USS Donald Cook

Russian fighter jet flies with 1000 yards of US Navy ship—twice

Russian fighter jet flies with 1000 yards of US Navy ship—twice

USS Donald Cook
USS Donald Cook

A Russian Su-24 fighter jet made multiple low-level passes close to a U.S. destroyer in the Black Sea in the latest “provocation” by Moscow related to the crisis in Ukraine, Pentagon and White House officials said Monday.

The Russian Jet never flew directly over the destroyer Donald Cook but at one point made a pass at 500 feet within 1,000 yards of the ship, Pentagon officials said.

The jet that made runs near the Cook was accompanied by a second Su-24 fighter that stayed at high altitude during the encounter. Neither aircraft appeared to be armed.

The Cook did not go to battle stations in the incident that lasted about 90 minutes on Saturday off Romania’s coast in the Black Sea. The destroyer later docked at the Romanian port of Constanta.

The incident was the latest evidence of Moscow’s intentions to destabilize the region and gain sway over eastern Ukraine after annexing the Crimean peninsula, Pentagon and White House officials said. 

“We’ve seen the Russians conduct themselves unprofessionally and in violation of international norms in Ukraine now for several months,” said Army Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman.

Jay Carney, the White House spokesperson, stressed that the face-off with Russia was not intended to start a new Cold War but “we have profound differences with Russia, and we confront those differences directly.”

This is a completely different reaction from the White House about Russia after 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said during a debate with Obama that “Russia is our greatest geopolitical foe”.  Obama sarcastically replied “The 1980’s are now calling asking for their foreign policy back because the Cold War has been over for 20 years.”  I guess its not over Mr President.  Looks like Mitt was right.  (See:  Mitt Romney predictions were right)

“I can assure you that Russia’s provocations and further transgressions will come with a cost,” Carney said, referring to economic sanctions that are being discussed with the European Union.  “Certainly if they go further down the road in attempting to destabilize Ukraine, the costs will continue to grow,” Carney said.

Big fighting words Mr. Carney.  To date the White House has NEVER backup a threat it has made…sometimes calling it a red line.   Here’s the list:  Iran, Syria, Russia over Syria, Russia over Ukraine, Qaddafi in Libya, threat to bring to justice Benghazi attackers, justice to Fast & Furious scandal, getting to the bottom of IRS Targeting Scandal, and others.

Big words Mr. Carney.  Putin is not scared.  In this game, he’s the cat and Obama is the mouse:  Putin is just playing with us…because he can.  He did with Syria and Iran; he’ll continue to do with Ukraine.

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In the Black Sea fly-by incident, the Russian fighter ignored repeated warnings from the Donald Cook and never responded to attempts at radio contact, Pentagon officials said. “The Donald Cook is more than capable of defending itself” against air attack and was never under any serious threat, said Col. Warren, the Pentagon spokesman.

Mr. Carney, if the US is so tough, ask Obama to authorize the Cook to fire a missile the next time.




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