FBI manhunt

400 Law Enforcement Officers Training in Alabama to Deal with Militias

400 Law Enforcement Officers Training in Alabama to Deal with Militias

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OXFORD, Alabama — Law enforcement officers from Alabama and Georgia converged on Oxford, Alabama yesterday for training in how to deal with domestic extremists.

About 400 are expected to attend, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance, FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Richard D. Schwein Jr. and Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge. The sessions will take place at the Oxford Performing Arts Center, Capt. L.G. Owens said.

FBI manhuntConducting the training will be the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Alabama, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Oxford Police Department.

Organizers say those participating will receive training in survival skills needed when dealing with groups such as the Sovereign Citizen Movement or militia groups. Other training will cover deadly force survival and weapons of mass destruction.

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Why is the Federal government practicing to defend against or attack militias?  There are really two types of militias:  those that are concerned citizens helping other citizens and those that are extremists.  Militias are legally recognized by our government as guaranteed by our US Constitution and upheld by the US Supreme Court. (See What is a Militia?)  Militia extremist rarely do any major violence; more violence and threats of violence come from radial Muslim extremist.

Minutemen militia logoAs an all volunteer force, Militias have seen a surge in memberships over the last four to six years in response to various “attacks” by the Federal Government under the Obama Administration on citizen’s rights and liberties.

In April of this year, over 5,000 militia men converged in a town near Las Vegas to defend the rights of Cliven Bundy a cattle rancher who was literally being targeted and attacked at gun point by the Federal Government’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  200 armed BLM agents surrounded Bundy’s land. See the recap of this story.

Militia vs BLM
Militia vs BLM

The short of the story is that Bundy’s family were physically assaulted by the BLM, which was captured on video, trying to force Bundy to leave his land.  The BLM said it was doing its job to protect turtles.  That’s right, turtles.  Why would the government be willing to shoot Americans to protect turtles…turtles the BLM was killing anyway?  Seems odd, doesn’t it?

When the militia showed up, the BLM ran off but said they would be back.  It turns out that the real reason the BLM wanted Bundy off the land was because Senator Harry Reid (Who is Reid?) had made a deal with the Chinese to sell Bundy’s land to them for a solar panel farm.  Seriously.

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As part of this drill in Alabama, another session will study a mass shooting that occurred Aug. 5, 2012 at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wis. There, a white supremacist shot and killed six temple worshipers and wounded three before killing himself.

Over the past few weeks, Chicago has seen over 100 shooting deaths from black gangs…that’s just in a few weeks!  That would be considered a terrorist event by some standards.  In the Nevada BLM standoff, no one was shot but yet Senator Harry Reid called the militia “Domestic Terrorist“.  Militias are mainly white males.

So, why are white males who never fired a shot (defending a white cattle rancher who the government had armed agents pointing sniper rifles at) called “domestic terrorist” while blacks gangs killing 100’s of people in Chicago not even mentioned?

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The odd thing about this Federal drill is that they are all targeted towards white people who are considered domestic terrorist.  We have a full-on invasion on our Southern border with Mexico that we know as a 100% fact that some of these illegals who are crossing have criminal backgrounds and some are Muslims from terrorist countries.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to send these 400 agents to the Mexican border instead of “practicing” for some future event that may, or may not happen?  And based on historical facts, is very unlikely.

Instead, our government is going after white militia groups who “may” commit a crime at some point in the future.  Shouldn’t they be going after actual groups committing crimes like radical Muslims such as ISIS and illegals crossing the Mexico border is massive numbers?

Bill Ayers is the leader of the domestic terrorist group the  Weather Underground who has bombed and killed many people as a domestic terrorist. As a very close friend of Obama, he and his group have gone free of any government arrest or prosecution for most of his crimes.  A few weeks ago he went on Megyn Kelly’s FoxNews show bragging about what he had done which he’s also published in a book.

Reid, Chinese forcing Bundy
Reid, Chinese forcing Bundy off his land.

This drill in Alabama is likely tied to Senator Harry Reid who was very embarrassed by the Nevada’s militias show of force to protect the cattle rancher and who vowed “this is not over”.  Reid and Obama are very close to Attorney General Eric Holder who’s Dept of Justice is in charge of this drill. (Who is Holder?)

It is likely the Alabama drill is a diversion far away from Nevada to practice attacking any future militia groups, like the Oath Keepers, who were protecting Bundy from an illegal government attack.  Oath Keepers is a very large national militia group made up of lot of former military and special operations people who are well organized and led the effort with Bundy in Nevada.

They embarrassed Reid back in April, and now he is preparing to get them back.  He’s already called them “Domestic Terrorist”. (see story)  It is likely this Bundy event hit Reid financially due to his business deals with the Chinese and who are likely pressuring Reid to act. (see story)

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Keep in mind that militias are legal, constitutionally authorized groups. (What is a Militia?)  So why is our Federal Government training to fight them?



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