BLM Agent Standoff

Nevada Rancher, Bundy, fear feds have infiltrated his militia

Nevada Rancher, Bundy, fear feds have infiltrated his militia

During his confrontation with armed federal agents, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy obtained the help of various militia groups to defend him, his family, his cattle, and his land.
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BLM Agent Standoff
BLM Agent Standoff

The BLM, Bureau of Land Management, brought in over 200 armed federal agents with military styled weapons, equipment, and even snipers against Bundy’s unarmed group.

Militia groups didn’t take too kindly to that so over 5,000 armed personnel arrived in Nevada about 80 miles East of Las Vegas to defend Bundy.

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The Feds left. And eventually most of the militia did too.

There are only 50 militia men remaining at the moment most whom are living in tents and prepared to stay for weeks or months if needed.

FBI manhuntBundy and some of the militia leaders believe that Federal agents posing as militia have infiltrated their group disguised as militia.

Now an atmosphere of uncertainty exists at the Bundy ranch among the militia. They aren’t sure, but they believe it’s possible federal agents are among them, posing as militia.

Cliven Bundy and friend
Cliven Bundy (and friend)

One militia man says at least two federal agents went undercover to gather information and are preparing to make arrests. This latest information is causing increased tensions among those who say their goal is to protect rancher Cliven Bundy. The men say they took an oath to protect, but they are worried there is a rat in the ranks.

“You don’t know until you actually catch somebody,” a man said. “It is always something that we’re always thinking about.”

The militia continue to guard Bundy and the nearby hills 24 hours a day.

The militia feels the alleged federal agents are there to gather information on militia members and eventually conduct a raid on them and Bundy.

But, despite that belief, most of the militia show no signs of leaving and many say they’re ready to die fighting.

It is rumored that over 150 federal agents have secretly gathered in Las Vegas in unmarked vehicles and civilian clothing with the intent of coordinating a raid on Bundy and his group.  There is some evidence to support this but the details are still being investigated.

We believe a raid is will happen on this group. And soon.

The government retreated when they became out-numbered and out-gunned. And now the feds are now planning, preparing, and building up a force.  And there is likely truth that these 150 agents staging in Las Vegas are here for this very reason.



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