Ukraine in Crisis: President and VP go on Vacation

In spite of the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine, Both President Obama and Vice President Biden are keeping their weekend vacation plans.  Undeterred by over 30,000 troops in Crimea, both individuals felt no need to change their schedule.  White House officials stated that they were comfortable that President Obama could handle any upcoming crisis away from the White House.

The White House brushed off concerns Friday that, with the crisis in Crimea intensifying, now might not be the best time for President Obama — and his vice president — to go on vacation.

The travel schedules of both the president and Vice President Biden have come under scrutiny, given the rapidly changing situation in Ukraine. Obama, already in Florida to talk about education, was planning to spend some family time this weekend in Key Largo, Fla., where he arrived late in the day. Biden, meanwhile, will be in the Virgin Islands. 


Source: FoxNews             Contributor: Joseph St. John
News Tracker:  Ukraine



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