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Recap on Nevada Rancher, Bundy, and US Govt Land Grab

Recap on Nevada Rancher, Bundy, and US Govt Land Grab

This is a brief recap on the Nevada cattle rancher, Cliven Bundy, and the attack against him by our US Government.  This story also discusses the bigger picture issues of the US Government grabbing land from private citizens, not just Bundy.

Cliven Bundy and friend
Cliven Bundy (and friend)

In April 2014 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas the US government’s Bureau of Land Management sent 200 armed agents to surround Bundy and his family while contractors took all his cattle.  This armed group included a dozen snipers aiming their weapons at Bundy and his family.

Then, in a confrontation between Bundy’s family members and the BLM, his son was tasered, his 57 year old sister thrown to the ground by the BLM, and a pregnant woman was attacked by a German Sheppard after one of the BLM agents commanded it on her.

See the video and more details at:  Rancher arming for war

This video angered many people who thought Bundy was right.  So armed private citizens came to Bundy’s rescue. An armed militia of over 5,000 came. (See “What is a Militia?“)  They were heavily armed and out-gunned the armed BLM agents. The agents wisely, and quickly, retreated leaving Bundy alone.  At least for now.

TyrantThink about this:  a large group of armed citizens stood up against an oppressive government!  This is what the Second Amendment is all about (see Second Amendment Overview).  It is also unheard of in the US this day in time for citizens to have to use guns to protect themselves FROM our government.

Regardless of your stance on gun control, think about what would have happened if citizens did NOT have guns and what all the government could do.  This is WHY the Second Amendment exists.   See “Do Americans have a Right to Defend themselves against the US government?”.

ABC News

The reason the BLM said they were removing Bundy’s cattle from the land was to protect an endangered turtle. It was quickly determined that not only were the BLM killing the turtles themselves (see story), there was a much bigger plan for this land that reached all the way to the most senior levels of the White House.

Reid, Chinese forcing Bundy
Reid, Chinese forcing Bundy

The real reason they wanted the land was because Senator Harry Reid had signed a $5 billion deal with the Chinese to build a solar panel array on this land (see story).

Reid has placed one of his very close friends in charge of the BLM and his son, Rory, who lives in Las Vegas, was overseeing the deal with the Chinese.  Reid was the puppeteer pulling the strings at the BLM, with Rory, and with the Chinese.  (See story)

Bundy cow being dug up
Bundy Cow being dug up

The Government lied about protecting  the turtles to cover up the land grab that Harry Reid had orchestrated in order to support his deal with the Chinese.  Oh, and the cattle of Bundy’s the BLM rounded up, they shot and killed them and buried in mass graves.

While most conservatives support Bundy and how he stood up to our government when they came after him with guns, the liberal media sources will tell you this guy is a no-good law breaking citizen.  Reid even called him a “domestic terrorist“.

And then Bundy was videoed saying “negros” and “Mexicans”.  He was instantly crucified by the liberal media outlets as a “racists“.



There was more media coverage on his “negro” comment by the liberal media than all other stories of his stance against the government.   Just like the media did during the Trevon Martin case, they instantly jumped on him as a racist.

Watch the Bundy video and decide for yourself.  He may have used a poor choice of words, but this man is NOT a racists.  Think about it:  He grew up when those words were acceptable in society and not this twisted politically correct country we live in today.  He may have just crawled out from under a rock, but he’s not a racists.

US Government Land Grab

When we started digging deeper, there is a massive invasion and trend by the US government to grab land from private citizens for its own greedy needs.  Well, the greedy needs of the politicians.

Endangered desert turtleOur government who states they are here to protect us are actually the one’s inflicting the pain.  They have taken land from many people.  Usually rural farmers and ranchers.  Taking their cattle and killing their cows or horses.  Keep in mind the BLM is an agency required to protect endangers animals.  If the animals aren’t on the government’s endangered list, I guess the animals are now endangered to the government.  No, we take that back.  The turtles were on this endangered list and the BLM killed them too.

Here’s a list of the government stealing land from citizens:

    1. Cliven Bundy, Nevada Rancher (by the BLM)
    2. Dann sisters, Nevada (by the BLM)
    3. Texas/Oklahoma ranch (by the BLM)
    4. Barrie couple, Colorado (by Colorado)
    5. Confiscate Wyoming Rancher’s horses (by the BLM)

There are many other instances like the one’s above that we will report on soon.  The Dann’s sisters is really a very sad and horrible story that is just hard to believe our government did this to these old ladies.  Took their land and killed hundreds of their horses and cattle. Their Indian ancestors were here WAY before the BLM or even the US government (story).

The Bundy incident in Nevada has opened the eyes of the public and even government leaders to the  over-reach and illegal activities of our government and some politicians.

The battle over land between private citizens and the US Government goes way beyond Cliven Bundy.

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