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Student Reporter Kicked Out of Meeting on White Privilege… for Being White

Student Reporter Kicked Out of Meeting on White Privilege… for Being White

4983506_sAt the recent White Privilege Conference held in Madison, Wisconsin, a student reporter tried to attend one of the meetings so he could further understand the curriculum for the conference.

After entering the room, he was asked to leave by an organizer.

The reporter, who was working for Progressive Today, said the organizer told him he was kicked out because he was white.

“Because I was white they would feel unsafe?” the reporter asked as he was led out of the workshop.

“Exactly. Exactly,” the organizer said.

“And it’s not because you’ve done anything. You seem like a perfectly fine person, but it’s because of experiences they’ve had with others.”

Here are some of the statements made by instructors and attendees that were recorded in the video above.

“In our nation… white people do not experience racism. White people can experience discrimination, but not racism.” -white ally

“The longer you are in the Tea Party, the more racist you become.” -Leonard Zeskind

“If you are privileged you are white.” -young student

While Attorney General Eric Holder bemoans pernicious closet racism as being a big problem in America…

And while Michelle Obama asks for young children to monitor their parent’s speech habits, lest they say something insensitive…

Stories of clear and overt racism against whites go unreported.

Sadly, racism has been distorted in such a way that it is virtually unrecognizable in this country any longer.

When you actually point out that real racism exists, like how blacks have targeted whites in “knock out game” exhibitions, you’re labeled a racist.

If you oppose a policy that is unjust and unconstitutional like Obamacare, you’re a racist.

But when a white reporter isn’t allowed to attend a workshop for fear of making black attendees uncomfortable, it isn’t racist…?

Racism is surely alive and well, but it’s not being solely (or even mostly) perpetuated by white Republicans.

Instead, left-leaning progressives are using racism to manipulate minorities and keep race divisions alive.

They regularly drum up mislabeled “racism” stories to stir up hatred for whites in order to help solidify their party base. And they use the media to create this false narrative that rich, white, conservative men are racist, when that simply isn’t true.

When a white person can’t celebrate their ethnic heritage… but an entire month of the calendar year is set aside to celebrate black history… it’s easy to see the double standards.



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