Common Core

Common Core Documentary: Building the Machine

Common Core Documentary: Building the Machine

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Most people had never heard of Common Core six months ago. From the initial look at it, on the surface it sounds like a great idea and a great program for our kid’s education.  However, as you peel back the layers and actual get to the “core”, you find it is rotten and infested with worms.

We initially heard of Common Core through some emails received from citizens in our state attempting to get it out of the school systems.  So, we began wondering, “What is Common Core?

Common CoreAs we began our investigation, our first thought was this seems like a great idea!  But each time we peeled back a layer and then another layer, we really saw what Common Core is all about.

A quick summary is that there is a huge liberal agenda pushing Common Core driven by Bill Gates and other very wealthy  liberal individuals plus Obama through the Department of Education.  The Core appears to dumb-down our kids by completely changing not just the way they do math but by pushing agendas on gun control, marriage, and other issues that conservatives would take offense.

This new education initiative was pushed through the educational “approval process” with limited knowledge to the general public with no option given for public review and comment.  There were even false statements given by the “leaders” of this initiative to the public.

Stop Common CoreThis process reminds us of how Obamacare was implemented: 10’s of thousands of pages rushed to Congress with only hours to review before they voted.  Even Nancy Pelosi said: “We have to pass this bill in order to find out what’s in it”.  Really? Pass a bill and then read it later?!  Same thing with Common Core.

Seems hard to believe doesn’t it?  Well, below is a great documentary on how this initiative evolved and the major issues with it.  This is a 40 minute video but highly recommended.

For the 3 minute overview, see our story “What is the Common Core?” This video below goes into details that will leave you asking “How can this happen in America?”  It includes discussions with people who were actually involved with developing this initiative who later said this is not what they had signed up for.

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