Flight 370: Alternative possibilities to crashing in ocean

Flight 370: Alternative possibilities to crashing in ocean

Where is Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?
Flight 370 Search Area
Flight 370 Search Area (enlarge)

Searchers are giving up hope of finding it in their current search area in the Indian Ocean (see story).  They heard pings from what they assumed was the plane but have found nothing.  No more pings, no oil, no debris.

So they are giving up…in that area anyway.  The searchers even admitted the plane may have landed somewhere on land.

I think its time to look at other possibilities instead of crashing into the ocean.  More specifically that it landed, on land, somewhere. Before you continue reading, it would be helpful to have a quick read of our Complete Account of this flight disappearance as it discusses many details we will use in this article including a mysterious call from a woman, the in-home flight simulator of the pilot, two mysterious Iranians on-board, etc.

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Here are a couple of interesting and confirmed oddities about this plane’s disappearance:

  1. The Chinese have been heavily involved in the search.
  2. There is no debris, no oil, no nothing from the plane
  3. A oil rig worker saw a plane on fire falling from the sky
  4. Many residence on Maldives Island saw the plane flying at a very low level headed South.

First, the Chinese.
Does anyone recall the Chinese getting heavily involved in any activity like this before?  Me neither.  If we look back at their pattern of behavior over the course of this event, they have been nothing but misleading.

The amount of effort put up by China, in terms of the number of search aircraft, ships and satellites, first the South China Sea, then the Malacca Straits and then the Indian Ocean is unprecedented. Even in the Air France crash in 2009, this scale of satellites and search boats and aircraft were not used. Also very interesting to note that 3 Americans are reported dead in this “crash” but the US response has been minimal compared to the Chinese and other countries.

This shows that China is very concerned, not so much because of many Chinese civilian passengers, but mainly the high value cargo and its 8 top defense scientists who were on board. What cargo, what scientist? Keep reading!

The Chinese have reported numerous satellite or airplane spottings of debris that is consistent with that from an airplane (CNN, CBS, Xinhuanet).  All turned out to be nothing.  They reported another debris sighting yesterday (April 22nd) but no one has confirm this yet either.

Their boat was the first to hear a ping from the airplane’s Black Box. The Chinese boat was almost 2 days away by boat from where the rest of the world was looking.

So other boats arrived to help search and heard the ping.  It is coming from one of the deepest parts of the India Ocean, 14,000 feet, making it impossible to reach with today’s equipment.  After two weeks of searching, the team is calling off the search in this area.

Have the Chinese been leading the world in a “wild goose chase”? Nothing they have reported has been true (and this is not uncommon for the Chinese government.)   The Chinese have been out in front of the search teams since the beginning leading them to areas of false hope.

Debris field:
There are oil spills in the ocean almost every day.  And they are very easy to detect with satellites or airplanes.  Oil and gas float to the surface and reflect light in such a way that can easily be spotted.   We would have easily found any oil/gas from the aircraft WAY before we found debris.  Every plane crash in water has left an oil/gas spill on the surface.

Sky is falling. No, that’s an airplane:
A Vietnamese oil rig worker saw a plane on fire fall from the sky. Straight down.  Investigators went to look and found a huge oil spill they claim was from a ship.  This is documented via an email to his employer. (see full story)

This is a mystery.  Maybe even a mass murder mystery.

Mysteries have clues.  Above we have provided part of the clues.  But not all of them.  To solve a mystery is like trying to solve a 5,000 piece puzzle:  you have to start by turning over all the piece so you can see them and then slowly put it together by finding the pieces that connect.

Rest of the pieces:
So what are the other pieces of this puzzle we need to flip over and piece together?  I don’t think we know all of them but I do think we have pieces of them. They are wrapped in conspiracies theories.  Most often conspiracy theories turn out to be true.  Sometimes its a combination of different theories that end up being the truth.

We are going to provide you with several potential possibilities of what happened to this flight.  These possibilities are more credible theories as to what happened.  There are many other stories, most of which are pure speculation and not based on fact.  These we about to present have some facts to them and are potential pieces to this puzzle.

Hijacked to Afghanistan:
Afghanistan Pakistan borderRussian media say a Russian intelligence source said the airplane was flown to Afghanistan and landed on a road near the Pakistani border.   The passengers are alive and have been divided into 7 groups.  “Twenty Asian specialist were captured.” They were passengers and believed to be Chinese defense scientists and engineers. (Remember our information above?)

Eric Snowden, US traitor?
Eric Snowden, US traitor?

In May 2013 Eric Snowden, a US military contractor, left the US and went to China with many, many very classified documents he had stolen at his job.  He later went to Russia with these documents.  He has released some of these documents to the Chinese and Russians.  US officials say “Snowden’s release of classified material has been described as the most significant leak in US history“.

He has provided documents to the Russians, and maybe the Chinese, on how the US spies on them. We are mentioning this as Snowden and this Russian article connect with the next story.  And that is: the Russians now have better intel on how to listen and spy on US secret operations.

