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ISIS Declares War on ‘Cyclops’ Baby, Who Will Usher in Apocalypse [Video]

ISIS Declares War on ‘Cyclops’ Baby, Who Will Usher in Apocalypse [Video]


[Video] ISIS Declares War on 'Cyclops' Baby, Who Will Usher in Apocalypse

One major aspect of the Christian faith is the belief that an antichrist will rise up in the final days to lead a catastrophe-stricken world astray. However, Christians aren’t the only ones who are waiting for an ‘abomination of desolation’ to rule with the power of Satan.

Muslims also believe this prophesy, but their prediction is a bit more bizarre.

Muslim clerics believe that the antichrist will lead an army of 70,000 Jews and 70,000 Tatars and ignorant people will follow him and crown him King of Kings when he is 40 years of age.

Along with their claims, a video has gone viral of a newborn baby with one eye in the center of his forehead, who was supposedly born in Israel, furthering Muslims’ case that the child is evil incarnate.

However, the baby is real, but was actually born in Bolivia in 2008. The infant has a rare defect called cyclopia, which manifested when the mother was exposed to the cancer drug Cyclopamine during pregnancy.

Cyclopamine can prevent the fetal brain from dividing into two lobes (holoprosencephaly) and cause the development of a single eye (cyclopia). As strange as it sounds, this is a real thing. Feel free to look it up yourself or click on the words that are blue.

International Business Times reports:

The Quran has references to the Apocalypse. According to some Quran texts, the one-eyed Islamic anti-Christ will be born near Iran and Syria and will wage war against men, led by Jesus and a fighter named Mahdi. The army, led by Mahdi, will go to heaven, while the rest will go to hell.

Never wasting a good opportunity to recruit, ISIS has used the prophesy and photos of the one-eyed child as propaganda to further their unjust onslaught.

An expert of psychological terrorism and a professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University, Anne Speckhard, said that ISIS’ establishment of the caliphate and the fighting in Iraq and Syria are a call to jihad. These events are strong basis for people to believe that the Apocalypse is near and that it is the time for real justice for the Muslims.



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