl)” and the “Moderates/Traditionalists/Centrists (solutions oriented).”

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Earlier in the summer, Breitbart News reported on Elibiary’s radical policy stances, raising questions whether he was fit to serve as an official adviser to the Obama administration.

Elibiary was found to be openly supportive of brokering a partnership with the global Muslim Brotherhood terror movement, according to a report by National Security expert Ryan Mauro.

He is also a close friend and confidant of former Holy Land Foundation president Shukri Abu Baker, whose organization was founded as a financing operation for Hamas, the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a U.S.-designated terrorist organization. Elibiary admitted in a 2007 article that he was formerly a monthly donor to the terror-sponsoring Holy Land Foundation.

In June, Elibiary publicly championed on his Twitter page that an Islamic Caliphate is “inevitable,” and America only has a choice whether it wishes to support the upcoming inevitability.

In 2011, he was accused by Texas officials of downloading classified information that he had access to because of his position at DHS, then manipulating the data to try and smear Texas Governor Rick Perry as an “Islamophobe.” When asked about the allegations in an official session of Congress, his boss, former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, refused to acknowledge the reports.



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