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Is Rand Paul Getting Softer?

Is Rand Paul Getting Softer?

Rand Paul
Rand Paul

Unlike his father Ron Paul, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) has seen giving in to the pressures of the Republican party more and more over the months. Now, he is looking much less like the Libertarian (What is a Libertarian?)  “folk hero” he was a few years ago and more like an establishment GOP pawn.

One issue that’s getting away from Senator Paul? The issue of voter identification.

Senator Paul doesn’t think it’s right for individuals who are headed to the polls to be required to present a voter ID to make sure they are legally allowed to vote.

Sounding more and more like a politician and less and less like a principled statesman who values the constitution and the laws of the republic, Mr Paul said to The New York Times:

“Everybody’s gone completely crazy over this voter ID thing. I think it’s wrong for Republicans to go too crazy on this issue because it’s offending people.”

That’s the thing Mr. Paul is worried about.

Offending people.

Rather than sticking to the principles of a country that was founded on an idealism aligned with right and wrong, Senator Paul doesn’t want to step on toes so that he might be able to get more votes.

After all, when he gets more votes, then he might have a chance to become Commander in Chief, something his stalwart father was never able to attain.

But that’s the thing.

Ron Paul
Ron Paul

His father (founder of the Tea Party) was never able to make it to the top because he never shifted away from his center. Ron Paul’s moral compass didn’t find itself flitting to and fro based on what was popular, but stayed aligned with what was true and right.

Ron Paul, didn’t do things because they were convenient, or because they helped him get an edge. He stayed the course, even if it never meant that he’d be sworn in on inauguration day.

But Rand is beginning to look less like his stonewall father, and more like a brick of Play-Doh. As he said in Memphis not too long ago:

“The party [republican] needed to soften its edges and show more sympathy to populations that have felt overlooked and maligned by Republicans.”

Does Senator Paul really care about people who are “overlooked?” Or does he care about doling out some candy so he can get people hooked on sugar?

That’s what Democrats do.

It might be one thing to acquiesce and say people don’t need to have a voter ID, but where does the slippery slope end?

To his credit, Paul says that the Voter ID issue should be left to the decision of state legislature.

But the reality is the softer he gets on critically important issues, the less he’s looking like a solid representative of true, conservative ideals.



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