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ISIS Attacking America is a Bad Idea: American Gun Owners The Largest World Army

ISIS Attacking America is a Bad Idea: American Gun Owners The Largest World Army


If one thing has remained clear despite the countless fights over gun control, it’s that Americans love their guns. However, as Muslim influenced terrorist organizations such as ISIS continue to threaten America, it is this fact, when the numbers are broken down, that is more than enough to make the Islamic cowards shake in their boots.

Last year, CNS News wrote about a federal report that was released, detailing that gun owners in America outnumber hunters 5 to 1. Needless to say, when the study was conducted back in 2011, there were, “13.7 million hunters in the United States over age 16.”

Given the fact that a few years have passed since the aforementioned study has been concluded, and these numbers have undoubtedly increased, the National Association for Gun Rights ( writes, “American hunters outnumber the largest standing armies in the world.”

Attacking America is a Bad Idea: This Should Have ISIS Shaking in Their Sandals

As if that wasn’t enough to show the moron leaders of ISIS why bringing a war to the shores of America would be a terrible idea, the rest of the 70-80 million gun owners may give another convincing reason.

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We Americans tend to hold very near and dear to our hearts the rights we were granted by none other than God himself, in which we’re entitled to our own individual pursuit of life, liberty and happiness – the first of which being the most important, as without it, the rest matters not. Secondly, our children and the future generations of Americans hold a significant amount of importance in which we, as adults, are more than eager to lay down our lives to protect.

It is these shocking numbers that discourage those who wish to do our nation harm from crawling from their caves, crossing oceans, and bringing a war to the nation they despise so publicly. However, if that day should ever come, it can be said with some form of confidence that not only would we be ready, but it’d be the biggest mistake they’d ever make.

Attacking America is a Bad Idea: This Should Have ISIS Shaking in Their Sandals

Despite the fact that America has its own military forces – Obama unwilling to use them, aside – would you be willing to stand against those that wish to do yourself and family harm?



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