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ALERT: DHS and FBI Warning Federal Law Enforcement of ISIS Attacks on US Targets

ALERT: DHS and FBI Warning Federal Law Enforcement of ISIS Attacks on US Targets


In a startling new bulletin, the Department of Homeland Security and FBI have put out a warning to all federal law enforcement agents that the Islamic State has the capability to mount attacks on U.S. targets overseas with “little to no warning.” Law enforcement is being encouraged to stay vigilant and on high alert of any social media postings by Islamic State supporters or those calling for attacks against America.

ALERT: DHS and FBI Warning Federal Law Enforcement of ISIS Attacks on US Targets

The warnings come just shy of the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, as chatter from jihadi websites increased according to US intelligence officials. The rise of the Islamic State and their recruitment are due to intelligence lapses as other resources and focus have been on America’s decade of war. Blindsided now by the Islamic State, we are now having to figure out a solution to dealing with the rampant rise of the militant group.

According to the bulletin:

[Islamic State members and supporters] “will almost certainly continue to use social media platforms to disseminate their English-language violent extremist messages. Although we remind first responders that content not explicitly calling for violence may be constitutionally protected, we encourage awareness of media advocating violent extremist acts in particular locations or naming particular targets, to increase our ability to identify and disrupt potential homeland threats.”

The bulletin goes on and urges “State and local authorities to promptly report suspicious activities related to homeland plotting and individuals interested in traveling to overseas conflict zones, such as Syria or Iraq, to fight with foreign terrorist organizations.”

According to former CIA officer Brian Fairchild, the focus of the CIA after 9/11 was focused mainly on paramilitary operations and targeted drone strikes, but failed in their ability to“infiltrate organizations and recruit the necessary assets to curb these organizations and counteract the ideology before it takes hold.” 

“You can keep targeting all the Osama bin Ladens and his replacements, but you won’t solve the problem,” Fairchild said. “You need a strategy that comprises both the paramilitary and what the CIA was intended to do: analyze, recruit and infiltrate so lawmakers can make the best decisions on how to handle these crisis.”

ISIS Tweet: We Are Coming to America
ISIS Tweet: We Are Coming to America

Fairchild went on to say that without actual people on the ground to gain “actionable intelligence” on these terror cell networks, the US is essentially flying blind:

“All the intelligence we have is that [Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi] is trying to provoke a military response from the United States and he’s more than willing and capable of coming here and doing that.”

Fairchild warned that the battleground is not limited to the Middle East:

“How are we going to stop three French men, two Germans, an Australian and a Norwegian coming into the United States when they come here and they have a passport and a visa and they say, ‘Hey, I’m here to see the Grand Canyon.’ How are you going to stop that?” he asked.

He went on to say that the threat is a long-term one that we are dealing with:

[Homegrown radicals] “know that when they go to Iraq that these guys are beheading people and putting their heads on spikes, killing hostages hundreds at a time — they know that before they go and they’ve already accepted that, so to them if Baghdadi says ‘go and gas these suckers, go and behead these suckers’ … Baghdadi says we’re going to kill as many of them as possible in the most horrifying way as possible just to show them.”

After Obama came under fire for his “we don’t have a strategy yet” statement, a Pentagon official with knowledge of the Islamic State’s action said:

“There should be no doubt that a threat to the homeland is real and the failure has been with the administration, which has refused to accept that the ideology was more than Al Qaeda core or Osama bin Laden. The administration chose to play politics instead of looking at the facts and that has cost the West tremendously.”

It’s nice to know that our top officials within the intelligence community realize the danger that the Islamic State poses to the United States. Now if we could just get Obama to take a break from the golf course to come up with a solution and lead the American people, that would be great!



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