The Russian story does not reveal “who” hijacked the plan.

US and Israel Hijacked Plane:
Before we discuss the reasons for this theory, here’s a brief overview on where it may have landed:  

There are many theories supporting the aircraft landed at Diego Garcia, a US/British military base in the Indian Ocean.  Several facts can support this theory.

Diego Garcia Island US military base
Diego Garcia Island US military base
Maldives, Diego Garcia Islands
Maldives, Diego Islands (enlarge)

First, remember we mentioned the Maldives Island residence seeing the plane…headed South?  This island is 410 miles due North of Diego Garcia.   The plane was headed in that direction.

All of the planes communications equipment was turned off.  So a pilot needs a visual reference point to confirm his location.  If you are going to land at Diego Garcia, Maldives was perfect for this…to confirm and regain your heading.

Next, the plane had enough fuel to make it there.  The distance from Kuala Lumpar, where it took off,  to Beijing China where it intended to land is roughly 2,600 miles.  And Kuala Lumpur to Diego Garcia is 2,500 miles if the route takes it over the Maldives Island.

Deigo Garcia01

Finally, Diego Garcia does have a runway that is long enough to accommodate the landing of a Boeing 777.  The pilot of Flight 370 practiced landing on this particular runway as evidenced on his flight simulator he had in his home.  (see our Complete Account for more details).  Why would a very experienced pilot with 18,000 hours of flying be practicing in his home when his employer provided more sophisticated simulation training?

Diego Garcia is known for its top secret military activities including CIA “black sites” for housing and interrogating terrorists.  It would be a perfect spot to land a plane like this…if it happened.

And now the reasons for the hijacking:
It has been reported that there were about 20 people on the plane that held pertinent information about the Freescale Semiconductor’s ARM micro-controller “KL-03” (read about it here). This secret semiconductor may have secrets that needed to be kept.

Also, some say that there was a drone on board the plane that the US government needed to get their hands on.  The drone and the semiconductor may have even been connected. Why would 20 semiconductor people, 8 Chinese defense scientists, and one US drone controller be on the same airplane?

We believe the drone theory is more likely the reason for the hijacking and here’s why:

In February 2014 the Taliban in Afghanistan ambushed US troops killing them and stealing their equipment which included US drone controlling equipment called a GCS.  This Ground Control Station (GCS) weighs about 20 tons.  The Taliban sold it to the Chinese for $20 million.

In March, 8 Chinese engineers/scientists shipped the drone technology to China via Flight 370 as this seemed the safest way to avoid suspicion.  If they used a chartered flight or Chinese military plane, the US might shoot it down.  Not a passenger plane.

Source say that 5 American and 2 Israeli agents were on that plane. Experts in Boeing 777 operations (see our Airplane Tracking story). The two “Iranians” with stolen passports: were likely Israeli agents.  The US wanted that technology back and did not want it to fall into Chinese hands.

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There are no confirmed stories on this, nor will there be if it’s true.  However, there are various pieces to this “disappearance puzzle” that to fit into the facts that we know.

In our comments above about the Russian media saying the plane was taken to Afghanistan, this could be part of the US/Israeli hijacking theory.  There wasn’t enough fuel on board to make it to Afghanistan so it could have refueled at Diego.  There are many US personnel on the island so moving it to a remote area of Afghanistan would make sense.

So why were Black Box pings heard near Australia? In the deepest part of the ocean?  Possibly a fake black box put there by the US. to throw off the searchers and to place media attention on this.  Keeping the suspicious part of your mind in gear, wouldn’t this make sense if this hijacking story or some story similar to this is true?

If any of this is true or partly true, then what happened to the passengers?  Is the Russian story true: that they are still alive?  And if so, what is the US going to do with them?

Sources: Blogspot,  Examiner

Another theory:

Shot down:
Every country uses radar to track airplanes.  Every country that has the ability to shoot down an airplane, has a plan to do so for planes identified as a threat including the US.  A large, fast moving plane in airspace it is not suppose to be in, that is not communicating by voice, and is not using its transponder, is a threat.

The oil worker mentioned earlier saw a plane falling from the sky on fire in an area that can be confirmed  to be on the same path as Flight 370.  If this did happen, why didn’t the country doing this admit to this terrible mistake?  Many reasons: to not admit a huge mistake, not start a war with China, etc.

See BBC aviation expert explain:

This story has some facts to back it up including the oil worker and the confirmed oil spill.  However, the biggest fact that goes against this story is the sighting of the airplane over Maldives Islands.  So, we are not completely sure how this story is connected or if it is connected.   Unless there was a second plane involved (i.e. a Chinese escort plane).

This airplane’s disappearance has a lot of “oddities” about it.  Also the facts that we know seems to lead to a different story than crashing in the ocean.  Hopefully we will get the truth.

The truth is out there!

The Truth is Out There!
X-flies TV show 



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