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What is Obama’s Game Plan For America?

What is Obama’s Game Plan For America?

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Under the leadership, or really the lack thereof, during the Obama reign, we have seen a significant decline in America financially, economically, morally, socially, security, and world leadership.

Under Obama we have seen the following:

  • Largest border crisis ever encountered
  • Largest and worst terrorist buildup including ISIS establishing a “terrorist state” in Iraq
  • Russia invading and taking over Ukraine
  • Release of the worst 5 terrorist from Gitmo
  • Worst unemployment ever seen
  • Highest deficit ever known to US
  • Lowest value of the dollar ever seen
  • Worst political targeting by gov’t agency (IRS Targeting Scandal)
  • Strictest environmental controls ever by the EPA
  • Worst attack on an American Embassy (Benghazi Scandal)
  • And numerous other issue we could list

He has the lowest Presidential approval rating and he appears to be asleep at the wheel.  He is out shooting pool and drinking beer in Colorado during the worst border crisis we’ve ever had, while Israel is being constantly bombarded by missiles from Hamas, while China attacks our power grid and military security files, and while oil and gas prices continue to sky rocket.

Shooting pool, playing golf?  What do you do during a crisis in your business or personal life?  Go to the beach?

Newsweek cover Obama Gay President
Newsweek cover Obama First Gay President

Also during all these crisis he has managed to sign an Executive Order protecting gay rights in the workplace.  In other words, he unilaterally passed a law that is worthless as we already have laws in place to protect from workforce discrimination (see story).  He has also focused on promoting transgender rights in the military (see story) along with forcing our Embassies to promote gay rights in other countries (see story).  This has lead Newsweek to name him as the first gay president (story).

Obama is taunted by world leaders in Russian, China, and Iran while leaders in Europe, Iraq, Israel, and Australia look at him with shame and disgust for his inept attitude, disregard for major world events, and laughable policies and management of the US.

So, what is Obama’s Game Plan for American?

Let’s cut all the political crap out and look at the facts.

In addition to the facts outlined above, he’s decimated our military by cutting their budget by 25%, fired over 200 top, senior military leaders for bogus infractions, and just yesterday layoff thousands of active military “middle management” leaders.  In other words, he’s has fired the top leaders and has now laid off key, experienced upper “management” leaders.  He did not leave troops in Iraq when all of the military experts told him this was a big mistake especially with all of the violence that was expected in this area and which has now proven to be correct.

illegal alien borderHe has intentionally not enforced border security which is allowing a record number of illegal immigrants to invade our country .  He is funding the Palestinian/Hamas leadership for which these funds are being used to buy rockets to fire on Israel, a fact proven by our State Dept who has declared Hamas an official terrorist group.  In other words the US is funding Hamas who is attacking our only friend, Israel, in the Middle East.  And we are doing nothing to help Israel.

radioactiveWe didn’t mentioned that two separate thefts of nuclear material happened recently and yesterday it was announced that ISIS has 90 pounds of nuclear material.   What do you think will happen will all of this in the hands of terrorist?

Keystone Pipeline Map
Keystone Pipeline Map

He has continually opposed any oil and gas drilling in Alaska and other parts of the US.   He is not allowing Shell to drill off the northern coast of Alaska, had put a two year freeze on drilling in the Gulf, and for many years has delayed the installation of the Keystone Pipeline in the middle of the US.  While the US has enough oil and gas to last hundreds of years, we are forced to by oil from Middle East countries and Russia…all who hate the US.  Instead of putting Americans to work and significantly lowering gasoline prices (i.e. under $2/gallon), we are sending OUR money to people who want to kill us.

Wood burning stoveHe is using the EPA to attack electric power plants that use coal as its fuel source.  Even though coal burning is extremely clean these days AND the greenhouse issues we thought were a major problem does not exist (see story), the EPA continues to force the electricity producing plants to close.  The EPA is even going after private citizens who burn wood in wood stoves for cooking and as a source of heat (story)

We could go on with the many other issues that have taken place under Obama and we have even touch Obamacare, religious freedoms, and spying on Americans.

The summary is that there have been too many issues and scandals under the Obama reign.  He has decimated America: American military, economy, world leadership, friends of America, the border, health care, privacy, etc.

You may need to get out a calculator to add all of this up but the grand total is his Game Plan has brought down the greatest country in the world.

We are a country that is severely divided internally.  Those who believe we should continue our socialist ways by taking from the rich and giving to the poor and those who believe we should reduce the size and scope of government and get back to what made us great in the first place.

United we stand; divided we fall.

United We Stand



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