Russian may spin the world into World War III

World War 3Russian may spin the world into World War III.  Seems a little far-fetched doesn’t it?  Maybe.  But if current events in Ukraine continue on their current course and heading, it is definitely a possibility.  Here’s why:

First, a little history and background: In 1940 Russia illegally “annexed” the Baltic States during World War II that became 12 “independent” Republics of the Soviet Union of which Ukraine, Moldova, and 10 others were a part.  In 1991, the Soviet Union officially ceased to exist and became Russia again.   During the Soviet break-up, these 12 Republics became independent countries again.

Now Russia wants them back!  More accurately: Putin wants them back.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Putin has been in power leading the Russian country for 15 years (since 1999).  Actually his power goes much further back as a very senior and powerful KGB agent.  During this time Russia has grown more wealthy through Black Gold, oil that is.  It has HUGE amounts of oil and is a huge export of it.  Europe and the US purchase large amounts of it.  Putin has become EXTREMELY wealthy due to this.  His net worth is estimated at $75 billion!

His absolute reign over Russian along with his absolutely astonishing wealth has created a power-hungry leader, albeit a dictator.

The Ukraine uprising:
Ukraine is in crisis especially Eastern cities that are very close to Russia both physically and ethically.  Russia has already invaded the Ukraine’s Crimea and seized control.   Russian troops are now mobilized along the Eastern and Southern Ukrainian borders.

A few days ago pro-Russian protesters in Ukraine seized control of several government buildings in three major Ukraine cities.  Russia has warned Ukraine to not attempt a military attack to oust these protesters from the buildings or a civil war will ensue.

In response to a possible military response by Ukraine, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said “We are calling for the immediate cessation of any military preparations, which could lead to civil war.” released on it’s official website.

World War III?
The global concern with this uprising and possible civil war is that it throws the world back to the 1970’s and 1980s in terms of the Cold War.  It also has the possibility of dragging the World into World War III.

Here’s how:  Putin is power hungry.  He wants the “old” Russia back which include the Ukraine.  He already has invaded and seized control of Ukraine’s Crimea.  He has at least 80,000 troops on the border of Ukraine.  Now in Ukraine, pro-Russian protesters have seized control of three major cities…at least the government buildings.  Eventual Russian troops will come in to “support” these pro-Russian protesters.  The uprising will grow and eventually all of Ukraine will be invaded by Russian troops and under their control. And most Western Leaders believe he will not stop at Ukraine and Crimea but continue on to Moldova.

It is almost a certainty that the US, Europe, and Russia all have secret special operations personal on the ground in the Ukraine “observing” the protest.  Russia has already made claims yesterday that Greystone Limited is KNOWN to be in Ukraine.  They are a US “private security” company that provides ex-US military personnel for private security.

So, the US is supporting the pro-Ukrainian elements and Russia is supporting the pro-Russian elements.  Support usually means funding, supplies, training, and weapons.  During Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980’s, its well known and document that the US provided lots of weapons and training to the Afghans (which is how Osama Bin Laden came to power).

When Russia invaded the Crimea, the world stood by and watched…and did nothing.  Now Russia is set to invade the Ukraine and utilizing the pro-Russian protester to fuel the fire that’s growing inside the protesters.  When this happens, and it will, the world will standby and watch.

The US is weak and has become a coward when it comes to supporting other countries in times of military need.  Not our military, they are brave, strong, and a very fierce fighting machine.  But our cowardliness comes from Washington: from Congress and the President.


  • The US has done nothing to the attackers in Benghazi who killed four US people inside our own Embassy. And we know who did it.
  • The President would not allow the Navy Seals to pull the trigger on the Somalian pirates who kidnapped an American.
  • The US was extremely weak on supporting the Syrian uprising.  We barked a lot about a “red-line” in using chemical weapons but we did not use our bite, we did nothing.
  • In Libya we were very weak.  We let the French lead the invasion and military action.  France is very weak militarily and has actually sided with enemies of the US including Saddam Hussein by providing him with our invasion plans during Desert Storm.
  • We did nothing to Pakistan for harboring and aiding Osama Bin Laden and not returning or protecting an aircraft we lost during the Bin Laden raid.  (They let the Chinese have it.)
    Osama Bin Laden

The European Union is in the same boat.  Weak.  Financial and militarily.  On the other hand, Russia is strong, powerful, heavily financed (through oil money), and has a leader who is smart, aggressive, and knows what he wants: the Ukraine.

So, it is very possible that Putin will continue his advancement through these countries.  He already has Crimea, he’s about to get the Ukraine, and will likely go after Moldova next.  These countries to do not have the resources to stop Russia.  Oh, the Ukraine will put up an excellent fight but will lose due to sheer overwhelming forces.

The world will just watch.

German troops World War 2Does this remind any history buffs of the 1930’s?  This is exactly the power move that Hitler made against the countries of Europe.  He had conquered most of Europe before the rest of the world said “Hey, we ought to do something.”  France had just fallen and England was about to before the US jumped in.

This same scenario will play out, AGAIN, with Putin and Russia.  We don’t want to get involved.  The US is not a bully and Putin is.  In the past we stepped up to protect smaller countries from these bullies.  Now we turn our back on them.

The longer we wait to help Ukraine, the more powerful and confident Putin becomes.  He has slapped President Obama around for years.  Obama even laughed at Mit Romey during a debate on TV during the last presidential election was saying Russia was the US’s biggest foe.  Guess what: Russia is the US’s biggest foe and it could come to a US-European war of over it.



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