Nevada Rancher: Senator Reid “It’s not over”

Cliven Bundy and friend
Cliven Bundy (and friend)

This past weekend was a pivotal point in the dispute between a Neveda cattle rancher, Cliven Bundy, and the Federal government’s BLM (Burea of Land Management).  Armed confrontation broke out last week between the BLM and Bundy’s Bravado of various armed militia groups.  A war almost started!  No shots were fired.

The BLM, an agency for managing federal lands, apparently also has a sizable, almost military like, armed division.  (Why?) They brought in over 200 armed men including snipers who kept their rifles constantly aimed at Bundy’s group.

This didn’t go over too well with some.

Armed militias from all over the country came to support Bundy. They numbered about 5,000 or more.  Advantage Bundy. So, the BLM retreated, wisely, giving Bundy a short-term victory.

Reid, Chinese forcing Bundy
Reid, Chinese forcing Bundy

The very powerful Democratic Senator Harry Reid from Nevada stated yesterday “it’s not over”.  Nor did we think it was.  Reid said “We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it.”

True.  But this is no ordinary violation.  We believe it is one created by the government.  Really?  Here’s why:  The government says Bundy owes them money.  Bundy says he doesn’t.  More on this in a moment.    The government also says its protecting endangered turtles by collecting grazing fees from ranchers that pay for protecting these turtles.  (I guess this is the reason the BLM is so heavily armed: the mean ol’ turtles taken out by the keen eye and trigger of a sniper.) This “protection” was quickly disproved by various media sources:  BLM Killing Turtles. Environmentalist are suing the BLM.

RELATEDGov’t willing to kill Americans instead of turtles.

Also keep in mind that Bundy is the LAST rancher left on these lands. The government has already run off 54 other farmers. Bundy is the last. Which means no more grazing fees.  Zero. Silly government.

The real reason for this confrontation is because Harry Reid wants this land.  He and his son Rory signed a  $5 billion, yes billion, dollar deal with the Chinese for a solar array to be placed on this property that Bundy is on. See more on this story (more).

The BLM says Bundy owes them around $1 million.  Bundy says zero. But he does say he’s willing to pay the county, Clark County, $300,000.

The government spent over $3 million in rounding up Bundy’s cattle and on the small army required by the BLM to fight off the vicious Bundy group.  Bundy, at best, owes the BLM $1 million. (Grabbing a calculator..carry the 1) So it looks like the government, if it collected Bundy’s money, would lose $2 million on this deal.  Silly government.

“Bundy told the Blaze that he has “no contract with the United States government,” and the federal government has “no jurisdiction or authority” on his grazing rights, water rights, access rights, ranch improvement rights or anything else that “belongs to ‘we the people’ of Clark County.”

Taking his argument back to 1864, the year Nevada joined the Union, Bundy points out the federal government did control the land as a territory. However, when the territory became a state, the government turned that land over to the sovereign state of Nevada, and so the federal government lacks the power to control it today.

“At the moment of statehood the people of the territory become (the) people of the United States with the Constitution, with equal footing to the original 13 states,” Bundy stated. “They had boundaries allowing them a state line. And that boundary was divided into 17 subdivisions, which were counties. Which I live in one of those counties — Clark County, Nevada.” “As a citizen of that county, I abide by all the state laws,” he added.

For those of you who understand Harry Reid really well, he is not going to give up.  For those who don’t: He’s extremely powerful, wealthy and very well connected. He’s connected to the President, the Dept of Justice (Eric Holder), the BLM, and to strong legal support in Nevada (including his powerful attorney son, Rory).  He also has the Chinese government screaming at him because of his agreement with them to build the solar panel array.

He’ll be back!!!



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