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Lawmakers Give Dire Warning: The ISIS Caliphate is Coming to America

Lawmakers Give Dire Warning: The ISIS Caliphate is Coming to America

In two separate Sunday morning interviews, congressional leaders warned that the Islamic State (IS), which has risen to power in the Middle East through a brutal reign of terror, could be capable of striking America’s homeland.

Both John McCain and Lindsey Graham echoed each other’s statements when appearing on network news stations, claiming that IS poses a very credible threat to America and some of them are already here.

ISIS Says They Are Coming For the White House (Video)

See How Close They Are To The White House

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” John McCain explained that the people fighting alongside IS in Iraq and Syria are returning to their native countries with their radical ideology, and “there’s 100 of them we’re tracking in the United States.”

“As I mentioned to you already, one was in Syria, came back to the United States, and then went back to Syria and blew himself up. Mr. Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, when he left our Camp Bucca, the camp in Iraq, he said, ‘See you in New York.’”

McCain explained that along with the motivation, IS is quickly gaining the ability to attack us here at home and the threat from them is very real.

“If you read what they’re saying, we are the enemy, they want to destroy us. They are getting stronger all the time. Their goal, as they have stated time after time, is the destruction of the United States of America,” said McCain.

He also pointed out that several heads from American security agencies have also warned of the threat from IS.

List of Terrorist Working Inside Homeland Security, Appointed by Obama

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Republican Senator Lindsey Graham gave a similar explanation regarding IS and America’s homeland.

“They’re coming here,” he said. “This is not just about Baghdad, not just about Syria. It’s about our homeland. If we get attacked because [Obama] has no strategy to protect us, then he will have committed a blunder for the ages.”

ISIS Tweet: We Are Coming to America
ISIS Tweet: We Are Coming to America

It’s not just Graham and McCain making such claims either.

After the U.S. started carrying out airstrikes on the militant group on Friday, members of ISerupted on social media with direct threats to our country and its people. Two days prior, Abu Mosa said in a propaganda video for IS, “God willing… We will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.

The extremist group’s wave of terror has already accounted for thousands of brutal deaths by beheading, crucifixion and mass slaughters of captives. They’ve been intentionally targeting non-Muslims for death and have been responsible for displacing over 200,000 people, prompting the limited military response President Obama has authorized.



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