Iraq attacks ISIS

ISIS Savage Extremism is Spreading Worldwide

ISIS Savage Extremism is Spreading Worldwide

Children buried alive in Iraq by ISIS
ISIS burying Christina children alive in Iraq (see story).

The violence from the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has been unthinkable in both Syria and Iraq as images of mass murders, beheadings, crucifixions and other brutal assaults have been emerging ever since they’ve conquered large portions of the two nations.

Their barbaric acts have finally caused America to start conducting airstrikes on strategic locations to weaken the group’s offense, a move their supporters across the globe aren’t too happy with as reports are surfacing of violent attacks by large mobs against peaceful people.

One such occurrence was in Holland, where the Dutch government approved a demonstration against Israel’s operations in Gaza against the terrorist organization Hamas.

Woman Raped kidnapped
ISIS gang raping and killing over 250 Christian woman (see story).

Ynet is reporting that what was supposed to have been a peaceful protest in The Hague erupted into a horrifying scene of violence with hundreds of radical Muslims waving IS flags and shouting “Death to Jews!” along with other sinister slogans calling for the destruction of the West, specifically the United States.

The demonstration became so out of control that residents of the area are calling for the resignation of The Hague’s mayor for failing to keep the city safe.

Along with their hateful message, demonstrators reportedly threw bricks at journalists in the area who were trying to cover the event. Frank Verhoef said that dozens of reporters had to “run for their lives” as bricks were being hurled at them from the pro-IS protesters. Verhof also said that The Hague has become a “no-go” area for journalists, since they’re terrified their lives will be in danger if they return.

He tweeted: Demonstrators tried @ernstlissauer besiege. Camera is destroyed. “This is the sharia district”

These reports follow another where IS supporters attacked a group of several hundred Yazidis who were peacefully protesting in Germany against the slaughter of their people by IS in Iraq, where some 200,000 people have been displaced as a result of the barbaric violence sweeping the nation.

According to analysts, the demonstration was a tool for the extremist group to recruit Muslim youths to join their jihad in other European cities. Ynet reports that there’s already 3,000 or more Muslim youths that have joined IS in the Middle East to fight, some of which have returned to their native countries after being trained by the terrorist organization.

There has been growing concern about IS members retuning back to their home countries and attacking their people, which was strongly voiced by Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham over the weekend. McCain said that U.S. intelligence is tracking at least 100 members of IS that are currently in America, which tailed a report that one of the group’s members tweeted a picture of the White House from right outside its fence saying “We r here :).”



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