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EPA to impose restrictions on wood burning

EPA to impose restrictions on wood burning

Wood burning stove EPAThe EPA is proposing federal regulations to impose restrictions on wood burning stoves and fireplaces.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in January proposed the new law saying 13% of all soot pollution in the US is from wood-burning activities.

The EPA is a federal agency in-charge of protecting the US’s environment from carbon emissions, water pollution, and other similar environment issues such as acid rain.  Under the Obama Administration the EPA has grown substantially in terms of new regulations, funding, and number of agents.  (See: Is the EPA Insane?!)

Is the EPA full of smoke? This law will have significant impact to those whose main heat source is wood.  This would mainly include rural areas such as South Dakota, Utah, Missouri, etc.

Among those opposed to new rules are South Dakota Republicans Sen. John Thune and Rep. Kristi Noem, who say the new requirements will have a big impact on South Dakotans who rely on wood stoves during the long winter.

“Leave it to the EPA to impose more regulations on an affordable and renewable fuel source after one of the coldest winters on record and a costly propane shortage,” Noem said.  He continued by saying:  “South Dakota and many other states are continuing to deal with a propane shortage, which has resulted in record-high propane prices,” Thune wrote. “Many families turn to secondary sources of heat, such as wood stoves, when propane and heating fuel prices increase.”

Most wood-burning Americans will likely ignore this ridiculous law and will likely have the resources of their state back them.  This is just another idiotic attempt by the EPA to control something that it can’t and that won’t even have any major impact to the environment.  Remember: the EPA said 13% of soot comes from wood stoves.  What about the other 87%?  Focusing on the wood stove emissions is like focusing on a splinter in your finger when you have a huge nail sticking through your foot!




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