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College Student, Dumb Criminal: Uses iPhone’s Siri How To Dispose of Body

College Student, Dumb Criminal: Uses iPhone’s Siri How To Dispose of Body

Children buried alive in Iraq by ISISWe often hear stories of stupid criminals getting caught for making painfully obvious mistakes that lead to their capture, which is exactly what happened to one Florida student trying to hide the body of his roommate.

According to the Independent, Pedro Bravo used his smartphone’s technology for advice in hiding the body of his victim the day he went missing. Bravo apparently used the Siri function and asked multiple questions about where he could stash Christian Aguilar, who he kidnapped and strangled after an argument over Bravo’s ex-girlfriend.

Apple iPhone SiriAguilar went missing in September of 2012, and Bravo was arrested and charged with murder on the 28th of the same month even though Aguilar’s body wouldn’t be found by hunters in a shallow grave weeks later. It was the data saved on his iPhone that allowed police to charge Bravo without the body.


Dumb Criminals: Man Asks iPhone’s ‘Siri’ a Question That Was a DEAD Givaway

Evidence from the phone showed Bravo used the flashlight function nine times overnight on the day Aguilar went missing.

US police say a Florida man accused of killing his roommate asked Apple’s digital assistant Siri for advice on hiding the body the day the man went missing. The phone’s memory also revealed that Bravo said to Siri “I need to hide my roommate.”

Local news stations obtained portions of the evidence from the trial that reveal Siri’s cooperation with Bravo, asking him “What kind of place are you looking for?” before offering the 20-year-old four different options: “Swamps, reservoirs, metal foundries, dumps.”

Bravo and Aguilar had apparently gone to Best Buy earlier in the day to purchase a CD when they had a fight in the car. Bravo said that he only beat Aguilar and didn’t kill him. However, prosecutors will make the case that he strangled his friend and then dumped his body in the woods.

Police say that Bravo used the flashlight function on his phone to hide the body in the woods late at night. They also claim that the location data stored on it contradicts Bravo’s version of events.

There’s no word on whether Siri has been charged as an accomplice.



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