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Texas and Arizona Are Responsible For The Border Crisis!

Texas and Arizona Are Responsible For The Border Crisis!


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For years, even under Bush, the southern Border has been a huge issue for the US and American citizens.  For Bush the issue was trying to get something passed through his Democratically controlled Senate and House.

Under our democratic Senate and President, it has not only become a nightmare and a crisis but has developed into another “Obama Scandal” (story).  The border is being OVERRUN by illegal immigrants POURING into this country. 57,000 so far in just the past several months.

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Most Americans do not want this burdon…the burden of taking care of Central American people regardless if children or not.  Central American countries need to learn to handle their own problems and the US needs to handle our own.

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We know Obama is not going to do anything.  We all sit here watching and we keep hoping something will change to stop this huge influx of illegal immigrants.  It won’t.  You know it won’t.

So, the border crisis is really the fault of Texas and Arizona. Period.

These states KNOW the Federal government is not going to do a damn thing to stop the flow of illegals.  Obama wants these illegals in our country but these two states keep sitting by while floods of illegals cross their borders draining their resources, bringing diseases to their people, and bringing crimes and poverty that they will have to support.


Their State Constitutions allow them to call up not only their State Guard but their state law enforcement and even their state militias to defend their borders. (See What is a Militia?)

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border military guard

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The Feds will be extremely unhappy about this just as they have been with Arizona for passing laws to protect their borders (story), but its the ONLY option we have right now.

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Jan Brewer Yelling at Obama
AZ Gov Jan Brewer Yelling at Obama about the Border issue.

And these states should NOT have to do this on their own.  I believe if Governors Rick Perry of Texas and Jan Brewer of Arizona asked other state governments to help, I believe they would sent troops, supplies, and anything else needed.

Rick Perry Gov Texas
Rick Perry Gov Texas

The Federal government was created to handle national issues and defend the US. They have failed miserably under Obama to protect the border, and on the contrary Obama has actually been involved in making the situation worse.  He is NOT going to fix it!

Texas and Arizona must stand up and LEAD the effort to defend our borders.  It is legal for them to do so and if they asked others to help, there is no doubt they would.

Look back at the Cliven Bundy story in April of this year near Las Vegas Nevada where he and his family were being assaulted by our on Federal Government.  5,000 militia men came to his rescue…the rescue of a single family in Nevada.

The border crisis is a MUCH bigger issue and Americans are willing to defend it. We just need someone to lead the effort.

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All Texas and Arizona have to do is act and ask!  This is why the border crisis is their fault.  They can stop it! They have to step up and grab the bull by the horns and stop the invasion!



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