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Obama: US Prepared for Ebola (Really?)

Obama: US Prepared for Ebola (Really?)

by Absolute-News.com

Obama publicly addressed the Ebola Virus outbreak in West Africa saying the “US is Prepared.”  He goes on to say “this has been a more aggressive form of Ebola outbreak than we’ve seen in the past”.

Are we prepared for the most aggressive form of Ebola? A virus for which there is no cure or treatment?  An almost fatal disease that we intentionally flew to the US?

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Ebola virus infection

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“The key is: Identifying, Quarantining, Isolating, those who contract it.” said Obama in the video below.

Quarantining and Isolating?  The US just intentionally brought the virus to the US! If the key to stopping the spread is quarantining and isolating, the US just violated those key elements.  (See “Did Obama bring the Ebola Virus to the US?”)

Let’s look at Obama’s record on fixing problems, most of which in his campaign promises he said he’d fix:

    • Economy: A disaster; highest unemployment in history (story)
    • Deficit: Not even close to fixing; instead made it worse
    • Veterans Affairs: A huge disaster
    • Terrorism: A disaster; we are seeing the largest increase in terrorist growth ever known to man.
    • Border: If it wasn’t such a major crisis, it would be laughable on how it’s been grossly mis-managed.
    • Russia:  Russia is potentially starting WWIII
    • Health care: A major disaster now (according to US Gov’t GAO) and much worse in future

Based on his track record of completely making a mess of everything he touches, there is no reason to believe he has the World’s Deadliest Virus under control.  He can’t write an Executive Order to fix this.



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