Why Does Obama Want Ebola Virus in the US?

Why Does Obama Want Ebola Virus in the US?

by Absolute-News.com

In West Africa, the Ebola Virus has killed over 1,000 people.  We estimate that thousands more are infected. There is no cure and it has a 90% death rate.

So, let’s bring it to the US!!

About a week ago, two Americans working to help victims of the disease contracted the deadly virus while helping others. They were wearing full body protective gear to keep them from getting infected.  Now they are infected.

Ebola virus doctors outbreak health

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What did the US do? We brought them here. These two victims have now arrived in the US in Atlanta at Emory Medical Center.  The staff bringing the victims, as shown below, are in full protective gear too. Hope their suits work better than the victims’ suits.

Ambulance transporting one victim arriving at Emory.
Ambulance transporting one victim arriving at Emory.
Why would we want to transport the world’s deadliest virus to the US?

The ONLY way the world has ever been able to stop the spread of this virus is to quarantine villages, cites, and even countries and let it run it’s course.  It can’t be stopped from spreading.

Instead of isolating it it Africa, the US Government brought it to the US.  Does this make any sense?  Granted, we do have much better facilities, personnel, and equipment here but it all is portable.  See the containment area they are going to use at Emory:

Ebola containment area at Emory
Ebola containment area at Emory

Its a plastic tent!!!  Are we trusting thousands of lives to this tent?  If this were located in your neighborhood or even next door, would you feel safe?

In Africa they are using the latest chemical/biological suits to protect the medical workers.  At least three workers, probably more, have contracted the virus.  A Sierra Leone doctor has died even though he had his chem/bio suit on. (See story).

In addition, it is reported that over 60 medical worker have died from this virus and many more are infected.  Possibly 30,000 people are infected and spreading the virus.

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Check out these pictures and images of the virus to see how the victims turn into near Zombies.

Ebola Virus

ebola virus
Ebola virus infection

The Real Reason for Transporting Virus to US

Why would the US Government, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), allow the world’s deadliest virus to intentionally come to the US?

Their story:

We have better facilities and resources.  Yes, this is true.  But as previously mentioned, this equipment and personnel can EASILY be moved.  Moving the equipment and personnel to Africa would keep the virus isolated there.

Real Story:

Obama needs a distraction.  He needs a distraction from the Border Crisis.  The Border has become one of his biggest scandals that is having a huge negative impact to this November’s Senate elections where it is predicted the Republicans will take control (story).

The plan so far seems to be working…sort of.  People’s attention spans are short and the media preys on this.  No one talks about the missing Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared in March and still no signs of it (See What Really Happened). Or the Benghazi Embassy coverage.  There’s even little media focus on the IRS Targeting Scandal.

The media has been hammering Obama over the border crisis which Obama has completely ignored.  Its another scandal dividing the country.  It has caused protests in over 300 cities (story).

However, the Ebola story has a very good opportunity to backfire on him.  First, people seem to be extremely upset or at a minimum, questioning this decisions…as are we.  If one person in the US catches this disease, the public will be screaming not only for impeachment but a trial for Treason.  If this disease spreads rapidly in the US and many people die, Obama and the Democratic Party are doomed for decades.

Conspiracy Theorist Story:

Conspiracy theorist are saying there is even a more sinister plan. The hope is that the virus does spread throughout the US and causes people to panic and riot.  This allows Obama to declare Martial Law (What is Martial Law?)  Under Martial Law, Obama can suspend elections including the November election or even the next Presidential Election which would allow him to remain in office.

Martial Law

It is a known fact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been building a domestic army with armored vehicles, military training and equipment for personnel, and billions of rounds of ammo.  Conspirators say this will be used when, not if, Martial Law is declared.

With many people upset over the Border Crisis, IRS Targeting Scandal, and many other scandals or crisis under this Administration, the conspirarist think having an Ebola outbreak in the US might be the final straw.

Obama Connection:

The US CDC, Center for Disease Control, based in Atlanta is a department under the Dept of Health and Human Services.  If you will think back to earlier this year, there was a huge controversy with the Obama appointed head of DHHS, Kathy Sebelius.

She had to step down from this position due to her gross mis-management of Obamacare.  There was lots of speculation that she willingly lied to Congress and the people about the status of Obamacare.  In other words, a cover-up for Obama on the heath care implementation debacle which the GAO has now confirmed was a huge, mis-managed and negligent roll out.

The point is, Obama appoints the head of DHHS who controls the CDC.  He directly supervises the agency in-charge of bring the Ebola Virus to the US.  He strong-armed Sebelius over Obamacare; and he has the same power today over importing Ebola to the US.


In the end, bringing the Ebola Virus to the US is an extremely bad idea regardless of the reason.

We flew a plane with pilots and medical personnel to Africa, picked up two Ebola infected Americans, flew them to the US, and then transported them from an airport via an ambulance.  The plane, the staff, the pilots, the ambulance and anything else that came near these people are contaminated.

All this is now all in the US…in Atlanta. 

Instead, we could have flown all the necessary medicine, equipment, personnel, etc to West Africa and treated the people there to contain the virus there.  It would have been MUCH safer and smarter to go to Africa than bring the virus here.

Best of luck Atlanta. If this spreads, best of luck to America, Canada, and Mexico!



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