UK Muslims ISIS terrorist video

We Need Wake Up To ISIS And Other Radical Muslims. Video Shows Why We Should Worry

We Need Wake Up To ISIS And Other Radical Muslims.  Video Shows Why We Should Worry

BY , Mad World News

UK Muslims ISIS terrorist video
UK Muslim attacks white man in his car.

President Obama often praises Muslims and the religion of Islam for its supposed “contributions” to society and for their help in strengthening the core of our democracy — when they’re not beheading people or engaging in a reign of terror across multiple nations, of course.

Unfortunately, anybody who sees the true threat they pose to our country is labeled racist, Islamophobes and fear mongers by those sympathetic to the religion that views Sharia Law as being above even our own Constitution.

The Conservative Post brought to light a 2011 video that was shot in London that undoubtedly refutes the claims made by Obama and Muslim sympathizers by telling a different story altogether.

As TPNN notes, Great Britain has been the victim of an “Islamic invasion” that’s been so overwhelming that now the country’s most common name for boys in England and Wales is Mohammad, so what does that tell you?

The video below demonstrates just what happened to the UK by allowing Muslims to take over the nation and the danger that they pose to its people. Worse yet, it provides a glimpse into the future of America if we allow the same.

While many would argue that Islam is the religion of peace, there’s constant reports of imams calling for their followers to wage jihad.

Even here in America, so-called “moderates” are praising the deaths of innocents. Those we’re supposed to believe aren’t out to do harm have repeatedly revealed their true colors and shown us what many already know – most Muslims out there aren’t seeking to coexist.

Check out the footage below, then see what you think.



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