Into the Mist: Malaysia Airline Flight 370


The Malaysia Airline flight that has been missing since March 8th has been a consistent story on the web with inconsistent reports on its disappearance.  With the added drama of 24/7 coverage, everyone has gotten into the act of wondering just how a large 777 jet just disappears without a trace.

Added to the mysterious situation is the fact that no one, even the airline, can answer basic questions such as: where was the plane last seen and it last radar location, why was it4 hours or longer before they noticed it was missing, did it turn around or not just before it disappears, and who are these two mysterious men from Iran who were on the plane.   This has led to much speculation about what has happened to the aircraft, including a number of conspiracy theories that have been posted around the web.  Without a doubt, the longer that there is no resolve, the more widespread these theories will be.   Some are crazy and others are more grounded in reality.

However, the most interesting situation is the two individuals, Pouri Nourmohammadi, 19, and Delavar Seyedmohammaderza, 29, who boarded the plane with stolen passports.  This information raised a lot of people’s interest, but was soon discarded by Interpol as just two people traveling Europe.   Just two Iranian nationals traveling aboard with stolen credentials was the story that soon surfaced in the mainstream media.  This was a situation many felt should be looked at carefullyIn fact, no one look.   No one at Malaysia Airlines checked the Interpol passport database list where they were flagged as stolen.  Interpol was quick to jump to the conclusion, however, that they did not think it was “terrorist” related.  This was very confusing to many since there are only four things known about Malaysia Airline Flight 370:

  1. No one has found the plane
  2. No one really knows who was on the plane
  3. No one even knows where the plane was before it disappeared
  4. Unsure as to the direction the airplane was traveling before it disappeared.

These four items alone makes a person wonder why Interpol was so quick to disregard anything or any individuals.  As the mystery grows, so do the stories.  As seen on March 12, 2014, when information was obtained that there had been photo shopping performed on the pictures of the men, who were traveling with the stolen passports.

It is important to keep all options open and not disregarding any and all possibilities.  The facts are the plane did crash, no warnings were issued by the pilots, a witness saw it dropping straight down on fire, and two Iranians with stolen passports were onboard.   And that option includes terrorism, major mechanical malfunction, and all other options.



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