Possible Black Box Pulses detected from Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines Flt 370 Possible Black Box Pulses detectedOn Saturday a Chinese ship reported possible Black Box pulses were detected from Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean.  The Chinese also stated the ship had a second detection.  However, additional pulses or “pings” have not  been detected since.

There is a race against time as the battery life on the Black Box is 30 days…which ends today.  The batteries can last up to 50 days depending on how good the batteries are.  We do know that Malaysia Airlines had a storage issue with their Black Box batteries.  Several audits of these batteries show they were stored in improper temperatures; temperatures that reduce the life of the batteries.  It is very hot in Malaysia and heat significantly reduces the life of these batteries.

Search area for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Possible Black Box Pulses detectedThe pings detected by this ship are near the search location calculated by satellite experts.  Other ships and a submarine are on the way to that area.  Some ships are expected to join the search today.  Ships move slow, 30 mph at best and more like 15 to 20 mph.  Just to travel 500 miles could take 25 to 30 hours.  And when searching for underwater signals, such as a Black Box ping, the ships travel much slower at 1 to 6 mph.

With the batteries running out, if they haven’t already, search crews are in a desperate race against the clock.

See our News Tracker for complete details on Flight 370’s disappearance.

Sources: CBS News



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