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Who is Senator Harry Reid?

Who is Senator Harry Reid?

Senator Harry Reid
Senator Harry Reid

Harry Reid is a Democratic Senator from Nevada.  He is a “career politician” meaning he has served most of his career in a political position.  Since 1969, his entire career has been in government office.    He’s 74.

Another way to look at this is that he has never had a real job.  No disrespect, but I think it’s important that people learn about building a business, operating a company, managing a budget and expenses, and earning a living…earning a paycheck.  He has not.   Maybe it is a jab at him but its entirely the truth, which you are most welcome to verify.  (Wiki)

He’s a person you either love or hate.  If you are neutral on your thoughts of him, you do not know him or his history.  He has had a tremendous positive impact to the State of Nevada.  At least on the surface.  But I believe his success for the state, comes at the expense  of everyday people.

He is a Mormon.  And Mormons overall are exceptionally good people. Reid has used his religious faith to promote how ethically and caring he is.  However, it does not take much digging to see what an unethical career he has had.

His list of dirty laundry and ethical issues is rather long.  One issue that recently came to light was his $5 billion deal with the Chinese to build a solar panel array in Nevada’s desert near Las Vegas.  He used his political position for personal wealth for him and his son Rory (see story).  His Bureau of Land Management (BLM) he controls has destroyed many rural families and farms.

While the construction of the Chinese solar project is underway, Reid was almost able to keep this activity completely under the radar of the media and every day people like us. That is, until Cliven Bundy, a Nevada cattle rancher stood up to the BLM and the media began digging into this story. (see story)

He has been accused of numerous ethics violations and non-ethical behavior.  See Dirty Harry and ethics violations stories.

But he is well connected and at the highest levels including the President and the Attorney General.  When you have the chief executive and the chief judicial leader on your side, not much can happen to you. So he remains untouchable to any sort of punishment, investigations, and inquiries.



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