EPA Forces US Manufacturer to Close that Makes Lead for Ammo

EPA Forces US Manufacturer to Close that Makes Lead for Ammo

The Doe Run Company (ww.doerun.com) located near St Louis Missouri announced last last year in 2013 that it will be closing its lead smeltering operations on December 31, 2013.  And it did close that part of its operations.

Per the company’s website:

“On Dec. 31, 2013, The Doe Run Company’s primary lead smelter in Herculaneum, Mo., which has operated since 1892, will cease operations. As a result of the smelter’s closure, 145 Doe Run employees, and approximately 73 contractors, will lose their jobs.  Although the United States is home to a number of secondary lead smelters, which recycle lead from various sources, the Herculaneum facility is the last primary lead smelter in the United States.”

Lead smeltering
Lead smeltering

The job cuts were expected. The plant, which has operated for more than a century and is the lone remaining lead smelter in the United States, announced in 2010 that it will cease operations at the end of this year.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said the company “made a business decision” to shut down the smelter instead of installing pollution control technologies needed to reduce sulfur dioxide and lead emissions as required by the Clean Air Act.

Remember: The EPA said “made a business decision“.

Here’s why Doe Run made this “business decision”:

In a document published on its website, the EPA explains that in order for Doe Run to continue its operations, the company would have to agree to pay “$65 million to correct violations of several environmental laws at 10 of its lead mining, milling and smelting facilities in southeast Missouri. The settlement also requires the company to pay a $7 million civil penalty.”

That’s $72 million dollars!  That’s the US government performing extortion (forcing someone to pay money that don’t owe)!  If the government really wanted to keep this plant operating, they could have found ways to make it happen.  Instead, they did everything they could to shut it down

Similar to the Nevada rancher who has lost numerous court cases, Doe Run would too if they tried to sue.  And here’s why?

The government has an agenda; so it passes laws to support that agenda.  Then the Nevada rancher sues.  Well, now there’s a law saying you can’t do something.  The court says it’s legal.  So the US Government wins!

It’s a brilliant plan!    The problem is the government keeps passing laws in it’s favor to take away our rights, our manufacturing, and our liberties.  We lose!

In a statement to the press, Doe Run said the fine and the required upgrades to its facilities were “too financially risky.”  No doubt!

In a time when the US really needs manufacturing jobs, 218 people lost their jobs that are now going overseas to Russia and China.

This also has a HUGE effect on the right to keep and bear arms. As explained by the National Rifle Association (NRA):

The Herculaneum smelter is currently the only smelter in the United States which can produce lead bullion from raw lead ore that is mined nearby in Missouri’s extensive lead deposits, giving the smelter its “primary” designation. The lead bullion produced in Herculaneum is then sold to lead product producers, including ammunition manufacturers for use in conventional ammunition components such as projectiles, projectile cores, and primers. Several “secondary” smelters, where lead is recycled from products such as lead acid batteries or spent ammunition components, still operate in the United States.

Local officials near the plant said they never thought they’d see Doe Run’s days in Herculaneum come to a close. They were upbeat about plans for the new plant announced in the spring of 2010 that would use a new, cleaner lead production technology.

The EPA wouldn’t approve the plant.

It’s a very known fact that the Obama Administration, Democrats, and liberals are out to make all guns illegal and confiscate all guns from US citizens disregarding the Second Amendment of the US Constitution stating we have the right to have guns.

They have been unsuccessful in a direct attack.

However, they are attacking from the rear now.  And making very smart moves.  Inch-by-inch and piece-by-piece they are working to make it more difficult, and expensive, for gun owners.

By making it very difficult to manufacture ammunition, it becomes impossible for civilians to own it. Mind you, such prohibitions do not apply to government. In fact, under the Arms Trade Treaty, the national governments of member countries are given monopoly control of the entire ammunition stockpile of that country.

This plant has been a staple to the American economy producing lead for ammunition for over a century.  It supplied lead that has been used by our military in many different wars, by police officers protecting their cities, and by citizens protecting themselves and feeding their families through hunting.

Now, we all will be using lead made in China and Russia.  Another fantastic job by our US government to outsource jobs to other countries, countries that are our enemies, and to take away our Second Amendment rights.

Source: New American, St Louis Today




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