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The Tea Party: The New Conservative Party?

The Tea Party:  The New Conservative Party?

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According to the Tea Party Update website, the Republican GOP spent $9.7 million to attack Republican Tea Party candidates but only $3.7 million to attack Democrats.

Recent elections support this.  In Virginia, the Tea Party candidate David Brat defeated the the House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor who had been in office since 2001.  The House Majority leader:  the leader of the Republican party in Congress!  That’s a pretty big statement by the Tea Party.

Thad Cochran Chris McDaniel Mississippi MS Republican Senate
Cochran McDaniel

Also in Mississippi, the Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel came out of nowhere to slap the Republican Senator Thad Cochran in the face in the June Primary elections.   This was a very closely contested election which caused a runoff later in June (earlier this week) that has strongly divided the Republican Party in Mississippi.

In Congress for 34 years, Cochran was actually losing in the polls and the only way he narrowly beat McDaniel was to beg Democrats to vote for him.  (see story)  Cochran barely won (by 5000 votes) and will mostly likely be contested in court.

There are several other states where the Tea Party candidate is fighting with the “establishment” of Republican candidates. They are not always winning but they are drawing a lot of attention and votes.

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The reason for the strong surge with the Tea Party appears to be the frustration of Americans with our government, the cowardly approach by the “established” Republican party, and lack of interest in what “we the people” are saying.

The voters are saying: “its time for change”.

The beauty of the Tea Party is that it is bringing in “fresh, new blood” into Congress. Take Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky and Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas.

Senator Rand Paul Kentucky
Rand Paul, Sen-KY


Senator Ted Cruz Texas
Ted Cruz, Sen-TX

These guys are bulls in the proverbial China shop!  They are the bowling ball to the bowling pins (where the pins are the Democrats). They are trying to bring our government back under control, to reduce government spending, overturn Obamacare, fight gun control, limit governments role (i.e. EPA, BLM).

The Tea Party is reinvigorating conservatives who have felt for years they do not have a voice.  The downside is that it is causing infighting among conservatives/Republicans.

If you are a Tea Party member, you are a Republican.  However, if you are a Republican, you are not necessarily a Tea Party conservative. So non-Tea Party Republican groups are spending millions to fight the Tea Party.

In Mississippi, Cochran spent way more money than McDaniel and still had to rely on Democrats to get him re-elected.

If the current growth of the Tea Party movement continues as does the decline in the non-Tea Party Republicans, there will likely be a third major political party…that is: the Tea Party.

Tea Party: Taxed Enough Already

Mostly likely we will have two major political parties: Democrats and the Tea Party with Republicans being grouped in as more conservative Independents.

This could happen as soon as the 2016 Presidential elections. I predict Ted Cruz will run for President as the Tea Party candidate and will win the “Republican” nomination.  This will set off a chain of future events leading to a more separated Tea Party platform in the 2020 election.  In 2016 Hillary will win the Presidency because of the divide between the Republicans/Tea Party but there will be a landslide win in 2020 with the Tea Party.

Between 2016 and 2020 Congress will be controlled by Republicans so some corrective actions will be put in place during this time but the in-fighting between Tea Party’iers and Republicans will only continue to turn people to the Tea Party.

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